Title: Futile Efforts
Author: Langleigh
E-mail: Langleigh75@c...
Rating: G/PG
Category: Reyesfic
Keywords: 155 words, Reyes pov
Spoilers: TrustNo1, and nearly everything else that happens before
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OpenrEyes). Yes, if I decide to send it to Ephemeril and Gossamer.
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Summary: Reyes reflects on Doggett, Scully and herself
Author's Note: Azar wanted me to write a Yves 155 but Reyes is
talking right now, and I write about who's talking at the time.
This is for the HaremXF 155 word challenge. It has not been beta'd,
as my XF beta reader is in the process of moving.

"Futile Efforts"

Everyday, I watch my best friend struggling in a job he does not
love, and I always ask myself why. Why does he stay in this job that
does not interest him? He was offered the chance to leave once, but
did not.

I know he does not stay for my sake, although a part of me wishes
that were so. He stays for her--she who is his queen.

He stays... and desperately tries to gain her approval. To earn her
love. But her love belongs to another. One who is absent, but will
never be forgotten. He knows this, and yet he still labors to be her
comfort. Her rock.

For my part, I tire of watching him waste his life on an unrequited
love. I have tried to tell him so, tried to convince him--with
steadfast friendship--to give up on this hopeless crush.

Like his, however, my efforts are futile.