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Chapter 9: First Night of School

It was exactly 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Sun has set and the vampires have gotten their full beauty sleeps. Well, not all of them.

"Unbe-bloody-lievable!" Seras exclaimed as she pushed open through the double doors in Integra's office and startled everyone. Everyone was already there and all set.

"What in Grim's name is wrong with you?" Integra asks while choking on her voice from the shock she got from the young draculina's outburst.

"First, you send me back to my old high school, second, you totally redesigned my school uniform, third, you make me bait in this mission and now, you lay out th..thi..this THING on my bedside with a note saying that I should wear it underneath my uniform?"

"Yes." Integra answers with a straight face.

"It's a thong! Why the hell would I wear a thong with a skimpy skirt? It's not like the bastard's gonna walk up to me and flip my skirt!" Seras screamed as she threw the damned piece of lacey underwear on Integra's table.

While the two women were arguing about thongs and lacey lingerie and attracting the opposite sex, the boys were busy staring at the pink frilly thong.

"I said are you listening to me?" Integra screamed at the dazed men.

"Huh? Uh.. what?" Vincent snapped out.

"Woah…" Cedric added.

Alucard and Wallace were just quiet. Alucard still thinking of naughty thoughts and Wallace looking away from embarrassment.

"I said, get ready because you'll be leaving in 10 minutes!" Integra said with veins popping out of her forehead. She then turns her attention back to Seras.

"And Seras, what's with the attitude? I expected you to be at your best like you usually are."

"Sorry Integra… It's just I didn't get a single wink and I'm just kinda pressured with all this back to school thing.. I just don't want to be recognized.." Seras said apologizing.

"I understand that you were well known at that school for being… violent…and of course attractive. But that was decades ago sweetheart. I'm sure no one will recognize you at all." Integra said reassuringly as she lights her cigar. "Now off you all go. There's a limo waiting for you and Cedric outside. As for the rest of you, you have your own ways of travelling. Vincent and Alucard can teleport there and Wallace can go with Vincent. I don't trust Alucard with Wallace."

Alucard smirked at Integra's last sentence as both Seras and Wallace flinched at the thought they were both thinking.

"Now Go. Seek and Destroy. Leave no casualties and make sure the only thing I find dead is that bastard vampire, understood?"

"Yes Sir!"

It was a long ride to the school for Seras with all the worrying and all the damn talking and flirting Cedric's been doing the whole trip. When they finally got there, Seras gasped and took in the whole scene. It was the same as she'd remembered it to be: High golden gates, tall majestic stone walls, exotic and beautiful greenery growing all over the place, towering buildings, a lovely fountain to greet the entering students, and the school's insignia hanging gloriously on top of its huge entrance. Hamamori Academy.

"Okay. Here Cedric. Wear this. It'll serve as our communicators." Seras gave Cedric an earring and a pin. "The earrings serve as speakers while the pins are our microphones."

They positioned all their gadgets, Seras locks the earring on her left ear and positions the pin on her collar so it's closest to her mouth. Cedric does the same.

"It's a good thing I got pierced ears, huh Seras? Hehe." He snickers as she just rolls her eyes in response.

They gathered their things and straightened out their disguises. They were ready to go.

"Shadow to Antoine..pfffft…shadow to a-anto-toine…d-do you c-cop..py?" The speakers relayed Vincent's shaky snickering voice to their ears.

"Very funny you ass. Call me blue blood." Cedric said with an irritated tone.

"Hahahahahahahaha! Okay. Okay." Vincent said mockingly

"Quit it you guys" Wallace joins in, "This is serious."

"Immature maggots.." Alucard's annoyed voice follows.

"Hmmm… You ready Seras-chan… Oh.. I mean… Temptress?" Wallace asks Seras.

"Temptr-!" Seras cuts herself off; she didn't want to prolong the argument. She sighs, "Yeah.. I'm ready. Let's move out!"

It was exactly 6:30 pm. Students were now arriving with their cars. Everyone was stunning. The Elite students of Hamamori Academy. They were either very smart, very skilled, very rich or very important. Just as Seras had said, The Elite class was filled with gorgeous youngsters. They all glittered in their own way be it beauty, wealth, title, talent or intelligence. It was certainly no place for commoners.

The limo halted right in front of the entrance. All eyes were directed to the Rolce Royce Limousine that parked right in front of them. It was a car nobody recognized. Either a current student got a new car or it was a new student. This got everyone fired up and buzzing with curiosity.

The driver comes out and opens the door. First out was Cedric and he was looking hot as hell. He was very dashing and this sent the girls into a fit of giggles and blushes. And has the boys fired up with the arrival of a new rival. But wait, there seems to be another person in the car. Cedric reaches out his hand to the petite figure inside. Seras takes his hand and he pulls her out very gently and caringly. He was certainly playing his part as a boyfriend. The moment Seras stepped out, the school yard was filled with gasps, hooting and heat. Everyone, be it boy or girl, were so mesmerized by her. She looked like a goddess that descended then and there right from the heavens. As Alucard would say, she was mouthwatering.

Seras laced her arm around Cedric and they both walked together towards the inside of the building. They really looked like lovers. All eyes were locked on them. No one dare took their eyes off them for fear they might miss something amazing.

As they reached the hallways, things started to clear. The students have already proceeded to their classrooms.

"Okay. We're in." Seras whispers into her mic. "State your locations."

"I'm on the clock tower." Vincent answers first. "I've got a good visual of the whole outside premises here."

"I'm at the lobby. I'm undercover as the janitor." Wallace follows, "I've finished setting up sensors all over the place and my scanner's good to go."

"I'm right behind you police girl." Alucard appears behind them. Of course Seras was used to his suddenly popping out of nowhere tricks but Cedric on the other hand wasn't.

"Gahh! What the hell? Don't startle us like that Old man!" Cedric exclaimed.

"Us? Don't you mean you?"Seras said giggling. She turns to Alucard and her jaw almost dropped at his disguise.

Though everyone would expect that he would probably look like a hot substitute teacher who everyone in the class would petition days after to make him their permanent teacher, Alucard didn't think of doing such a disguise. Instead he chose the role of creepy and terrifying substitute that everyone suspects to have murdered his previous class. He had his hair all messed up as if blood had hardened up on it, he wore a jet black coat, a white messed up undershirt, tattered denim pants, his signature riding boots, chains sticking out everywhere, black combat gloves, and to top it off, he had on his good old red shades and creepy cheshire grin plastered on his face.

"Since I'm the substitute teacher, it is my duty to escort my new students to my class." He said as he crept right by them leading them to their class.

"So, do we use our own names or do we have like secret undercover names?" Cedric asked.

"Of course we don't use our real names. Did you forget the plan already?" Alucard responded, annoyed. I think he must have inherited his brain from his father. Alucard thought.

You and I both master… Seras thought back to him.

"Oh! Yeah! I remember now!" Cedric said with a smug expression as he marched on ahead.

Hopeless.. The two vampires thought in unison as they watched the young Hellsing march on his merry way.

The classroom was noisy. Just like any other ordinary classes. Gossip, jokes, pranks, conflict, conversations, teasing, playing, it was just like a normal class, only with snotty rich kids.

Everyone was just going along with their lives having the luxury of no teacher when the door blasted open. All the students were stunned. They stared at the now broken door on the floor of their classroom. They looked at the doorway and didn't see anyone. After 10 long seconds of awkwardness, Alucard entered. Every student in the room turned white at the sight of the terrifying man in front of them. Alucard wanted to mess with them more, so he walked like a crazy drunk man going to the teacher's table. Everyone was still so stunned to move or say a thing. When Alucard got to the table he flopped on the teacher's chair, placed his muddy boots up the table and lit a cigarette. Meanwhile, outside Cedric and Seras had sweatdrops all over as they watched the whole scene.

"Alright children." Alucard started with a rusty maniacal voice, as he puffed out smoke, "I'm your new sub teacher. My name is Mr. Jackal Xanthos. You can call me Mr. X."

"What's with the creepy murderous name..?" Cedric whispered as he sweatdropped even more.

"That's just how he is…" Seras responded with a sigh.

"Now," Alucard continued, "We have some new students joining us today." Alucard signaled Seras and Cedric to come in.

"I'd like you to meet your new classmates." Alucard then turns to the two, "Get on with the intros."

"Uh.. Right.. well, My name is Alexander Kingsington III. A pleasure to meet you all." Cedric introduced himself with such confidence and charm, all the girls swooned over him.

"And you kitten?" Alucard looked at Seras. She swore she saw a glint behind those big round glasses.

"My name is Cornelia vi Britannia. Je suis enchantée de faire votre connaissance." Seras' introduction was short, sweet and seductive, especially with the added touch of French at the end. This got everyone out of being stunned to becoming dazed, drooling and downright dirty thinkin'. Alucard and Cedric were way over impressed. She knew how to turn the heat up in situations well.

What a woman.. Alucard thought out to Seras which made her blush.

"Alright you two, take your seats and we'll start with our lesson." Alucard stood up and wrote something on the board.

"The Bloody Falls Massacre." He says with so much delight as he underlines the phrase on the board. This just raised the creepy factor back to maximum.

While Alucard was enjoying his bloody lecture and Seras and Cedric were busy trying to look good and attracting, Vincent has been monitoring the area rigorously.

"Shadow to Cleaner. Is everything okay there?" Vincent messages Wallace.

"Yeah, I'm doing well. My scanner hasn't picked up any disturbances or strange things yet. You?" Wallace replies.

"None. I guess he won't make an appearance tonight. It's been really quiet."

"Too quiet. I have a hunch he's busy observing Seras-chan."

"Maybe. Let's just wait and see."


Alucard continues his lecture on massacres.

"…was traumatized by the massacre, saying "...and I am confident that my features must have feelingly expressed how sincerely I was affected at the barbarous scene I then witnessed; even at this hour I cannot reflect on the transactions of that horrid day without shedding tears.", and named the waterfall Bloody Falls." He looks around the classroom and sees the students' faces. After that bloody and gruesome lecture, it wouldn't be surprising to see everyone's faces pale white and students holding half full barf bags. This delighted him so much.

As Alucard proceeded to the next horrific lesson, Cedric was getting really bored, so he decided to have a little chit chat with Seras.

"Psst.. Hey Ser…Er… Cornelia.." He whispered over to Seras.

"What?" She responded with an irritated tone.

"You doin' okay?"


"Okay, good. So, uh.. did you really wear it?" Although Cedric knew the moment he brings up this subject, he's already walking on thin ice, curiosity took the better of him.

"Wore what?" Seras replied.

"You know. Pink and Lacy?" Cedric had his signature perverted expression on and turned to face Seras.

"What? Why do you want to know?" Seras exclaimed, still whispering.

"Coz I wanna see."




"Awww…C'mon… Just on little peek… it won't hurt…please..." Cedric plead with puppy dog eyes moving closer and closer to her.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Get your head in the mission. And I didn't raise you like this!"

"But Se-!" Cedrics whine was cut off as a large metal ruler travelling at a speed of exactly 102 mi/hr flew right by him, cutting a few strands from his bangs and hits the wall behind them. The force had bolted the ruler half way through the wall.

Everyone was so stunned and turned to the source of the projectile. A dark menacing man with a distorted smile, the sub teacher, Mr. X. Who seem to be clenching his fists and grinding his teeth. Well, why wouldn't Alucard be angry? That pervert was forcing her to show him to raise her skirt for him.

" .Breathe." With just those simple words everyone got the message perfectly, especially Cedric.

It was almost 10 o'clock, and the students are just about ready to get home. Everyone feeling accomplished and relaxed from their wonderful lessons. Well, except for the students of Class 3-A, who unfortunately, have Mr. X. They had to get out of their classroom alive first.

"All right class, since I am going to be your teacher for a few days, I've decided to give you homework. Each and everyone must watch every episode of the Guinea Pig Series from Japan and write a 500 word essay on how the movie is connected with your own experiences. Due on Wednesday." Alucard said to his class. Everyone started to protest.

"But Sir, that time is too short!" complained a young red head.

"1000 words." Alucard said.

"What? But Mr. X, the Guinea Pig Series is a bloody and gory compilation of human torture clips! It's just wrong to connect it with our lives!" complained the bleach blonde male.

"2000 words."

"No way! Sir! These movies will haunt and disturb us forever! You can't be serious!" exclaimed an Asian student.

"3000 words. I can go on all night if you want to kids. This is still due on Wednesday and may I remind you that this accounts for 2/3rds of your final grade." Alucard was enjoying himself.

"No fair!" Everyone exclaimed. They had no choice. If they could, they would sue him, but the charges would be too nonsensical.

"I'm glad we aren't actual students of his." Cedric whispered to Seras.

"Speak for yourself. He's my master." Seras sighs with a dread expression.

As Seras and Cedric continue their conversation, Seras suddenly feels uneasy and gets the urge to turn her attention to a boy sitting at the very back and left most corner of the classroom by the window.

Although the Elite Class is filled with beautiful people, Seras was surprised to see such a gorgeous lad. He had long flowing shiny white hair that was parted to the left covering the left side of his face almost completely and it went all the way down to his back. He had piercing purple eyes, high cheekbones, long nose, parted lips, pale white skin and a long slender body. Seras could smell his scent from across the room. He had a sweet seductive aroma of chamomile and mint. All of his features glittered against the moonlight coming through the window. His appearance almost took her breath away, if she was still breathing.

Seras snapped herself out of the daze. She shook her head and turned to Alucard who was staring right at her.

Police girl, don't be fooled. I sense his vampiric presence. Alucard thought to her.

I know master. I think we found our suspect.

Yes. I hope he's ready for a long and painful death.

What? Why master?

Because I don't want other men forcing what's mine to be theirs.

And with those final words Alucard left Seras mind. He started laughing maniacally. This made the whole class scared to death as to wondering why their crazy sub suddenly turned psycho.

His laughter echoed through the halls of Hamamori Academy, sending chills down everybody's spine. Except for one, petite draculina, who was still blushing from what her master's words:

Because I don't want other men forcing what's mine to be theirs.

***The End***

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