Hot Shot's girl: Okay so I was thinking to myself in church right—I know, I know I should be more focused on God when I go there, but this idea just popped out of NOWHERE you know what I mean. Lately I haven't been able to think of new stories that much, especially when it comes to my fav character TT TT I'm bad I know L. I'm even worse with updating fics many people want me to update and I'm sorry, but I just need inspiration for them that's all :/

Anyways, like I was saying I just wanted to write more about my fav character Hot Shot and felt ashamed because I call myself Hot Shot's girl when I probably write more about Starscream than any other character, who is by the way my fav Decepticon :D So here is a story I thought of one day at church . . . Now even though I said I want to write more about Hot Shot this idea just came into mind so I don't know if it'll seem more like Override or not. Just might, but hey Hot Shot's still in here since I'll probably make them a couple. Hope you enjoy J

"Speed planet huh? Sounds like heaven," Hot Shot said with a smile as he gazed at all the roads, highways, tracks, and trails that would make any four-wheeler happy, even two wheels as well.

"Be careful Hot Shot," warned Optimus Prime knowing too well what the young 'bot on their team is capable of doing if—'sidetracked'. "This is a planet key we're dealing with and I cannot have you gallivanting around understand?"

"Yeah, yeah, I know big 'bot," said Hot Shot with his infamous cocky grin.

"Velocitron has the worlds most fastest transformers there," said Vector Prime, the old ancient. "Are you sure you are up to the challenge young one?"

"Do you know who you're talking to ancient 'bot?" asked Hot Shot jabbing his thumb towards his torso. "I'm Hot Shot of Cybertron! I AM the fastest transformer in the known universe!"

Vector Prime just turned to look at the young one's leader wondering if he could back up those words. Optimus just sighed with a shake of his head and with a shrug said—

"He is the fastest on Cybertron."

"Good, then perhaps he shall do just fine on Velocitron," said Vector Prime in hope.

"You can bet on that—I will!" said Hot Shot tilting his chin upward in machoness.

"Then stop blabbering and let's be off," said Red Alert getting annoyed.

"Sheesh doc 'bot I didn't know you were so eager to burn rubber," said Hot Shot nudging the begrudged doctor with his elbow.

"I'm not," he protested. "I'm just eager to go there and find the planet key so we can be off the Primus-forsaken planet."

"Sheesh, you wouldn't be saying that if it was science planet, or doctor planet," Hot Shot joked.

Red Alert only grumbled wishing his partner to be anyone else but the young 'bot. Why did he get stuck with him again? Oh yeah, the younger the warrior is, or reckless, the more prone he is to injury.

With another sigh Red Alert looked at his commander and asked if they were about ready to leave. Optimus nodded and turned to look at Vector Prime to make sure he was ready as well.

"I am ready," nodded the original.

"Then let's open that space bridge," said Optimus turning to open his chassis.

Optimus grasped the Matrix of Leadership and let it float upward as Vector sliced a rip in the air. The Matrix glew and opened the portal wider so a 'bot, or two could fit in there. Hot Shot was the first one to eagerly jump in and Red Alert, being the reluctant one, last. Once the portal was closed and Optimus had placed the Matrix back inside him was when he had gotten a strange feeling down deep in his core processor.

Vector Prime happened the chance a look at the young Prime. His optics narrowed at him knowing he was deep in thought, but not a thought of good.

"Optimus?" he asked looking at him sideways. "Is there something the matter?"

Optimus was snapped out of his processing as he turned to look at the elder Prime. His golden optics glanced at Vector and then away as he sighed and touched his spark saying—

"I just had a bad feeling down deep in my core processor."

"And what would that be Optimus?" asked Vector Prime.

"That Velocitron isn't as safe as we made it out to be," said Optimus.

"Wow this is GREAT!!" exclaimed Hot Shot as he sped up and drifted around the sharp curves of the highway.

"Hot Shot slow down!" said Red Alert swearing he could see that young one just falling right off the highway and to his doom below.

"Oh stop being such a spoilsport!" groaned Hot Shot shrugging the careful doctor off.

"How can I not be when you are driving WRECKLESS!" said Red Alert tired of the young one scaring him to offlining.

Hot Shot quickly slammed the breaks and came right beside Red Alert before accelerating again.

"What's your problem Red?" he asked. "Why can't a 'bot have some fun?"

"Is offlining your idea of fun?" asked Red Alert.

"What—you think I'll crash?" asked Hot Shot. "Awww, do you care?"

Red Alert didn't answer to that and because of that Hot Shot closed in the distance between them and gave the Doctor a nudge quickly, which made the Doctor jump a bit at the loss of steering control for a split second.

"Come on, admit it, you care," Hot Shot said with a mental smile.

"As the chief medical officer I care about all comrades," said Red Alert.

"Well I don't blame ya if you've developed some attachment to me," said Hot Shot with a mental shrug. "We have been through the pit and back together. You remember that one time when Nemesis Prime almost finished us off?"

"Yes, and I do not wish that to repeat itself," said Red Alert. "It is rather embarrassing coming back to Autobot Headquarters injured near offlining. What kind of warriors do you think that makes us look like? What kind of medical officer does that make me look like?"

"A rather poor one," said Hot Shot with a chuckle/giggle at the thought.

"Hot Shot!" groaned Red Alert with a mental optic roll.

Hot Shot could do nothing but laugh at that. Oh he loved Red Alert for being just Red Alert. He wouldn't have him any other way. They've been on way too many missions together to say he wished he were different.

In the midst of his laughter fit though something happened. In a flash of red and white Hot Shot and Red Alert were knocked out of the middle of the highway and near the edge. Red Alert luckily caught his grip on the road before he was tossed off the high roads, but Hot Shot wasn't so lucky.

He lost traction and spun out of control. It was too sudden for Red Alert to have done anything and so he watched with horror as Hot Shot tumbled off of the edge of the road and to the desolate ground below.

"Hot Shot!" cried Red Alert as he quickly transformed and looked down to see Hot Shot lying upside down, his wheels still spinning.

"Hot Shot!" he cried once again looking frantically for a way down to go and help his comrade.

In an instant he attached a grappling hook on the bridge and swung down. Once his feet hit the bottom he rushed over to Hot Shot and helped him back on his wheels.

"Are you alright Hot Shot?" asked Red Alert doing a quick scan to make sure his spark was still pulsing.

"Uhh, Red Alert?" he groaned in Pain. "What hit us back there?"

As if on queue the question answered itself as laughing was heard above them. Red Alert glanced up and glared harshly at the assailant with his red visor shimmering bright at them.

"Heh, heh, serves you right newcomers," came a crackle from the red and white 'bot up top.

"And what did we do to deserve this harsh treatment?!" asked Red Alert furious that some 'bot would do this to them.

"Not knowing that this road, and all roads of this planet belong to ME!" the white and red 'bot said thrusting a thump to their chassis.

Red Alert grumbled as the 'bot smirked and then transformed and drove off. Red Alert felt his whole body shake in anger for what the 'bot had done to his companion and dear friend. He had to push all that anger away for another time as he turned to his injured cohort.

"Hot Shot where does it hurt?" he asked with concern in his vocal processors.

"If I said all over would that be of any help?" Hot Shot asked with a weak and strained chuckle.

Red Alert could only smile for a second as he backed away and said—

"Please transform for me so I can see the extent of the damage from the crash."

"Okay," said Hot Shot driving forward on shaky wheels and then stopping to begin to shake and force his limps to shift.

Red Alert crossed his arms and waited for Hot Shot to do as he commanded, but nothing happened. All he saw was Hot Shot shake from trying to get his joints to listen to him, but nothing was happening.

"Ugh, Red Alert I think my transformation gear was jammed in the fall," said Hot Shot with a groan.

"Don't move then," said Red Alert coming up to him and bending to open his hood. "Let me take a look at that."

Right when Red Alert opened Hot Shot's hood though did a signal of distress catch his processor. Hot Shot quickly glanced away at the working doctor and saw from afar off two 'bots, on the colors of blue, white, and orange, and the other with colors of black, gold, and tan. He could see clearly that they were the 'bots in distress for two other 'bots were circling them and toying with them like a bunch of gangsters, or worse . . . Decepticons.

"R-Red Alert," he moaned out trying to make his vocals work probably so he could alert the doctor of what he saw.

"What is it Hot Shot?" asked Red Alert with concern in his voice.

"There, uh, over there. Two 'bots are cornered by two others," he said motioning in the direction they were.

Red Alert abandoned his task at hand and stood up to take a better look. Sure enough, Hot Shot was right. There indeed where two 'bots being 'bullied' by two others. Again Red Alert shook with anger, is this all this planet teaches?—The strongest will only survive so prey on the defenseless ones? Oh Red Alert wished he could show them a thing or two, but he or Hot Shot was in no condition to do so.

Speaking of Hot Shot, he had better get back to his task at hand and finish fixing his transformation gear if he ever—wait—where is Hot Shot?! Red Alert glanced around frantically knowing Optimus would kill him if he let Hot Shot get himself offlined. It was then he glanced a blue blur coming to the rescue of the two trapped 'bots—this couldn't be good.

"Hot Shot!!" he called out, but Hot Shot only turned a malfunctioning audio receiver to him.

"HOT SHOT!" he called out again, but still nothing happened.

Red Alert let out a short growl as he transformed and chased after the adolescent. Even when injured Hot Shot was quick. Red Alert hoped he could get to him before he did anything drastic.

Hot Shot, on the other hand, didn't care if he was in the right condition or not. His spark could not take it when distress signals were sent his way. He could never just sit there and do nothing, it just wasn't a part of his programming—it just wasn't the Autobot spirit.

"Hey!" he called to the larger green one to get his attention away from the other two just in time to catch him off-guard and ram him away towards the smaller red one.

"Ow!" cried the green one as he transformed from his broken state and rubbed his motherboard. "What hit me?"

"Well I'll tell ya what hit me ya lug nut—YOU!" groaned the smaller red one miraculously pushing the greener one off of him.

"Oh gee I'm sorry Ransack, I really am," apologized the larger green one as he helped his red friend up.

"Nah, it wasn't your fault," said Ransack wiping off the dusk from his plates.

"Oh, you're right!" said the green one turning to Hot Shot. "It was HIM!"

"Hey, just who do you think you are ramming my buddy Crumplezone here like that?" asked Ransack looking at Hot Shot with narrowed green optics.

"What gives you the right to terrorize defenseless 'bots?!" growled Hot Shot wishing he was in a better condition so can back up his forceful words.

He glanced off to the side of him to find the two 'bots, one an elder, and one quit younger than himself, clutching onto each other and shaking. Hot Shot couldn't understand why they didn't fight against the other two and stand up for themselves—or why they were so scared against a bunch of clowns like this.

Again—to answer Hot Shot's previous question came that same voice from before, but this time closer.

"I did!" the voice came as Hot Shot glanced back towards the two bullying mechs to find a red and white speed racer coming closer, but transformed in mid air only to skid back to the ground between the green 'bot called Crumplezone, and the red 'bot called Ransack.

"Hey, boss is here!" said Crumplezone with a smile and small jump for joy, I say small because let's face it—those tiny legs won't get him anywhere.

"Oooh, now youse in trouble!" said Ransack with a smirk as he pointed at the blue speedster.

"What is the meaning of all this?" asked the red and white 'bot folding its arms across its torso.

"This punk 'ere came up and stopped us from having our fun with these two weaklings!" said Ransack, apparently the one with the loud mouth.

"Is that so?" the 'bot said glancing deep blue optics at the slim vehicle before them. "And what gives you the right to interrupt them 'bot?!"

"What gives you the right to let them pick on them just because they are old and weak?!" asked Hot Shot with a same snappy voice as the other.

The 'bot only seemed to narrow its optics at Hot Shot as if he was defying the very law of the planet and the punishment is severe.

"Boss you gonna let him talk to you like that?!" asked Crumplezone.

"No, no I'm not Crumplezone," the 'bot said shooting Hot Shot a narrowed glare. "Look kid this is MY planet and I make the LAW!"

"Oh really?" asked Hot Shot suddenly finding himself unafraid of the assailant even though in his weakened condition. "Well I didn't know how flawed this planet was!"

"You can't talk to boss like that!!" protested Crumplezone with his fist shaking. "She's the leader of this planet!"

"She?" said Hot Shot not realizing the red and white 'bot standing before him was a femme, but now that he had gotten a better look and told the fact he could see the slight curves and feminine features about her.

"What was that boy?!" she growled balling her hands into fists. "Didn't think I was a femme? Didn't think a femme could lead a planet?!"

"Being an Autobot I'm gonna be honest with you," started Hot Shot letting out whatever was on his main processor. "By the way you acted, no, I couldn't tell you were a femme, maybe you should try being more feminine next time so this mistake won't happen and you don't have to get offended—"

"What?!" she growled, but was soon cut off by Hot Shot finishing his answers.

"And two," he said. "If you're leader and your laws are like that then no, I don't think femmes can lead planets."

"Boss are you gonna let him kick you in the dirt?" asked Ransack quickly looking at her and ready to fight if she commanded.

The red and white femme just glared at the short motorcycle. She was in no mood for him to even talk to her. Under her gaze he cringed and looked away. She then looked at the blue vehicle and growled inwardly thinking—

Who does this punk think he is? Some saint to come and 'purify' this 'unprimusly' planet? Does he think just by being good willed it would encourage everyone else to forsake the law and do it themselves? No! And how dare he call me an unfit leader!!

At that time Red Alert had finally managed to come up to Hot Shot and hopefully stop a deadly fight from happening. He transformed and knelt beside Hot Shot asking—

"Hot Shot what, are you crazy?! Have you lost a chip or something?! We are on a foreign planet with foreign rules. You can't just challenge the law and say it is flawed when everyone have been living it for so long! You could be punished for such outlandish speaking, or worse—OFFLINED!!"

"Hm, at least your friend here has the right idea," said the red and white 'bot as she pointed to Red Alert. "So why don't you just get off my planet and I may forgive and forget."

"Hot Shot, maybe we should just—" started Red Alert.

"Can't happen miss," Hot Shot spoke up quickly. "Because we're on a mission to stop the Decepticons from rising and the black hole from destroying our world!"

"Ugh, there you go on with your useless blabbering," she said rolling her optics. "I have you know my patience is wearing thin."

"Stop threatening me!" spat Hot Shot. "Stop all this madness!"

"Oh, and you're in a condition to tell me off," she said with a chuckle that now sounded feminine. "Uh, I can't believe this guy. Ransack, Crumplezone do me and favor and get rid of these losers."

"Yes ma'am!!" they saluted before transforming and swirling around the two ready to begin firing.

"Now look what you've done Hot Shot!" scolded Red Alert. "If you would have kept that mouth of yours shut then we wouldn't have been in trouble with the locals—or worse, LEADER!"

"Just shut up Red Alert!" groaned Hot Shot as he began to shake, a sign of him trying to transform.

"Hot Shot, I haven't quite fixed your transformation gear. If you would just—" but Red Alert was silenced as he saw Hot Shot transforming—slowly, but he was transforming and finally being able to stand on his own two feet although he wasn't straight thanks to the previous damages.

"Oh look, he can stand on his own two feet," mocked Override. "Doesn't matter, I'll just knock you down again."

"Go ahead and try!" dared Hot Shot with that infamous glare of his and his 'not-caring-if-anything-happened-to-him' smirk.

"That's it! I've had enough!" growled Override her anger getting the best of her. "Ransack, Crumplezone—ATTACK!"

"Roger!" they bot said in unison as they let loose their arsenal in unison.

"Hot Shot look out!" yelled Red Alert as he jumped in front of him and blocked the very hits that were meant for his metal.

After the shots were fired and hit Red Alert fell to his knees and then sideways onto his side. Hot Shot looked down at him and he shook with anger at what these villains did to his friend. He gritted his teeth and narrowed his optics at the one who allowed this to happen. There she was, that evil smirk on her face like she was getting satisfaction out of all this turmoil.

To him . . . she was nothing more than a . . . Decepticon.

"It's the law blue boy," she said with a smirk flicking her head back a bit as she crossed her arms once again. "If one be weak or slow—run them over."

"What a fragged up law!" spat Hot Shot.

"Hm, that's what you say," she said with a flicker of her optics before she pulled out her own gun with twin blasters and raised them at Hot Shot. "Oh and another law—anyone speaking against the law—will be terminated."

At that she shot him dead in the chest. Hot Shot groaned out in pain a short while as he fell to the ground with a loud and dusty 'thud'. The sun above him seemed to turn into the moon as things dimmed around him and soon he was met with night.

Optimus felt the sharp jolt come from his core and so let out a quiet gasp as his optics quickly widened. He looked down and placed his hand over his chassis. He was going to shrug it off as nothing, but he wasn't the only one if the room that noticed this.

"There something wrong Optimus?" asked Coby looking up at Optimus in confusion.

"Oh—uh, I'm not sure," said Optimus looking down to where the feeling originated.

Vector Prime was also one that noticed. He turned to Optimus and wondered if he would take what he was about to tell him well.

"If you feel it deep inside you then something is wrong," said Vector looking at the younger Prime.

"What makes you say that?" asked Optimus looking at the elder Prime suspiciously.

"It is part of being a Prime," he said standing up and recalling things long passed. "It was something Primus placed in the chosen transformers to rule and be the guardians of His body whilst He slumbered. He knew that He could not protect His children during His slumber and so He placed it upon the Primes to do so. Their sparks were special, their shadowed His own—they could feel the suffering of His people, their brothers and sisters, and so would feel the need to relieve their suffering and help them."

"Always?" asked Optimus.

"Always," said Vector Prime knowing what he meant. "Even if a Prime was reprogrammed to become a Decepticon it could not happen, unless they found a way to reprogram your very spark."

"I see," said Optimus glancing down. "Then . . . what do I do?"

"Do what you were created to do—help," said Vector.

"How can I when there are so many transformers suffering and I cannot tell which ones need my help at the time?" asked Optimus.

"I shall teach you how to focus on certain ones," said Vector Prime coming to him and placing a gentle hand upon his shoulder.

"How come I never felt anything like this before?" asked Optimus. "Anything this deep?"

"It could be because I gave you a planet key," said Vector Prime pondering things. "You are still a young Prime whose heritage is almost completely forgotten. You had no one to tell you about this so you could mature your spark ability more."

"Hm, you may be right," said Optimus placing his index finger and thumb on his chin.

"So wait—you guys—you 'Primes' can feel what other transformers are feeling right now?" asked Coby somewhat amazed, somewhat confused.

"Yes, why do you ask little one?" asked Vector Prime.

"Well—that means—something bad is happening right?" asked Coby.

"Coby's right Vector!" said Optimus looking at Vector with more seriousness in his golden optics. "Do you know who's in danger?!"

There was then another spark jolt that shot through Optimus. Optimus wondered if Vector felt it too, because if he did he sure didn't know it.

"Don't worry Optimus, I felt it as well," said the elder with a nod seeming to read his very thoughts. "I am just more used to it than you, which is why I have learned to control my reactions to them."

"I see," said Optimus. "But who could they be?"

"I believe them to be Red Alert and Hot Shot," said Vector narrowing them down.

"What happened to them?!" gasped Coby taking the words right out of Optimus.

"I do not know," he said shaking his head. "I can only feel they are in dire need."

"Then we have to go help them!" exclaimed Coby ready to go.

"No Coby," halted Optimus. "We will go. I have a feeling I sent them on a hostel planet so stay here."

"But I can fix them if they're hurt!" said Coby. "You heard Vector! Even Red Alert might be hurt!"

"Just stay here Coby," said Optimus. "We may just have to bring them back to earth."

"But what about the planet key?!" asked Coby. "You can't leave without that!"

"An Autobot's life if more important than a planet key," said Optimus.

"We'll all be dead if not for the planet keys!" protested Coby. "Please—I know I can help."

"No," said Optimus more sternly. "I cannot risk anymore lives."

"Well said Optimus," said Vector. "But I do believe the boy to be of use."

"No," said Optimus shaking his head. "Not now at least. Coby will find his time to shine, but later. Come on Vector let's get a team ready to go to Velocitron."

"Right," said Vector with a nod.

The darkness soon began to blur and surely the blurs turned into color. Slowly the colorful blurs turned into forms and the forms became sharper and more precise. The night had turned back into day, and darkness back into sight.

"What happened?" asked Hot Shot finding himself laying on a berth with his face towards the ceiling.

He then turned his head to find Red Alert working on his arm. He gasped, surprised to see Red Alert still functioning, even able to help him function.

"Red Alert I thought—" said Hot Shot trying to get up but groaned from the sharp electrical jolts running over his torso and inside.

"Don't!" started Red Alert quickly abandoning Hot Shot's arm and going to push Hot Shot back down on the berth. "Don't try to get up. You have some serious injuries you know. If Override would have hit you another time in the spark you would be offline."

"Override?" asked Hot Shot the name not coming into familiarity.

"She's the leader of this planet," said Red Alert. "You know, the red and white 'bot that shot you in the spark."

"How do you know?" asked Hot Shot.

"Because I told 'im," said the elder transformer as he came up with the younger 'bot behind him, apparently too shy to show his face.

"This is Breakdown," introduced Red Alert. "He's the one that took us to his home and brought me back online in time to heal your more serious injuries."

"Thank-you," said Hot Shot looking at the elder with thankful baby blue optics.

"Yer welcome," he said with a nod.

"And who are you little one?" asked Hot Shot with a friendly smile seeing the younger one shaking behind the elder.

"Now come, come, don't be shy Clocker," said Breakdown turning to the young one. "He's the 'bot that saved our tailpipes after all. Tell 'im yer name."

"I . . . I'm Cl—Clocker," he said quickly before jumping back behind the elder 'bot.

"Eh, don't mind my grandson," said Breakdown. "I think he just likes you is all and—well he's—we're not used to kind 'bots."

"What do you mean?" asked Hot Shot.

"Because of their law," said Red Alert answering for the elder 'bot. "The law that says to run over the weak and slow."

"Oh, I see," said Hot Shot realizing he was looking at the very weak and slow 'bots the law spoke of. "Did Override make up that law or something?"

"Yes she did," said Breakdown with a nod. "I'm afraid it hasn't been the same since her brother Nitro Convoy left."

"Why'd he leave?" asked Hot Shot.

"She b-banished him," stuttered Clocker peaking at Hot Shot swiftly before dunking back behind his grandfather.

"Banished him?!" shouted Hot Shot. "Her own brother?!"

"Aye," said Breakdown with a nod. "They had a race for the leadership of the planet and she won. Simple as that."

"How can someone banish their own sibling?" asked Hot Shot shaking his head. "Can someone be so cruel?"

"Override sure can," said Breakdown with a sigh remembering the very day of her coronation. "Right after she won her first decree was to banish Nitro Convoy, and then she set up her own law so that only the fastest 'bots were allowed to race. Sort of like some purebred transformers for the planet."

"I see," said Hot Shot. "So you're saying if anyone can beat her in a race they would take rule of the planet and could change things?'

"Aye," said Breakdown with a nod. "But no one has been fast enough to defeat her yet and she's been in rule for so long . . . poor Clocker here was birthed during her reign and has never known a peaceful era. I had been fortunate to live under Nitro Convoy once upon a time—that was time where if anyone had the spark for racing they would be able to get a shot at it."

"He sounded like my kind of mech," said Hot Shot with a smile, but soon that smile turned into a frown just thinking about the evil sister.

"Override," Hot Shot mumbled feeling his anger rise and his engines began to accelerate due to it. "If I could just—If I could JUST!! . . ."

"Wow, that's a mighty sounding engine," said Breakdown. "I haven't heard that kind of a roar since Nitro himself."

"What do you mean?" asked Hot Shot halting his anger and looking questionably at the old 'bot.

"Grandpa do-do you think he could do it?" asked Clocker looking at the old 'bot.

"I don't know Clocker, but I would be willing to bet these old joints he's got a chance!" said Breakdown with a smile as he turned his attention to Hot Shot. "Hot Shot . . . how would you like a chance to rule Velocitron?!"

Hot Shot froze. He had never thought about anything like that before. Ruling his own planet? Much less a planet that fits his personality? It never crossed his mainframe. Not even for Cybertron.

"What?" asked Hot Shot and Red Alert at the same time, their full attention on the old mech.

"Well if you beat her you can change everything back to the way it was!" said Breakdown with smile.

"Y-Yeah," said Clocker with a faint smile as he peeked around his grandfather. "And Nitro Convoy can—he can come back."

"I . . . I don't know," said Hot Shot looking down. "I mean, I wish I could help you I do, in the very bottom of my core processor, but . . . me and Red Alert here—we're on a mission."

"I see," said Breakdown casting his head down with a sigh. "I guess no one cares about the weak and slow anymore."

"That's not true!!" shouted Hot Shot sitting up quickly, ignoring the sharp pain in his torso from his injury. "I do! But I just can't at the moment, I'm sorry."

"We don't need any apologies," said Breakdown raising a hand up to stop him.

"How 'bout this," started Hot Shot. "After we complete our mission I'll come back here and beat Override, and then change everything back to the way it was!"

"You—you'd do that?" asked Clocker peeking around his grandfather again with those big ruby optics.

"Sure thing kid!" said Hot Shot with his 'Hot Shot-grin' and a thumbs-up.

Clocker blushed before hiding back behind his grandfather. He's never seen anyone as enthusiastic as Hot Shot before, or as encouraging. He certainly was a new breed of transformers to him and he—well he wanted to be just like him.