The Night Can Veil Agony

FULL SUMMARY: After Edward left Bella, she was rescued from dismal nothing-ness by a Crescent Moon mark. 99 years later, Bella is the High Priestess of the Tulsa House of Night. She's known to be so confident that nothing could make her stutter-but perhaps her ex love who happens to have been sent by the Volturi to observe the House of Night? And how will he cope when he learns she has a new love?

I meekly walked across the Hallway. My head was down, glued to the marble floor, but I could still feel the judging stares.

I could hear the whispers of dissapproval and lies.

Wasn't it anguishing enough that I had to process that...he didn't want me, but it was even more painful hearing it reflected in their actions.

I forced my head to slowly snap up because I felt one face boring at me that had more impact than the others.

It was then that I saw him.

He was pecuilar-looking, but not in a scary way. In fact, the thing that made him stand out so much was his beauty. It was extrondinary, a one-of-a-kind beauty.

It was like a dagger to my heart to see his fine-looking face, because it was almost as gorgeous as theirs had been.

It was then, during my sad wallowing, that I noticed it on his face.

It was un-mistakably a Sapphire Crescent Mark. He was a Vampyre.

The name hurt me like another dagger, though it wasn't the same one. For centuries people had known of the Vampyres and House of Night. They had such a controversial image to the human society, and many around here considered them, "freaks." This may have been while the Vol...Volturi kept their existence a secret.

His strident, booming voice that was as distinct and commanding as a Puma's growl yelled the next words that changed my life forever. "BELLA SWAN! Night has chosen thee, thy death will be thy birth! Night calls to thee; hearken to her sweet voice! Your destiny awaits you at the House of Night!"

Oh no.

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