The Night Veils Agony.

I strode hand in hand with Blair through the House of Night.

The dusky night was cool with an occasional relaxing breeze of wind, and the moon glowed sagely, like a precious rare jewel that's white light made everything look fairer and more beautiful.

I smiled to myself, rejoicing. The night always was scenic, but tonight it seemed like there was a more eternal, sort of powerful edge to it. Tonight's ambience was a gift sent from Nyx straight.

Blair led me through to the dining hall for lunch. When we arrived, we immediately went for the alienated booth far right in the corner of the grand room—our booth.

"What would you like to have today, my love?" His voice purred sexily and sweetly.

"I'll just have salad with wine, please."

Blair nodded with a smile and turned in the direction to the food.

"Merry meet, Bella." November's melodic and sage voice danced gracefully into my ears. I looked up with a smile to meet our House of Night's Horse Mistress, and one of my closest friends.

"Merry meet, November. What brings you here?" I asked as we gripped forearms—the way us vampyres greeted.

"I'm here with amazing news, my dear friend," She replied, whilst sitting down next to me, her green gem-like eyes flickering with pure love and excitement, making me veryyyy curious to what exactly her news was.

"Speak of it, you know I love good news!" I grinned at November.

"I just got off the phone with the High Council. They want you to represent all Vampyres along with High Priestess Zoey in this century's meeting!"

"Oh My Goddess! You're kidding!" Happiness radiated through my body, joy fill my veins, and my heart beated merrily.

By 'This Century's Meeting' November met the annual meeting held between all kinds of unknown or 'un human' races. Werewolves, Vampires, Vampyres, and Witches. It was an absolute, complete and positive honour to be a part of any of the event, let alone represent your race in it!

November shook her head with such merriment and happiness for me that her platinum blond hair spun wildly around like it was alive. "No! I'm not! Oh, Bella, how great is this?"

I giggled hysterically. "B-b-but…why me?"

November looked at me and her facial features gave away she was puzzled, while her eyes still gleamed with an intense smile. "Why not you? As it is, you're the most loved and respect High Priestess next to Zoey, next in line for the High Priestess of all vamps, and a prophetess…and that's only the start!"

"November is absolutely correct, my love." I turned my head around to see Blair, his hands full with food.

He placed it down on the table, took a seat next to me, and placed his arm on my shoulder lovingly whilst caressing me. His touch left burning marks of white-hot desire.

"You are a chosen one of Nyx's. I could not think of a better person to represent us, my dear."

I beamed slightly at my supportive best friend and loving partner. I don't know what I had ever done to deserve such love. They shared my sorrows with a brave face, and when they shared my joys, I found no hint of jealousy. That was pure, genuine love that not many got. So maybe I was Chosen. But I only knew that because of these people.

"I don't believe this," I whispered, choking on my emotions of disbelief and wonder.

Blair kissed me and November patted my shoulder.

"I'm going to announce it tonight in Nyx's temple after prayer, but I must leave now. Feel free to share the news before I say it anyway, I know you can't keep this news bottled up!" November laughed.

"Indeed. Blessed be, November." Blair replied, his sage smile looking bigger than usual, his milk chocolate irises seeming to swim in pride and glee.

Edward's POV.


"Hello Edward," Aro greeted me civilly, but his eyes and features were mocking, as if he knew an embarrassing secret that had to do with me.

I nodded, nervousness and curiosity planting themselves in my stomach.

My eyes searched the room to find Jane looking at me, almost pityingly. Her child-like face that seemed the one of a holy, good girl was flooded with evil expression, leaving her true colours naked and unveiled.

Anxiety pierced my throat, throttling me. I had no idea why I was so terrified, and this perturbed me further.

"It's seems as though we've found the perfect…well…treatment for your actions," Aro continued.

"Yes, Aro?" I was pleased beyond words my voice stayed tight, leaving my nerves masqueraded.

"This century, we'd like you to represent all vampires at the meeting with the Vampyres, Witches and Wolves, along with Jane and I."

Shock stabbed me. No, they had to be joking! This was the worst punishment possible. Having to sit in a large room filled with other races, acting civil when in reality, you despised them. I meant the werewolves. The others were okay, and they did not have such a grudge against the wolves. The meeting was never such displeasure to them as it was to us. This was because we hated wolves so much, as it is; they only existed to kill us. No one else at that affair had the same issue. It was the hardest thing possible to contain yourself, but you had to. If you didn't you'd be killed as it was law, and if you did, you were sure to be made fun of for restraining yourself. That was why going there, was an embarrassment.

"But…I am not royalty." I contradicted sharply, hoping I didn't speak too fast or to desperately as I felt.

Jane's patronizing laugh, high as bells and cold as ice, radiated through the silent, large room. "But it's no secret you have the quality to be one of us, yet you do not accept it." Her eyes sent shards of her personal offence that she had for my choice, though she did smile as she voiced that sentence, but her smile was too big to be real, and too big to not be smug.

"Jane is perfectly right, Edward. So there you have it. Pack your bags for Venice, son, this century are meeting is at the Vampyre's residence."

Everybody in the room grinned smugly at me, and I felt the urge to ask if they could just kill me now anyway…that way, at least I could be with Bell…..Oh, don't even say it. What's done is done, I did tell myself to expect the worst.

Doom, I'm coming.

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