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Dedicated to Seraphic-rapture and SlytherinQueen020

"How many times I gotta say it, Tennyson?" Kevin growled as he walked towards his car. He turned and gave an accusatory point at the white haired boy, "He is not staying with me."

"But you're the only one he can stay with Kevin! We've all got school." Ben whined, following closely behind his elder. Julie and Gwen looked at each other and rolled their eyes as Ship transformed from a spaceship into his normal and far more compact form.

Meanwhile, Albedo watched in silent pondering. How did these imbeciles find the time to fight intergalactic issues when they were so preoccupied fighting each other? Or, for that matter, how had they managed to stay alive? Not that he was complaining; that was how he was able to meet with them in the first place. He'd seen the small green ship struggling during a fight and, on what can only be considered a whim, he helped them escape. It was only after he'd saved them that he realized who they were.

From that moment on, it was one lie after another. Of course Azmuth had forgiven him! Of course he didn't break out of intergalactic prison by doping one of the guards and stealing his uniform! Oh, the uniform? He had it because he worked as an intergalactic patrol officer. How else could he have a officer's spaceship? Of course he was behaving himself now! Of course he didn't mind being stuck inside a sticky, sweaty, noisy, hungry, hairy, teenaged human body! Of course not! Certainly not!

How he hated Ben Tennyson.

Chance had provided him the perfect opportunity. All he had to do was wait. He could steal the core of the Omnitrix and use it to return to his natural self. He could finally be free! And then he could rid himself of the teenaged nuisances.

"FINE!" Kevin yelled flippantly as he grabbed the Galvan and threw him over his shoulder. "But I get your Ishiyama Sumo Slammer action figure."

"What?! No!" Ben trailed behind the two, ignoring the indignant look and mad blush that lay on Albedo's cheeks. "I saved my allowance for three months just to get that!"

"Cry to somebody who cares!" Kevin opened the car door and tossed the white haired boy in the back seat.

Ben turned at once to Gwen, giving her a pleading look as if he expected her to intervene. He received a sour disappointment when she walked by him with Julie.

"Just give him the doll, Ben." She muttered and Julie giggled.

"Action figure!" Ben and Kevin protested before getting into the two front seats.

"I apologize that my presence will cause an inconvenience," Albedo lied perfectly as the car roared to life. "I realize you are all quite busy."

"Just don't expect me to cook for you," Kevin grumbled.

"I will do my best to assure that I am not in the way." Albedo lied again before he silently began to study the passengers of the car. The two females were chatting quietly between one another giving off small giggles as the mechamorph in the dark haired girl's arms listened energetically, Ben sat with his arms crossed and a pout clearly on his lips, while the large boy piloted the car. Albedo frowned. The large one was the boy he would have cohabitate with. He seemed tidy enough but Albedo was convinced he was an idiot- just like his friends. No matter, he would have the Omnitrix soon and be well on his way to being rid of them forever.

The plan in the white haired boy's mind was nearly too distracting and Albedo almost overlooked an important landmark. He pressed his hands and face against the window as they passed the Burger Shack and let out a loud scream, "CHILI FRIES!"


"Here," Ben leaned down to hand Albedo a backpack full of his clothes. "I sure hope they fit."

"Of course they will fit," the red eyed boy stared back at Ben, "we have the same body."

"I know," the hero's voice flattened slightly. "That was a joke."

"That was a pointless and humorless joke, Ben Tennyson." Albedo took the bag and Kevin sniggered the driver's seat. "I hope that is not a habit of your people."

Ben raised his eyebrow, "Sorry. I was just trying to be friendly." Albedo stared back with a blank look. "Anyway… I'll stop by tomorrow after school. Until then, Kevin will watch over you." The brunette closed the car door and waved to the two of them before running back into his house.

The raven's amused face sunk. He had things to do, car parts to install, video games to play. He didn't want to spend his time watching over Ben's evil twin- or have his evil twin watch over him.

"What are you looking at?" Kevin asked, not taking his eyes off the road. He could feel the large red eyes boring into him for the past few miles and he didn't like it. The eyes were familiar but very unnerving. With Ben, it was easy to tell what he was thinking.

"Nothing," the smaller boy replied and turned away. Something about the larger boy made him feel anxious. He couldn't quite place it. But, true to his Galvin mind, what confused and bothered him became an area of instant interest. And Kevin was very interesting. Albedo stole another sideways glance at the bulky teen. He looked like a god behind the wheel, powerful, foolhardy, just the kind of creature he used to be… would be… if he had his way.

"This is it," Kevin's voice distracted the boy as they pulled into a well stocked garage. Albedo looked around at the various devices with curiosity as he stepped out from the car. Kevin motioned for him to follow deeper inside the house and he did, noting each and every item along the way as he tried to learn more about the strange, tall brute. "You'll be sleeping on the couch," said brute spoke as he motioned to a large sofa that was angled to face the television. He pointed to a door down a short hallway, "The bathroom is in there if you have to go. And the kitchen is right over there. I don't really have anything, though. I haven't been to the store in about two weeks."

"I have brought my own rations from my ship," Albedo said as he pulled something small from the pocket of the stolen uniform. "But I require heated liquid."

"I ain't cooking for you," Kevin grunted and began to walk back towards the garage. "You're smart, you'll figure it out."

The Galvan stared as the taller boy made his exit out into the garage and wondered why such a discourteous being was so intriguing to him. Those thoughts were quickly cast aside as he heard a growl from his stomach. "Disgusting."


Kevin grumbled from under his car. He'd been there for only a short time but he'd already covered his hands in grease- but he'd also installed the part he wanted. He played around with the idea of rebuilding his engine, just for fun, but decided against it. He was getting hungry and overdue for a hot shower. He rolled out on the creeper dolly and stood to his feet, popping his back as he stretched and walked inside the house. He froze as a very pleasant smell hit his senses and looked around to find Albedo seated at the table with a plate full of something that looked like colored clay.

"Hungry?" Albedo offered when he saw Kevin eyeing the plate. "I am sufficiently nourished." It wasn't that he was particularly generous, Albedo merely thought that putting the brute in a good mood might make things easier for the short time they were forced to cohabitate- and possibly even increase the chances of chili-fries.

Kevin looked over the plate. He wasn't sure what it was but it smelled delicious; and, not being one to turn down an easy meal, he accepted. He figured it best not to study the food too closely, lest he find something in it he didn't actually want to eat, so he grabbed a fork and quickly scooped up his first bite. He let out a small moan of satisfaction. The texture was odd, a bit like thick icing, but the taste was incredible.

Albedo felt his cheeks redden at the sound from the other body. His eyes watched closely as Kevin took another scoop, lifted it to his mouth, and let his lips close around it. Food never looked so appetizing for the Galvan. The raven cleaned the fork with his tongue before taking another bite and Albedo jumped at the sensation of his pants suddenly becoming too tight.

"You alright?" Kevin asked with a mouth full of food.

"Yes," Albedo replied. But he did not feel fine at all. The sensation was nearly painful. It wasn't the first time it had happened but this time seemed different. It normally only happened upon his awakening not while watching someone. He considered asking Kevin about it but decided it was probably a bad idea. Humans seemed to consider that area especially offensive to draw attention to. He'd first noticed it when a group of ugly girls pointed and stared at him while he was relieving himself of a particularly vexing itch. Humans were indeed a strange and backwards group.

He hid the strange swelling under the table as Kevin stood to his feet and placed the empty plate beside the sink. He grunted a 'thank you' before wandering down the short hallway and into the room Albedo recalled was the bathroom. Another wave of heat and pain swept through him, he growled at the sensation and glared at the wall. Perhaps the borrowed DNA had become unstable. Was the wretched human body rejecting him? He sneered at the thought and decided that he should investigate. His own life depended on it.

The white haired teen stood, awkwardly, and walked, very awkwardly, to a small primitive electronic device. He'd heard the humans refer to it as a 'cell' but it hardly resembled one. From what he understood, it was a communication device with access to a large database referred to most often of as 'the internet.' He scanned through the pixilated icons, selecting several before locating the one he desired. Once at an appropriate search engine, he typed the symptoms into the database and quickly began reading.


Kevin turned on the knob on the hot water and sighed as the heat pelted his back. It had been a long day. He'd hoped he get some well deserved rest and relaxation but plumber duties had called. What began as a small investigation lead to a large conspiracy, which lead to a large discovery, which lead to wild goose chase in space, which lead to them begin helped by Albedo, which lead to him babysitting. If it wasn't for Ben, he'd have refused outright- well, he did that... But he would have refused outright and meant it!

His brows furrowed slightly at the thought of the young hero. He had a good heart that was sometimes more trouble than it was worth; after all, no good deed ever went unpunished. Not that he was complaining, mind you, if it weren't for Ben's all too forgiving nature, Kevin would have been sent back to the Null Void in a heartbeat.

An unconscious smile played over the raven's lips. He'd planned on betraying Ben when they'd met at the shipping yard. Gwen had been a convenient cover-up for his true intentions. She still played that part fairly well, even though his intentions had shifted quite dramatically in the short time they'd all been together. He liked being around Ben; mostly just to pick on him, but also because he was fun and sweet and… cute… Not that he wanted a relationship with him… No, no, no… that would just be weird and…

Kevin bit his lip as he stroked himself. He couldn't remember specifically when he became hard but he knew the reason behind it. He leaned into the wall of the shower and pictured the acid green eyes gazing up at him with an innocent expression. His pale fingers rippling through the brown hair as Ben let out a moan and sucked his hard length. It wasn't the first of these fantasies and it was damn sure not to be the last. He'd tried picturing other people in his place but it never really worked, his mind always drifted back to Ben.

He closed his eyes and tried to imagine every little sound the other would make. His hand sped up when he remembered the soft groans the smaller boy made when he was knocked unconscious- something that seemed to happen to the hero more often than any other person Kevin knew of.

A real, audible sound escaped the raven's mouth as his mind carried him further into the fantasy. Ben on all fours giving Kevin a nervous but wanting look; his black tee-shirt was pulled up to expose his slender abdomen and held firmly by his teeth. He flinched slightly as the elder entered, squinting one eye shut to the sensation and making an irresistible muffled sound.

Kevin sped his hand up; it was a bit of a race between him and the water-heater, which he hadn't had time to fix after the last time it malfunctioned. He let out a moan that quickly turned into a yelp as the warmth abruptly ended and was replaced by a seething cold. Life was terribly unfair on occasion.

He grumped and turned off the water. No sense in starting over, the cold shower had been quite enough fun for one evening. He grabbed a towel and vigorously rubbed his hair before wrapping it around his waist. He let out a sigh, grabbing a brush and roughly working out the tangles. Before he could fully finish, he heard a scream from the other room.


"AH! AH! NO!" Albedo threw the device to the ground when finally he realized the cause of his ailment. It was a mating preparation. The human body shook around his core and he balked. What a miserable thing to go through! Especially when it was so unnecessary for him! No treasure in the universe would be enough to mate with any of the disgusting human filth! He had to get the Omnitrix away- and quickly.

Kevin came racing out in nothing but a towel that he held with his right hand as it tried to slip away. "What happened?" He asked, his eyes wide with curiosity.

Albedo looked at the teen and quickly turned away with a mad blush, it was happening again, "Equip your clothing this instant!"

"Wh-What?" Kevin growled. "Why did you scream?"

"Because, you are disrobed! Now, quickly! Put on something suitable!" Albedo grit his teeth. The pressure was becoming unbearable.

"It's my house," Kevin yelled, "I'll do what I want." He threw the towel to the ground and stomped into the kitchen. He gave the refrigerator door a hard pull before leaning down and grabbing a carton of orange juice that he brought to his lips and drank out of. He smacked his lips and hummed in an over-exaggerated display of satisfaction as he closed the carton, threw it in the fridge, slammed the door- causing something inside to dislodge itself noisily- and he then continued to stomp down the hall to his room where he did decide to put something more suitable on.

Albedo gasped and shook from the pain. Quickly pulling the tight pants down and staring at the horrid thing that bothered him so, "I shall cut you off if I have to!" he hissed at the appendage. It was an idle threat. If he damaged the disgusting human shell, he damaged his real body as well. He let out a low and aggravated growl, "I wonder how Ben Tennyson deals with this problem."

He let out a disgusted shudder and very slowly the pressure began to ease up. "Just a bit longer, and I'll have my own body back." He tried to focus on the positives but his superior mind constantly got in the way. The chances of success were even slimmer if he rushed himself. He had to keep his desperation out of the way if he wanted to attain the Omnitrix. He took in a long, calming breath before he pulled up his pants- just in time, too, as Kevin came out of his room, now fully clothed in strange loose garments.

"You should get your pajamas on soon," Kevin said, "I'm sure Ben packed them for you."

"I- I will," Albedo stammered, watching the large body walk into the garage only to walk out moments later with his toothbrush. He gave the raven a befuddled look.

"I spend a lot of time in there," he explained and continued along his way.

Albedo felt a blush crawl over his cheeks. He'd severely damaged his chances for chili-fries but maybe there was a way to fix that, "Wait, Kevin!" The other turned and walked back to Albedo, making the smaller body's heart race just a bit. "I.. I'm deeply sorry if I had offended you. I am simply unaccustomed to your… unique… way of… your… post-bathing... habits… "

Just having the larger body near him was causing a strange thing to happen again. How he hated this body.

"Don't worry about it," Kevin dismissed the other, briefly ruffling his white hair as he turned back to his room.

Albedo blush deepened. He brought his hands to his burning cheeks as if he could soothe them with his touch but nothing helped. The uncomfortable tightening was back in full force. He focused intensely on the matter at hand. He had to get the Omnitrix.

Chapter 2 will come out... I don't know. Eventually. But it will have lemons.