SPD: Rewrite

Plot: What if Syd and Sky were engaged before SPD? What if Syd had an evil sister, but no one believed her? What if Z and Jack didn't know? What if Bridge had to keep it from them?

Disclaimer: Only mine in my dreams. If it was mine Syd and Sky would be together, Z and Bridge would be together and Jack would be dating some rando that I made up.

Authors Note: Hey all. As you can tell, I have random obsessions. SPD is only the latest one, and rest assured, I am a girl. Also, every chapter will be an episode of SPD, rewritten. There will also be an epilogue. NOTE: I am actually watching the episode as I write this, so hopefully, it will be alike.

Beginnings Part 1

In the not too distant future, Earth has become a haven for all alien life forms. Ninety nine percent of all the newcomers live in peace, but for those who can't, there is Space Patrol Delta the new breed of police, to bring them in.

Sky Tate, Bridge Carson and Sydney Drew walked into an old warehouse. They had seen the villain they were chasing run into this exact building. "You can hide monster. Well actually, you can't really hide," Bridge said, taking his gloves off and waving the air, seeing the villain hiding behind a box. "Perp at 2 o'clock." Sydney turned in the wrong direction ready to hit. "That's nine o'clock Syd."

"Right!" She replied, turning around "FIST OF IRON!" Her fist changed into an iron one, and she hit the box he was behind. The fugitive ran out to attack them and Sky jumped in front and put a force field up to protect them. They fought the fugitive and won. (I suck at describing fights, sorry)

"Sky Tate reporting in, mission complete." Sky said into his communicator. Kat Manx walked into the simulator just after Sky said this.
"Well done cadets, your training progresses nicely."

Bridge put his hand up after this and started to speak. "Kat… uh I I I mean Dr Manx, I mean maim, we were all wondering… We know there's A squad power rangers and we're B squad cadets. Not that there's anything wrong with being B squad cadets or a C squad or a D squad.." Bridge was rambling as Syd and Sky looked on and rolled their eyes.

"Let me translate, I speak fluent Bridge. He wants to know when we're getting those great designer coloured suits," Syd translated.

"Kat, I've told them, it's not about the suits or the weapons, it's about helping people and upholding tradition of being a power ranger," Sky said as Syd and Bridge rolled their eyes. This didn't go un-noticed by Sky, who glared at Bridge.

"That's up to Commander Cruger, not me. Dismissed." Kat replied. They saluted and walked out. The 'monster' went to attack Kat, who turned around and pointed a remote at him, turning him back into Boom. "Best Cadets ever, Kat," He said, panting.
"Agreed. And you Boom, my eager assistant, job well done."


Boom walked into the common area with his arm in a cast and Syd gasped. "Boom, did we do that?"
"Nah, You guys just dislocated my shoulder, I popped it back in and it's as good as gold. See. Ahhh. Anyway, this is Kat's new arm cast laser, cool huh? Anyway, I gotta go, so bye." Boom replied, dropping his lunch. As he bant to pick it up, the laser shot and hit something, causing Syd to gasp again and Bridge to look kinda amused. Sky walked into the room at this moment. "BOOM!" Bridge jumped and Boom turned around scared. Syd just rolled her eyes and looked at Sky. "Clean up your mess."
"YES SIR!! Sir, which mess?"
"Start with the last one you made and work backwards."
"YES SIR!" Boom replied, walking off.

"Lighten up Sky, Boom's a great guy," Syd told him.
"I know, I just don't like the way he looks at you." Sky replied, sitting down and putting his arm around Syd, who snuggled into the embrace.
"You know I only have eyes for you, and Boom's in love with Kat," Syd replied.
"You're right. I love you."
"You'd better. I love you too." She leaned in to kiss him when Bridge said:
"Can you guys keep the lovey dovey stuff till I'm not around"
"Bridge, you're always around. Oh! Commander Cruger wants to see us, now!" Sky said standing up and taking his beloveds hand.

They walked down the hall way and stepped aside for the A squad.
"That's who I wanna be, the red ranger." Sky said.
"Did you see the size of them? Even the girls are massive," Syd answered. Bridge had run his hand over the A squad as they ran off and looked worried.
"What's wrong Bridge?" Syd asked.
"I don't know. Their energy, their colours, something's off." He replied.

They walked into the command centre and saluted Cruger.
"Cadet's, I trust you've enjoyed your training here at SPD academy. Not that your training has ended, or will it ever end while you're here, but as your commander, I must call upon B squad to step up and take on new responsibilities." Bridge cheered and knuckled Syd.

"I thought 'new responsibilities' meant kicking some inter-galactic freakazoid butt, all the data device says is to bring in the Parkington Market thieves," Syd said, as they walked through the market.
"It's code no doubt. What do you think it means?" Bridge replied.
"Bring in the Parkington Market thieves," Sky replied.
"You know Sky, you are good." Sky and Syd both took that opportunity to roll their eyes at Bridge.

"STOP THEIVES!!" they heard someone yell as two people ran through the market with stolen goods in their hands. They stood ready to fight them. "Out of the way! We don't wanna hurt you!" They boy yelled.
"Hurt us? That's a good one," Sky replied.
"SPD! We'll take it from here," Syd said, flashing the guard her ID.
"You may not be coming in peacefully, but you're coming in," Sky said.
The two stood prepared to fight when they heard, "What about me?" There was a copy of the girl behind Syd, who turned to kick it, but her foot went right through.
"It's a hologram, she's not real," Syd said, and then the copy kicked her to the ground. "OK, she's real" They guy and girl took that opportunity to escape. Sky and Bridge helped Syd up. "You OK?" Sky asked.
"Let's get them," Syd replied. The three of them ran after the crooks and split up, Syd went after the girl and Sky and Bridge went after the guy. They had a lot of competition in these two and they knew it. The girl duplicated and pushed Syd off the edge, where she fell into a pile of boxes. The guy went through the wall as Sky and Bridge went after him, crashing into the wall. "I'm sorry we can't stay and play but, we gotta run. BYE!" The guy said and they ran off laughing.
"That went well," Bridge said as they got up. Sky and Syd glared at him.
"You ok?" Sky asked Syd.
"Hello? I'm here too." Bridge replied.
"Yes, but I'm engaged to Syd, and she fell off the roof place over there." Sky replied.
"Hey! I'm still here, I'm fine." Syd replied.
"Let's get back to base." Sky said, wrapping an arm around Syd's shoulder as they walked off.

"You underestimated your opponent and were sadly defeated." Cruger said.
"We are so not ready to be rangers," Syd said.
"I'm ready," Sky replied.
"Oh! So it must have been Syd and I who let those two get away then," Bridge said, questioning Sky's previous statement.
"Listen to yourselves, there is no team here. This is the issue you will have to overcome before you can become a power ranger," Cruger said.
"Oh, I get it. All we have to do is stop blaming, criticizing and judging each other," Syd said.
"You forgot to mention failing to bring in suspects," Bridge replied.
"Right, let's see, that puts us right on schedule to be rangers around… never," Syd said.
"You will meet those two again," Cruger said.
"Sir, the civilians, they were different. They had special abilities, like we do." Sky said.
"Yes I know, Cadet Tate, come with me." Sky looked at Syd and walked off with the commander.
"Busted," Bridge whispered to Syd, who hit him.

"Why red ranger cadet?" Cruger asked Sky.
"Lots of reasons, I'm top on B squad and test scores, weaponry and fighting. As you know sir, my father was the red ranger and ever since I was a little kid, I've trained for the day I become like my dad, the next red ranger."
"Your father was the best of the best of rangers. If you're anything like him, we will all benefit from your services. Dismissed."
"Thank you sir." Sky started to walk off when
"Cadet, if I were to appoint Syd as red ranger, would you follow her into battle?"
"Sir, she's a girl," Sky replied.
"One you just happen to be engaged to." Cruger replied, leaving Sky looking dumbfounded. "Did you really think I didn't know?"
"Actually, we did."
"What about Bridge?"
"I like Bridge, but in all honesty sir, he's not a leader."
"I see. Thank you for your honesty cadet, that will be all."
"Sir!" Sky walked off, hoping to catch Syd and Bridge.

Sky walked into the common room and sat next to Syd, kissing her cheek. "Hi," she said giggling.
"Busted," he whispered. Bridge hear this statement and smiled at Sydney.
"Told you!"
"No, I think it's a good thing, I can do this in public now," Sky said pulling Syd in and kissing her passionately, "and you can wear this." He pulled out her engagement ring.
"OH MY GOSH! Sky! It's beautiful," Syd exclaimed.
"Not as beautiful as you," he replied.
"I'm gonna puke," Bridge said, jokingly.
"Then leave," Sky said as he slipped the ring onto Syd's left hand.


They stood in the command centre waiting for Cruger. Sky was pacing and Syd and Bridge were playing Scissors, Paper, Rock. 1, 2, 3, Syd had Rock, Bridge had paper. "YES!! 55 times in a row! Ahhh!"
"OK enough! I'm officially bored to tears! We get told to report an hour ago, report to who?!" Syd yelled.
"Whom?" Bridge corrected.
"Never correct me again!" Syd yelled, "I'm sorry, I'm just a little tense watching walkathon boy wear a path in the floor."
"If you have a problem with it Sydney, make me stop," Sky replied.
"OK!" Syd walked up and cupped his face in her hands and kissed him. "There, did it."
"I love you."

Commander Cruger walked into the room at that minute. "I trust you're using this time to bond as a team."
"YES SIR!" They yelled.
"Good, come this way."

They followed Cruger into Kat's lab. "Without going into details, earth's ultimate survival dictates that I elevate your team to active status. Any questions?" Cruger said.
"Um, yeah, just one. Did you say ultimate survival as in earth may destroyed?" Bridge asked.
"I did."
"Cadets, you've spent the last two years in simulated training, but this time, the game is real," Kat told them. Boom stepped forward with morphers. "SPD morphers, they are, without a doubt, your best friend. They're also judgement scanners; they will assess the guilt or innocence of those you take into custody. Boom, guilty or innocent of eating the last slice of chocolate cake today?" Kat said, pointing the morpher at Boom.
"Me? I uh I no! No I didn't" Boom stuttered.
"The scanner reads body temperature, pulse and electrical impulses and renders a verdict. Guilty. And it does not make mistakes."
"OK, I'm guilty. But it was just a piece of cake!" Boom cried. Kat pointed the scanner at Boom and put him in the containment card. "This makes transportation of the detainee a non issue."
"You are trained and now equipped. You are the new B squad power rangers, congratulations. Celebration can come later, I need your immediate assistance on an urgent matter."

They got into the car and drove off where they were told. They noticed it was the two people that they had fought earlier. "Nice to see you two again," Sky said.
"I told you we should've quit while we were ahead Jack," the girl said.
"Don't worry, I'll take care of this and we'll be on our way," 'Jack' said, charging at them. Sky put a force field up and Jack bounced off it.

"Guess what? You're not the only one with tricks," Sky said.
"Jack, let's get out of here," The girl said.
"We can't do that, we have to finish this here and now, or these clowns are gonna be bugging us forever."

They fought until Jack and the girl cornered.
"Your both accused of stealing and distributing stolen goods," Sky said.
"Oh yeah, can you prove it?" Jack asked.
"Actually, we can," Bridge replied.
"JUDGEMENT MODE!" Sky yelled.

To be continued…

WOW! Longest chapter I've ever written.