Doomed Chronicles: The Last Stand For Meekrob.

Summary: Invader Tenn has been captured by the Meekrob and every invader is sent to rescue her, yup it's one of those fics about the untitled season two finale enjoy!

Author Notes: (Sarcastically) Yup, a very original title huh? it actually came to me after watching some movie that was about World War II, kinda fitting if ya think about it.

Well I know there are other versions of this idea but meh, felt like doing this myself, nothing else to say other than this may be kinda sucky, also I really need to stop posting new fics while the other ones have yet to be completed... yes I'm such a terrible writer.

Zim and Skoodge are in the cul-de-sac screaming like headless chickens.

"We're almost there!" Skoodge yelled once he saw Zim's base

"I can see that Skoodge not shut up and keep running!" Zim yelled, obviously not caring for the other Irken's safety.

Once they made it to the house, the door bursts open. Skoodge hurtles inside, followed by Zim, who shuts the door behind them. Something huge thuds against the door, really creepy noises and squeals are heard from the outside. Skoodge lies on the ground and pants heavily. He babbles to himself in Irken. Zim catches his breath as he leans on the door.

"Mission accomplished!" Zim said proudly "Good work, Skoodge! You've proved your worthiness to aide me in my secret mission of DOOM!"

Skoodge's babbling slows down as he begins to drool heavily, if one cared to notice, he actually looked as if he was going to die.

"Now off to the labs!" The invader ordered "I need you to get a head start on the meat eating slug experiment!"

"Where are you going?" The shorter alien asked.

"I must go to SKOOL so I can pump my brains with the semi-sweet fluid of knowledge!"

"Oh, right. See ya, Zim!"

"Not if I have anything to say about it" the defective muttered insanely.

"You said something?"

"Uh… no?"

"Ok then!"

"HA foolish gullible Skoodge!"

Meanwhile on the Massive the Tallest are watching a transmission from Invader Pesto on the planet Chulak. He is covered in small aliens rats (like the one that appeared on Foodcourtia) who bite him repeatedly aparently enjoying the taste of their victim.

Pesto screams in agonizing pain in perfect sync with the biting.

"My Tallest you never said anything about TEEETH!"

"Their constant painful bites means they accept you as their friend, Invader Pesto" Tallest Red deadpanned.

"Now if you'll excuse us, we have another call. Good luck!" The other Tallest said indifferently.

"But, my Tallest, pleeeease-"

The transmission was cut.

"Do you think he knows about their poison sacks?" Purple asked cruelly.

"He'll know soon enough." Red responded "So, who else is calling?"

"Invader Tenn on planet Meekrob." A technician said.

"Put her on" Red said.

"Yes sir"

Soon enough the transmission from Tenn begins. She wears a torn up Meekrob disguise and is in a panic. She is out of breath and pants.

"Invader Tenn what is the meaning of this?!" Red questioned sternly.

I don't think they know I'm here…" Tenn said in a panicky tone "They're close! THEY'll FIND ME!"

"Who's close?" The purple eyed Irken said as he raised an invisible eyebrow "Are those SIRs still following you?"

The transmission flickers in and out of static.

"Oh…. Oh no! It's all over! They're… right outside…" The invader screamed in fear.

The door behind her explodes and two Meekrob flood in. They overwhelm Tenn and drag her away screaming.


One of the Meekrob which shall be named Herr, stares into the communicating device taking up the whole screen.

"Well, well… well... if it isn't the Tallest themselves." Herr said mockingly "So what threat did our spiritual race of Meekrob pose to the Irken Machine?... umm? Did you really need another giant drink dispenser?"

"Hey that's actually a very good idea!" Purple commented obliviously to the other alien's sarcasm.

Herr glared at the stupid Tallest and with a smug tone he continued to speak "Well NOW it's our turn. My race would love to end this peacefully, but that isn't your style now is it?"

The transmission then goes into static. The Tallest stare at the screen for a few minutes, dumbstruck.

"Well… that was… not good." Red finally said. "Not good at all."

"Yes… I agree…"

The Tallest then panic and began raving like lunatics.

"Okay, okay whatawedo, whatawedo?" Purple said while he ate shoved donughts into his mouth.

"I… I… I…"

"My Tallest Has this ever happened before?" One brave technician dared to ask his leaders, that on normal circumstances would have ended up with the poor technician dying in space.

"Uhhh… YES!" Invader Aqua, in her attempt to conquer planet Titania." Red answered, at the moment not caring he was talking to a not so high Irken.

"What happened!?" Purple bellowed with his mouth full... dont ask how I dont really know "FOR THE LOVE OF US TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED?!"

"The Titanians started the war that ended in the downfall of Tallest Hyko."

Both Tallest looked at each other gravely. Red yells to a random communications officer. "You! Form a communication line with all the Invaders! Quickly! We need all the time we've got…"

We then see a few scenes of the Irken Invaders getting an urgent transmission feed from the Massive interrupting whatever they were doing at the time.

"Invaders!" Red said in a commanding booming voice "Your Empire is in need of you now more than ever before!"

"Moments ago, we received a transmission from planet Meekrob." Purple took over the transmission "Invader Tenn has been taken hostage. And let me tell you, I am not happy!"

Red shoved his co-ruler of the screen "That's where you come in. As skilled invaders, you have the… skills necessary to complete the task we're going to give you… right now! Your objective: to rescue Invader Tenn right under the noses of her horrible Meekrob captors!"

"You know, those glowy fellows who won the intergalactic speed race of 876' ". Purple said stupidly.

"You will converge in the Hutt sector and we'll continue our briefing from there. This is an especially sticky subject, which could potentially send the galaxy into an uproar if it leaked out, so your top priority is stealth!" The other tallest ordered.

"That's right! No one must ever hear of this! Especially Invader Zim!"

Invader Skoodge salutes as the transmission is cut. Zim for no reason at all pops up from behind Skoodge.

"Aww, how nice of the Tallest" Zim said happily "Trying to keep me uninformed so that they wouldn't disturb my secret mission."

"Hey, ZIM!" Skoodge said in surprise "I thought you went to skool!"

"Yes, yes, I was just on my way out. BUT NOT ANYMORE!" Zim bellowed the last part as he took off his ingenious disguise.

"But didnt you say that Miss Bitters would give you a year of detention if you missed Skool again?" The fat alien asked worriedly.

"Oh I'm afraid I can't stand back and watch as such an important event goes by. And besides, they need my incredible skills as an invader or Tenn's rescue will surely fail! My infiltration of this planet will have to wait!"

"Oh boy, Zim! All the invaders back together, it'll be just like the Academy!" Skoodge jumped up and down in excitement of seeing his old classmates again.

Zim on the other hand was pissed off "Yes… that stinking Academy!"

"Wooo! We're gonna make friends with light bulb peoples!" Gir popped up from the ceiling having heard about the Irkens going on a mission. "road trip… I'm taking my piggy!"

"No, Gir. You have to stay here and guard the base."

"But master" The little robot's eyes started to go all teary "I wanna come with you and fly into the sun!"

"That isn't half as fun to do as it sounds" The alien told his minion "Trust me on that."


!I said no, GIR!"


GIR grabs Zim's head and squeezes. "Pleasepleasepleaseplease PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP!?"

"Arg, okay, okay! Just stop hugging Zim's superior head...NOW!"

"OH BOY! I'm gonna go pack my pig!" The android jumped from his master's head and ran to get his desired stuff.

"I suppose I could leave MiniMoose in charge of the base" Zim muttered to himself. "Surely he can't cause as much damage as Gir could"

"All right now, to the hanger!" Skoodge strikes a heroic pose.

"hey… I GET TO SAY THAT!" The defective yelled in annoyance.

A few minutes later the house's roof opens, letting light flood into the pitch black hanger. Zim and GIR enter the Voot Cruiser as Skoodge and his SIR enter their ship.

"Now GIR, this mission is VERY IMPORTANT!" Zim said seriously "I need you to be in duty mode for as much as possibly possible!"

Gir's eyes and plate turn red, meaning that indeed the Sir Unit was in duty mode.

The little robot groans as he attempts to stay in duty mode. His head starts spinning and he groans louder. GIR's groans turn into happy cheers as he finally lets go and returns to normal mode.

"I programmed our ships to lock onto Hutt space," Skoodge spoke using the intercom "the controls are locked and ready!"

"Nice try Skoodge, but I already did that!"

"But… that's what I did, Zim."

"No, no. It was meee. You just didn't see me do it." The invader turned to face Gir and he whispered to the insane little android "His heart's in the right place but he's a little out there sometimes, that Skoodge. Well, we're off!"

Gir giggles.

The ships rocket into the sky.

"Meekrob, prepare yourself for ZIM!"

"And Skoodge too!"


Well that's all for now, yup pretty boring chapter but what can I say? boring beginnings are in need sometimes because the cool stuff comes later.

And just to let you all know, all the aliens that have ever appeared on the show WILL make an appearance in this... I dunno how, but I'm sure I can manage... yup.

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