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Chapter 1

It was Monday. And there is definitely no surprise why the school is early populated, mostly, by girls. Monday is actually no special day. It just so happened that this day is the P.E. day of the heartthrob of the campus. And thus, making it seem to be one.

Four years ago, the school never had something like this… Well, not until this auburn haired guy transferred to the school. In his whole stay in the prestigious academy, his popularity has never faded, even once.

No girl within the campus grounds can deny how famous he really is, given that all girls of all levels know him not only by the name but also by the face, and the honor.

Every time he passes though the corridor, there has never been a peaceful incident. Girls would go screaming at the highest pitch of their voices. Some would even lose consciousness and such. These happenings have developed into a natural phenomenon.

This day is just like those days... or maybe not.

Meilin can barely pass through the gymnasium grounds for it has been fully crowded by girls who were looking forward to seeing Syoaran in his P.E. uniform. There were even girls murmuring, "You know, our P.E. uniform only looks great when it is Syoaran who's wearing it." Meilin could only roll her eyes at the comment.

Meilin is also a noteworthy person in their school. Many guys were drooling over her and many girls were looking at her with high regards. At times, she's also the girl that other female were so envious of. And why not? First, she's beautiful, and smart, and talented. Second, she's Syaoran's cousin. Third, she's in the same class with him. And they are so close with each other. (If they just know that they were once engaged, no doubt, the more envious the girls would be)

She was still struggling for her way out of the crowd when they suddenly burst into screaming, a sign that the star is already there. The star... HER COUSIN. Then she found it harder to escape, now that they were all giggling and crushing onto each other. So, being the sporty Meilin, she made use of some Kung-Fu tricks and fortunately got out of the crowd. Jumping over the crowd was not that difficult for her, thus, making all attentions shift to the lady who was swiftly making her way over the mob. But she didn't mind at all. She headed straight to her cousin to greet him "good morning!" which is very natural of her. There were some sighs that can be heard from behind them.

Her cousin greeted her back.

As she was drawing closer to Syoaran, she suddenly thought of something... something to get rid of the annoying screams of the crowd, and of course, the crowd itself. Simply, she winked at Syoaran. And Syoaran got the idea immediately, excluding, of course, the way Meilin would do it. Anyway, he's used to this. All he has to do is to let Meilin take the lead.

As she, then, walked past him, he was dragged. And then they started running off the gymnasium grounds. As expected of the mob of girls, they followed the two. And just to their dismay, they failed to trace the path the two had gone into. So they've got no choice but to give up. Losing the reason for why they were in the gym, eventually, the multitude dissolved.

The cousins were actually on the roof of the gymnasium, thanks to their martial arts skills. Coincidentally, they sighed at the same time, which later became into a chuckle when they realized that they sounded hopeless.

After a while, they felt the need of going to class. Syoaran got off the roof first. Meilin was about to leap already when she caught a glimpse of something or someone familiar from behind her eyes. She checked on it and was suddenly filled with mixed confusion and excitement upon recognizing that someone.

She fell into some deep thinking for a few seconds until her attention was called by her cousin who was directly below from where she's standing.

Being careful of not looking suspicious, she immediately leaped off the roof and said a silent sorry.

Syaoran headed off to the class first with Meilin following, still thinking.

After a few more seconds of confusion, she finally decided to go check her senses out. She has to make sure that the person she THOUGHT she saw is indeed the person she saw. And if it was confirmed, then she would have to lay her plans out as soon as possible.

"Oh!!! Li, I think I forgot something in the locker room... Maybe, you just go first. Alright?" Meilin excused.

"A-alright." Syoaran murmured under his breath.

Meilin run as fast as she could to the direction where she thought she saw the person.

When she reached the place, a girl with brown hair of shoulder length was immediately on sight. Her back was facing Meilin's direction, so she could not tell at once if it was really her.

She walked closer to the owner of the familiar hair color and hair style.

Getting closer, the girl must have sensed Meilin's presence, thus, facing her (which, in Meilin's pov happened dramatically). She went speechless upon the confirmation.


Syoaran could only wonder why in the world Meilin seemed to be very excited. He can even see her smiling to herself.

Right after she came back from the locker room (as he believed she was from), she was already like this. Singing and dancing and full of energy... well... not that this was the first time seeing Meilin this energetic, but there is something different with the energy she's got today. Besides, as he remembered, Meilin was almost late when she got back. But when he tried asking her what took her so long when the locker room is just across the gymnasium, Meilin just gave her a sly smile while saying "I just checked out on something," and immediately walked past him leaping and whistling a joyful hymn.

Well, then, he was left wondering until now.

when the professor announced that the class has ended, she immediately jumped out of her seat and fled her way out of the place, still not forgetting to tap his cousin on the shoulder to say, "I'll go ahead Li!"

Before the next class, they still got an hour and a half, so he got more suspicious of his cousin. But did not bother to investigate nor inquire.

Right after having changed, he headed to the library alone.

As he sat down, and laid his books on the table, he noticed a piece of paper in between the pages of his book. When he came to check it out, memories came rushing back to him. The memories with the person he was with in the picture. The same person he has been missing a lot. The person he has been sending letters to. And the person he said he'll...

His thoughts were distracted by a light tap on his shoulder. It was Meilin.

He immediately placed the picture back to where he got it even though he quite knows that Meilin saw it. She even followed it with her eyes then smiled.

"You miss her. Don't you?" Meilin thoughtfully asked, wearing a gentle look on her face.

Syaoran sat still.

"I'll take that as a yes," she said as she sat on the chair across Syaoran.

Then a short silence followed. It was only broken when Syaoran gave Meilin a questioning look.

"Oh! Yeah!! I almost forgot my intention for coming here!" she exclaimed, "I was actually fetching you."

"Fetching? Me? Why so?" Syaoran asked back.

Meilin looked around first before finally saying, "I'm going to introduce you to a new friend of mine."