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Chapter 1: Change

After Alucard's return to Hellsing, he is curious to what has become of Hellsing after thirty long years. It's been three days since his return and he's spent all of his time from then in his room, resting and getting his strength back. When he finally regained his health, he sat on his throne which was still as shiny and gleaming as he left it thirty years ago. He pours himself a glass of his 'special wine' and he thinks of how much could've changed, especially his fledgling, Seras Victoria. He wonders if she has grown stronger or is she still the same cowardly police girl. Has she discovered her powers as well as develop new ones? Is she still as naive and dense as ever? Does she still refuse to drink blood? Has she been slacking off the whole time?

Did she even miss me. . . ?

He pauses at the thought, and scolds himself mentally on why he has come to such a pathetic subject. Though, part of him still wants to know badly if his fledgling had missed him. Thirty long years of floating around had made him lonely and weary. He had sometimes long for her company. But, why?

After hours and hours of pondering in his room, he stands up from his still gleaming silver throne and phases through the wall to Seras' room.

Some exercise would do me good. And I think teasing my fledgling and annoying her would be the perfect medicine." He thought to himself as he phases through.

As he enters her room, he doesn't feel her presence around, she must be out, but he notices a difference. The room's been renovated. It was bigger now, almost as big as his. Her coffin was different now too. It was placed at the very center of the room. It was pure back lined with silver carvings of roses and doves on the sides. The lid was open, and inside was like a white fluffy cloud paradise. Her sheets were pure red satin and cotton and her pillow looked like a giant fluffy chunk of a cloud molded into a somewhat round shape. Her coffin was situated on top of a stand covered in a long, red satin cloth that flowed all the way down to the floor. Beside the coffin was a table with a crystal-like glass table top and a silver stand. On it was a white porcelain vase with a single red rose in it.

After absorbing the jaw-dropping coffin area, Alucard snapped out of his awe – state and looked around the room. The ceiling had a small crystal chandelier which lit up the whole room. The walls were covered with red colored Victorian style wallpaper with elegant black sconces. The floor was of black marble. On the east side, there was a small living room set. A flat screen HD TV bolted to the wall with a DVD player below it and a stereo system and a meter or so from it were a small glass coffee table and a white love seat with various stuffed animals sitting on it. Below the set was a big red carpet that added a living room touch to the set up. On the west side, in which his head was partially popping out of the wall, was her desk. It was a big mahogany desk with rose carvings that served as its stands. On it was a closed Apple Macbook, an ipod, a pen holder with a few pens in it, a novel which from the looks of where the bookmark stuck out from its pages, seems that she was almost done with it and a picture frame of her and Integra, arms around one of the other's neck, the new butler, Wallace who was beside Integra, on her side was a boy who looked almost exactly like Integra, except he had a whiter complexion and striking silvery grey eyes. Then there was a shadowy figure beside Seras that seemed to look a hell lot like that French mercenary idiot, Pip and a strikingly handsome young lad, behind Seras with his chin resting on her shoulder and arms wound around her waist. It seemed to annoy and sting him to see Pip with Seras as her familiar, he was inside her for crying out loud, and was infuriated by the fact another male had taken such an intimate position around his Seras. But what stunned him most was Integra. Smiling. Looking like she's having a hell of a good time. Amazing how so much has changed and how much he's missed. But, he felt his cold stone heart warm as he saw a perfect sketch of him cut out and stuck at the bottom left side of the picture below Seras. So, she did miss him. He couldn't help but smile at the fact that his fledgling was an awesome artist but most of all, because she did miss him.

Behind the desk was a lounging chair and on the wall behind it was a large shelf bolted to the wall. It had a wide selection of books, novels, encyclopedias, CDs, DVDs, and some knick knacks to go along with them.

Integra's been spoiling her.

He smirked at the thought. It seemed his Iron Maiden Master had developed a soft side for his Seras.

At the wall behind Sera's coffin was a big red door with a silver-colored door knob with a black plush toy cat hanging on it holding a sign saying "DO NOT DISTURB!" That must be her bathroom. A lustful grin soon found its way on his face. Curious to know what magical mystery his little fledgling has behind that door, he glides through the grand bedroom and phases through the door. He entered into a huge walk – in closet with huge mirrors. It was filled with designer clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, even lingerie. Beside the doorway was a huge counter that had a variety of makeup, combs, nail polish and other hair and cosmetic products. But everything inside seemed like they've only been worn or used once. They still looked new and untouched. They even still had that new item smell on them. He continues to walk on and enters her bathroom. It was relished in black marble and red and silver accents. And a tiny chandelier added a grand touch to it. The walls were mirrors with red and black marble accents. Right below the chandelier was a big tub, big enough to fit 4 people in it. At the side was her marble sink. Beside her sink was another door which led into her private toilet.

Integre HAS really been spoiling her.

He saw proof enough of the attention Integra has given his fledgling. He was right. All these years Integra and Seras were sharing a mother – daughter relationship. It seems Seras had softened the Iron Lady.

As he left the bathroom and walked back through the closet, he notices something weird with one of the huge mirrors. It seemed to be awfully hollow behind it. So, out of growing curiosity again, he phases through it. At first, the room was so dark, but with the help of his vampire vision, everything cleared. What he saw left him in awe with mixed emotions of surprise, jealousy and amazement. The room was filled with state of the art guns and ammo. Pistols, hand guns, revolvers, long guns, rifles, snipers, shot guns, submachine guns, machine guns, cannons, howitzers, electric guns, stun guns, tank guns. Silver and Mercury bullets with Holy water injected in them, and what seemed to be blessed bullets at the shape of crosses, shells. She even had what seemed to be replicas of the Jackal and Cassul but in a more feminine design that were neatly kept and displayed inside a glass case. They were named Archangel and Athena as what was engraved on the plaque. She even kept in storage her Harkonnen and the Harkonnen II in glass cases with their own plaques as well, probably, because she always wants to keep what's left of Walter with her. He was like a grandfather to her. But something else caught Alucard's attention. A glass case at the edge of the room, centered. Inside it was a beautiful and amazing work of art, a grand masterpiece. It's what seemed to be a 33 cm 45-caliber handgun with 7 rounds. It had an elegant sleek design, a perfect mixture of beauty and death. It looks similar to a M1911, but with a longer barrel. The handle had a rose carved on its side that had a red gem attached to the centre of the rose and on the bottom was a chain that connected to what seemed to a silver bracelet that had a rose carving and what looked like a ruby or red gem. Its silver exterior and sleek and flawless features would give anyone a beautiful death. On the barrel, the words "In the name of all things Holy and Pure " are engraved on it and below it in a smaller font size were the words "Cleanse thy soul and be saved". While, on the right side, were the words "Bloody Rose" and below it "Grant them salvation ".

So, it's called the Bloody Rose, huh? He grinned at the thought of his fledgling carrying and using such a magnificent weapon on the battle field. Beautiful. .

He then sees the bullets lying down at the foot of the Bloody Rose. 13 mm armor-piercing, explosive, mercury-core baptized bullets, with casings of Macedonian silver. Almost similar as his bullets for the Jackal, except for the fact the silver seemed to be from a pure, blessed silver cross that was melted and moulded. The tip and the rear were of such silver but the middle seemed to be of crystal glass that you can actually see the inside of the bullets and what they held. It seemed to be a mix of Holy water, mercury, silver shavings and. . . blood? But whose blood could it be? It can't be Integra's, for what good can her blood do on the battlefield?

Hn. . . I t seems I need a word with Integra about what's been going on since Police girl seems to be out.

So, he opens a portal to Integra's office and with one final glance at the Bloody Rose he leaves with his signature grin plastered on his face.

***In Integra's Office***

"Master." Alucard greets his aging master with a bow.

"Hmph. I guess you're here because you were in Seras' room and seen so much changes and want to know what you've missed all this time, correct?" Integra said this with her usual cold voice. It seemed she could read his mind, which left Alucard speechless from the shock. Was he really that predictable now?


"Speak up, Alucard!" Integra exclaimed to snap the dumbfounded count.

"Y-yes…" he said. "But how did you–"

He was cut off by a melodic high – pitched giggle that came from the shadow behind Integra.

"I felt your presence in my room when I got back and reported to my Mistress immediately while you were in my closet snoopin' around. Hmph."

Seras appeared right behind Integra. Not only had her room changed but so has she. Three days ago Seras looked the same as she did when he last saw her, but now… her hair was long and flowing all the way down to her waist level. Her bangs were also longer and parted to the right hiding half of her right eye. Her eyes were still the same ocean blue orbs that mesmerized anyone who stared into them long enough. Her cheeks were tint red though she was not blushing. It just seemed her natural colour. Her lips were red and luscious as ever and had a smirk playing on them. Her uniform had changed as well. She had a red cloak with four black buttons on and a scarf around her collar with a silver brooch at the centre that had a cross insignia on it. The cloak covered her upper part down her waist. From the looks of her arms on her side she seems to be wearing a long sleeved jacket beneath the cloak. The sleeves were black and their cuffs were lined with white and it had silver orbs as buttons. Her skirt had changed as well. It wasn't the tight one she used to wear before. It was a red mini pleated skirt that was merely 4 inches from her bottom. She had black socks that went all the way mid – thigh and instead of those black combat boots she used to wear, she had a pair of black ankle – high boots with folds just above her ankles and had 3 inch heels. She looked more like a super model than a soldier. As she made her way to him, Alucard's shock expression grew into surprise, amazement, lust and what the hell…?

Seras giggled as she saw her master's face and glanced at Integra who also chuckled at the sight of the old vampire. Alucard's silence had gone too long but before Seras or Integra could do something to snap him out–

"Bon siur, monami! And vhat of zis dumb vampire here for, eh?" Pip comes out of Seras in a dark shadowy form that outlined his features and showed his eyes and mouth in a red glow.

"What the–?" Alucard had snapped back from his state when he saw Pip come out of Seras.

"Hey! Pip! You can't just suddenly pop out and scare people like that!! I won't give you the freedom to come out as you please anymore if you do that again!!" Seras scolded her giddy familiar while Alucard watched the scene in front of him.

"Police girl… You… H- him!? Y- your familiar. . . !?" Alucard stammered at the thought of Seras drinking Pip's blood and having him inside her. . . forever.

"Not just a familiar! He's the best darn familiar ever!! He helped me beat every damn freak, ghoul and vampire I came up with!! And he makes every mission a riot!!" Seras said eccentrically while grabbing Pip's shadowy head and rubbing her fist on top (a.k.a. a nuggy).

"Un…" Alucard couldn't find the right words to say. He was happy to see that his fledgling was still the same eccentric, immature and loud police girl from thirty years ago, but also jealous, because it seemed that he had now become the third closest thing to her. Just third. Maybe.

"Mhmm! Alright! Alright you two! Settle down. We have much of explaining to do to our returning count." Integra chuckled as she stopped the two and gestured them to sit down as well as Alucard.

"Now, we have much t talk about."