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"C'mon Hot Shot is that as fast as you can go?!" shouted Jetfire watching the young 'bot pass turns and drift through time.

"His engine power still isn't as high as I expected it to be, but it's getting there," said Red Alert checking through stats.

"But the race is coming up soon isn't it?" asked Landmine. "Can that kid be ready when it's time?"

"I believe he can," said Optimus with a smile as he crossed his arms and continued to look at his sparkling switch gears and force himself to go at least 5 percent faster.

"As do I," said Vector with a smile. "Let us all have Optimus' optimism shall we and trust in the young lad."

"Well," grumbled Landmine scratching the back of his head. "It's a little hard doing that considering the race is only next week."

"Yeah," agreed Jetfire. "Not to cast the kid down or anything, but it's just a little too close for comfort."

"I agree with you both," said Red Alert with a sigh. "As chief medical officer I would advise him not to do this and try to recover, but he is just so stubborn and a lot is riding on this race."

"Aye," said Jetfire with a nod of his head.

"I CAN DO IT!!" came a sudden strained shout for the subject of their conversation as all turned their heads only to see the young Autobot hydroplane out of control right off the track.

"Hot Shot are you alright?!" gasped Optimus as he and the others ran to the warrior.

"Hot Shot can you transform?" asked Red Alert seeing the sleek blue-silver car rammed against a boulder.

"Yeah," he groaned as he shakily transformed.

Hot Shot's knee rotators nearly buckled and gave out on him, but thank Primus Optimus was right there next to him ready to catch him just in case he fell.

"Easy there," he said catching his young comrade. "Red Alert, did he sustain any serious malfunctioning?"

After a quick scan Red Alert shook his head 'no' and sighed as he rubbed his visor with his forefinger and thumb saying—

"No, but I still wish we could let him rest and regain his functions like he's supposed to."

"I can't," came Hot Shot with his head cast down as he leaned against the larger superior 'bot. "I can't do any of that. I have—I have to be ready."

At that Hot Shot lifted his head up with that infamous smile of his.

"Because I'm Hot Shot and I never give up!"

Everyone couldn't help but smile at that. Red Alert could only shake his head at this only knowing there was more joints, rotators, processors, and circuitry to be ruined because of those words. He looked at Hot Shot who was pleading with Optimus to let him stand on his own as he rubbed his neck.

"You certainly don't," Red Alert mumbled under his breath.

Red Alert let it go and shrugged it off. He turned around and went back to the edge of the track to watch and record Hot Shot's progress again. He shook his head again seeing Hot Shot quickly transform and burn rubber on the track trying to break his last speed record.

"You're doing great Hot Shot!" cheered Clocker with a wide grin.

Breakdown watched and noticed the look in his young grandsparkling's ruby optics—inspiration. He knew it'd only be a matter of time before the young one would want to turn out just like the young savior. The young 'bot would want to start racing just like him and well Breakdown knew he couldn't hold off that feeling for long—after all it was in Clocker's energon.

My boy's growing up, Breakdown thought as he watched the young 'bots optics follow every maneuver, gearshift, and speed acceleration of the older brother-like Autobot. I could say that I never wanted this day to come, but I did and I'm glad he's following the right role model and learning to upgrade from him.

Breakdown's smile never faded as he turned his attention to the cause of his youngling's 'growing up'. With a sigh Breakdown let his optics fade just slightly.

Hot Shot, He thought with a content and peaceful thought. I thank you for entering in on our lives. It's been for the best. I believe you alone can change Velocitron, I hope you know everyone here does. May Primus' favor be with you young one.

Right after that thought Hot Shot slide again and crashed—yet again.

"Hot Shot!" everyone yelled running back over to him.

"Boss don't you think you're overreacting just a bit," said Ransack as he and Crumplezone watched their leader race around on her track for the 50th time only pushing herself faster and faster.

"Yeah, it's not like you're going to lose the race or anything," said Crumplezone.

"Just shut UP!" Override screeched to a halt and transformed in front of the two looking furious.

"Geez, sorry boss," said Ransack holding his hands up.

"Are you feeling okay boss?" asked Crumplezone. "You seem . . . on edge lately."

"Yeah—somethin' up?" asked Ransack looking curiously at her.

She glared at them both, but soon averted her gaze. Her body began to spasm slightly as her overused joints, systems, and circuits tried to tell her body system to let them recuperate. Oh indeed Override felt the pain, but she pushed it aside. She beat her brother Nitro Convoy and was leader of this planet and no leader would dare acknowledge pain—no, she was a strong leader a strong one!

"Just getting ready for the race of my life," she said with a smirk knowing this Hot Shot character would indeed give her a run for her money.

"What?! It's not even that late!" protested Hot Shot as Landmine, and Jetfire tried to force him inside Breakdown and Clocker's home to get some recharge for the night.

"Hot Shot it's plenty late," said Jetfire.

"Yeah, so listen to your father-creator's orders, which we were so graciously given to carry out, and get to berth!" said Landmine ready to take on the young Prime if need be.

"But I still have some laps left in me!" he continued to protest. "Optimus!"

"Hot Shot listen to them," said Optimus coming up to them with his arms crossed. "It is late and you need to recharge. Can't you feel your exoskeleton aching and telling you this?"

Hot Shot frowned knowing indeed what Optimus said was true. He could feel his body aching telling him to get some recharge so he could move to race another day, but his main processor was telling him that Override was probably training just as much as he was if not more and he could not get beaten by her of all 'bots.

"Better do what he says boy," warned Landmine. "Or else I'll knock ya out and just drag ya to the berth."

"Okay I'd say 'you wouldn't dare', but I know you enough to know you would and so I'll just go myself," said Hot Shot turning around and heading towards the room he stayed in.

"Hhh, aye yi yi," said Landmine with a sigh and shake of his head as he turned to Optimus who continued to gaze at the retreating 'bot's form down the hall. "Do you always have to threaten him to get him to listen Prime?"

"Hm?" said Optimus looking at his old friend. "Oh, no. I usually go for the more gentle approach."

"Yeah—and look 'ow he turned out," grumbled Jetfire getting tired of the young soldier's antics.

"You'll understand when you have sparklings of your own Jetfire," said Optimus with a smile.

"That's just an excuse not to punish him," humphed Jetfire as he crossed his arms. "Which I have seen you, on plenty a time, avoid."

"That's not entirely true Jetfire," said Optimus trying to defend his pride in being a parent-creator.

"I have to agree with Jetfire here on this one," said Landmine with his arms crossed.

"Now you Landmine?" asked Optimus with a sigh—it seemed like everyone was out to get him and criticize him on parenting.

"I'm just saying," he said with a shrug. "What did Elita threaten you upon her death bed to never hurt the kid unless you want to feel her wrath or something?"

"Ha ha, good one!" laughed Jetfire holding his torso.

"Landmine—Jetfire!" groaned Optimus really wishing they wouldn't bring her into such a crude and untruthful joke.

"Sorry, sorry," Jetfire giggled. "But that was just so funny—Optimus, the great Optimus Prime getting threatened by his offlining sparkmate ha ha!"

Optimus felt his facial circuits sizzling—though he couldn't tell if it was from embarrassment or frustration. Could have been both, but who knew? All he could do was roll his optics and try his best to ignore them, or just prove that joke wrong.

"No, that's not it," he said with a sigh. "Though she did say to take care of him upon her offlining. No, I do it because I'm his father-creator and I'm all he has left. I never really had a father-creator to raise me and so I promised myself a long time ago that if I ever had any sparklings I'd be the father-creator I never had."

"Uh-huh," said Landmine licking his lips. "Well my father-creator was stern and gave us a good beating if we neglected his warnings. I say it was for the best."

"Well everyone has their own ways of raising sparklings," said Optimus.

"I agree with Optimus on this one Landmine," said Jetfire. "My father-creator was neither kind, or stern—just uncaring. He'd just take us to the nearest cliff on Cybertron and let us go making sure we learned to fly at a young age so we could 'leave the nest sooner' as they say."

"You know what—I might agree with 'im," said Landmine with a nod and smile.

"You jerk!' said Jetfire with a shove to the bulky older 'bot next to him.

"Hhh, how again did we get into this conversation?" asked Optimus with a shake of his head.

"By you not doing anything to stop Hot Shot from protesting," said Landmine as a matter of factly.

"Hhh, whatever you two," said Optimus with a sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose with two fingers. "Just get some recharge."

"What about you sir?" asked Jetfire.

"I'm going to go meet the leader of this planet Override and have a talk with her," said Optimus turning from them.

Are you sure that's such a good idea sir?" asked Landmine.

"Yeah, I mean look how hostile she was towards Hot Shot," said Jetfire.

"I'm sure I can handle it," said Optimus with a smile as he turned and left.

"Lap 300," panted Override in exhaustion as she hunched over resting for only a second to lighten to ache in her body. "That's still not enough!"

At that she turned and looked to see her two cohorts recharging near the edge of the course. She growled to herself as she looked at her racetrack. The stupid thing didn't even look that grand anymore. She remembered getting the best private racetrack on the planet—after all it was once her brother's, but now it just appalled her and she hated it—it just wasn't enough to test her maneuvers and agility on.

"Er, transform!" she growled as she roughly transformed due to the exertion of her body and sped off.

As she raced she knew she wasn't nearly as fast as she liked to be. She could have blamed it on racing for so long and low energon reserves, but she didn't. She cursed herself for letting her get into this pitiful state.

She was about ready to finish the course, when something was blocking her. She narrowed her gaze on the large form and once again cursed to herself.

"What now?!" she growled as she transformed and skidded to a stop right in front of the large frame. "What do you want?!"

It was then—she didn't know how or exactly what it was. Something clicked inside her telling her of the importance of this mech before her. For some strange reason it was as if Primus Himself was warning her of the greatness of this 'bot before her—a Prime.

"Forgive me for interrupting your race," he said in a polite manner. "But my name is Optimus Prime and I would like a word with you."

Override, though she tried against it, felt her optics widen slightly. She didn't know if it was in fear, awe, or just plain admiration, but she knew better than to back talk this one. Her main processor tried its hardest to search for the reason why she was acting so strange in front of him, her optics then slowly fell to his broad chest and for some strange reason she knew in her spark that The Matrix of Leadership resided within him sending off waves of power to any 'bot near him letting them know of his lineage.

"S-sure," she said mentally kicking herself for stuttering before the Autobot leader, she couldn't believe she stuttered before him—she didn't do it in front of Megatron so why him?!

"Now as you know one of my mechs have entered into this race of yours—Hot Shot," he said walking to the side of the racetrack with her.

"You mean your boy, yeah I know him," she said crossing her arms.

"Yes, well I just want to know what this race will have in store for him," he said looking at her with majestic golden optics.

"And what if I say it's a secret?" she asked sticking her chin out to him.

"Well I just want to know that everyone will be playing fair," he said looking at her. "For I have often heard this planet is much different from other systems."

"Frag yeah," she said with a smirk. "Here it's the survival of the fastest. If you're a slow wide load there is no place for you here."

Optimus held his gaze on her for a bit and Override inwardly flinched. She felt, somehow, as if she had insulted him. She actually had, but didn't know it'd affect her like this.

"Well since you are leader of this planet I respect your rule, but just so you know," he said as he straightened and fully turned to her. "If this race, in any way, puts Hot Shot in danger of offlining I will not hesitate to show you my rule."

At that he inclined his head to her and transformed driving off. She just stood there frozen as she stared at his retreating form. Had he just . . . threatened her? And if so why hadn't she thought of a come back . . . and why the frag was she so intimidated?!

"Nuh, what happened?" asked Ransack as he and Crumplezone final came out of recharge and sat up. "Boss? What's wrong?"

"Yeah, you don't seem so well," said Crumplezone.

Override then bit her bottom lip—hard to make herself move. It worked. She turned and glared harshly at her two minions and only snarled.

"You stupid fraggers can't even stay online for a few hours!!" she growled as she transformed and sped off hoping to shake out the bugs in her system.

Vector Prime was about ready to head in when he saw Hot Shot climbing out of his room window. Vector Prime froze wondering what exactly he was supposed to do in a situation like this. Hot Shot noticed the Prime as he was halfway out the window. He too froze and just stared at his ancestor.

"Hot Shot?" asked Vector. "Shouldn't you be recharging?"

"Mayyybe," he hummed praying to Primus he wouldn't get sent back to his berth.

"I don't think Optimus wants you online at the moment," said Vector with a tilt of his head.

"You don't know for sure?" asked Hot Shot with a grin climbing all the way out of the window.

"Uh, well I'm pretty sure he doesn't," said Vector being caught off-guard.

"Yeah, but not 100 percent sure right?" asked Hot Shot holding his index finger up.

"Ub, uh, no," said Vector bowing his head slightly wondering how he just got beat by a youngling.

"Well then it means that I don't really have to recharge at the moment, so I'll be going," said Hot Shot.

"Should I tell him about this?" asked Vector.

"No, no, no, please don't!" pleaded Hot Shot clasping his hands together. "He'll offline me if he finds out."

"I don't think he'd do such a thing," said Vector shaking his head.

"Heh, you don't know the Optimus Prime I do," he said with a roll of his shoulders.

"Then what am I to tell him?" asked Vector raising a metal brow.

"Tell me what?" came the vocals of the transformer Hot Shot did not want to see at the moment.

Hot Shot cringed and slowly turned hoping his audio receptors were just playing tricks on him again, but alas, they weren't. He looked at Optimus who soon crossed his arms and looked at him with that look all parent-creators give their adolescent sparklings. Hot Shot could just hear the taping of the foot right about now.

"Hot Shot," came his warning parental voice. "What are you doing online?"

"Well—I—we—Vector was . . ." Hot Shot mentally kicked himself for not thinking of an excuse quick enough.

"Hot Shot," said Optimus a little more stern than before. "You have a race in a week. A race on a corrupted planet that's rules are very tyrannical. You need as much recharge as possible. Now go back to your room and get some needed recharge. Do I make myself clear?"

"Crystal," said Hot Shot with his head bowed and shoulders slug as he trotted back inside towards his room.

Optimus sighed and rubbed his optics with a shake of his head. He then looked at Vector who just smiled.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing," Vector said with a smile as he turned and headed in for the night.

Before entering Optimus stopped and looked up towards the sky. It was a peaceful night, but soon it would turn into hell. He sighed and shook his head.

"What a week we have to go," he sighed as he also headed in for the night.

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