Title: Mist Time
Author: ladygreta
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters/Pairing: John/Rodney, Eli
Disclaimer: If I owned this I'd have meetings at my house to discuss new episode ideas but it would really be just to see half the cast in the same room as me.
Summary: To summarize would be to tell the story.


"Go check on your son. He's getting into the misty showers again."

John rolls his eyes and began to head off into the direction he last saw his adorable 5 year old. "I'll have you know that he only likes those showers because there's no actual water."

Rodney looked like he was ready to go into a lengthy debate about whether the fact of it being water/not water was in fact the reason Eli said he'd go check on the food when he was in fact going to play 'Mist Time' for the umpteenth time. John cut him off with a quick kiss on the mouth. "I got it. Mist Time cannot cut into family time. Go start the Star Wars saga. We'll be right in." And with that he bounded off down the hallway, following the sound of Eli's hysterical laughter.

Rodney struggled to contain his laughter and only waited till the Colonel turned the corner before gasping out; laughing so hard his shoulders shook. "Mist time? He calls our son's fascination with the showers 'Mist Time'?" He walked over to the laptop and pressed a button, sitting down and watching the beginning credits as he waited for his husband and son to come whooping back in.