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Drown for Some-

"You excited for gym Hayner?" Roxas and Sora the ever so chipper twins of Twilight Academy and Hayner's best friends asked in unison, cocking their heads in the same manner.

"Not really." Hayner answered in a dull tone, scratching his head.

"Why you don't like gym?" Sora questioned slightly confused, knowing his blond friend was one to love Phys Ed. Hayner sighed loudly using the dull tone again to answer.

"Not really."

That was a lie. Gym was all right. There was nothing really great about it when Hayner thought about it. The only thing he actually enjoyed was the Struggle unit, which usually only went on for a couple of days because everyone sucked at it, everyone except Seifer Almasy.

Hayner and Seifer would go on forever; constantly fighting trying to break the tie they often found themselves in. Hayner would beat the hell out of Seifer, though in the end Seifer always had him pinned. Even though being underneath Seifer for that short period of times was very arous-... Ahem... uncomfortable for Hayner, he would rather be going through that then this. Hayner waved off his two friends before entering the change room and putting on a pair of swim trunks. It was the swimming unit which meant taking a dip in the school owned swimming pool yaaaaay! Hayner was on the verge of plotting a good way to drown himself.

His class stood on the deck of the pool waiting for their teacher to join them. After waiting 10 minutes the class got bored and began their stretches early. Minutes into their stretching session strolled onto deck with Seifer. Seifer was looking rather sexy in his trunks, his well-toned chest exposed; Hayner could definitely count a six-pack that was absolutely visible from where he is standing. How great it would be if that boy were pinned underneath him; minus the swim trunks of course. He grinned goofily thinking of all the possibilities. Lost in his fantasies, Hayner barely realized when began to speak, the blond instantly sobered.

"Okay everyone, I know this is a 8' deep pool and some of you cannot swim, but you should feel safe for we have a certified life guard here, Seifer, this meaning -" Seifer interrupted,

"This meaning incase any of you chickenwusses begin to drown, I will have to save you and if necessary perform CPR, so for the love of god, stay floating." Hayner fell back into his goofy grin.

Maybe he would drown himself after all.

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