Author Notes: We made it all the way to the end YAY! I finally wrote something that had an ending! WHOO I'M HAPPY!

Now I gotta shoot those damn plot bunnies for one-shots and focus on my ZAGR fic.

Chapter 10:

Asteroids, asteroids and more asteroids were seen in the empty vacuum of space, if you concentrated really hard one could hear a s beeping, not strong enough to catch anyone's attention but enough to be noticeable at least.

Suddenly an Irken probe (like the one in Battle of the Planets) heads towards the direction of the noise.

Another probe appeared.

And another, soon enough these machines were all over the asteroid field, inspecting or rather looking for something in particular.

The head region of one of the probe extends and looks around, taking snapshots with the lenses on its head. Once the photos are taken its computer processes what it had seen and with an internal magnifying glass it sees if there is anything of interest.

Nothing for a few minutes.

Eventually one of the probes notices or rather bumps into a few destroyed pieces of machinery, while other parts were buried deep in these asteroids a few were floating aimlessly.

They soon began to work, their job was clear, get anything that was of use to them.

One of the probes heard the beeping and jumped from one asteroid to the other just to make sure the beeping was real.

Back on Earth, MiniMoose and the computer were watching if these out of dated robots were getting anything.


"I see it too" The computer boomed "Order the probes to hold onto it"

The tiny moose presses a few buttons.

The probe drills into an asteroid and finally something very interesting was fully seen.


Which happened to be the source of the noise.

The Irken probe gets a robotic arm out and carefully grabs the PAK, it snaps a few photos only to know a few seconds later that this thing is still operational.

"Bring it to Earth" the Computer said emotionlessly "No questions asked"

The PAK wouldn't budge, it was stuck, so another arm came out of the robot thing and pulls the device out only to get a disturbing surprise.

Zim's mangled/bloody corpse was still attached to its artificial brain.


"Wow, just when I thought he couldn't get any uglier"


"Oh lighten up, this can be fixed"

The probe detaches the PAK from the dead alien's back without a care and then hurls the corpse towards another asteroid, almost as if it was trash.

A meteor collides with the floating piece of land, evidently pulverizing Zim's body.

"Wow... that was kinda cool" The computer said happily.

After a few more minutes the probe's head gets inside the armour thing and flies away from the deathly asteroid belt, the other probes catch up with the first one.

Despite Dib finally succeeding in saving the Earth from the Irken Empire, he took the mistake of underestimated his rival.

Zim may not be the brightest light bulb of his species but he sometimes had his rare moments of intelligence and actually had a backup plan in case of failure.

The roof of the base opens up and the probes enter one by one, making their way to the underground lab.


"No need to shout" The computer snapped "I can hear you perfectly!"


The probes released everything they found on the floor, SIR Unit parts, the PAK and what could be identified as petrified poop, don't ask how that was found in space, I don't know.

A tentacle appeared from the ceiling and attached itself to the PAK.

"Umm, still usable"

The tentacle lifts the device, gets it within a floating table, some arms pop up from the floor as well as some tools.


"Fix it?" The computer parroted "Hardly, what I'm gonna do is simply upgrade a few things, this PAK cannot be fixed, it has too many errors and you know it"


"Shut up and let me work!"

After a few hours the PAK could have been mistaken for a new model, it was spotless, not an ounce of would could be seen and it had now black spots instead of pink ones.

"Part one complete"

A door slides open and an ominous looking giant tube comes out.

If the computer had a head it would have a migraine "Part two will begin now... may god have mercy on us all"

A robotic arm with a claw-like hand grips onto the tube and twists it; Once its free then another robotic arm grabs the other end of the tube for support. The arms crack the tube in half so that all the green liquid falls to the ground... along with a body which lays unconscious.

Another robotic arm approaches the body from behind and then pokes 2 smoking holes in his back and inserts a standard the issue Irken backpack where the holes were made. Another robotic arm zaps electricity into the body and jolts awake.


"Welcome back master we missed you... well not really, but still... its a pain to have you back"

The Irken groggily gets up, and while doing so he inspecting his hands as if using them for the first time which technically that wasn't far from the truth.

Zim was back.

"It actually worked" The defective muttered in astonishment.

A cruel smirk made its way to the alien's face "IT ACTUALLY WORKED!"

The invader makes a heroic pose "NO ONE CAN KILL ME FOR I AM ZIM AND ZIM CAN'T DIE!"

He cackles evilly.

"I KNEW cloning myself was a good idea!"

"In my opinion it's a crime against all that is rational and pure" The computer muttered.

"Now, to finish what I started!" Zim bellowed "I shall win this was alone, and no one will stand in my way not even the Dib-worm oh the Dib worm he shall pay!"

"Was he the reason you died?"

"I did not die... I was simply asleep!"

"Asleep?" The computer repeated "In an asteroid?"


"Without a helmet?"


"With no heartbeat?"

"Yes! Zim is amazing!"

"Ugh, I should have done nothing but nooooooooooo MiniMoose wanted you around... where is he anyways?"

MiniMoose gets inside an elevator and away from everyone.

"Oh no, come back here you little traitor!"

"Enough of this!" Zim snarled "Computer where is Gir?!"

"Unlike you he is in a better place"


The computer collaborated by showing the short extraterrestrial the remains of his once loyal robot.

Zim's hands bturned into fists "No one hurt my minions no matter how insane they may be. HEAR MY WORDS DIB-BEAST YOU... WILL... PAY!"

"There is a 50/50 chance of repairing Gir, Master"

"Then let the repairs begin!" He commanded sharply "And call the Tallest, I plan to inform them of my well being and let them know that this war is not lost"

"I can't do that"

"Eh... why not?"

"Well... to put it mildly because the Irkens are on the run"


"Yup, received news that Operation Impending Doom II failed horribly and now everyone is preparing to protect Irk from possible invaders... kinda karma-tic if you think about it"

Zim's eyes began to twitch "My Empire needs me!"

"Actually if history has taught us anything is that no, they don't need you."


"Where is that self destruct button?" The computer muttered in annoyance "please let there be a self destruct button"



"What you mean by how?" Zim asked irritated "On the voot cruiser of course!"

"But the cruiser in on Meekrob"

"No it's not!"

"Uh yes it is"

"So your telling me that I'm stranded on this dirt ball with no way out!"

"Um yeah pretty much so"


"Hey look at the bright side"

"WHAT bright side?!"

"I dunno if every other Irken dies you'll be the Tallest"

Oddly enough that cheer him up "Hey that's true but I need others to oder around if Im gonna be Tallest so I need to save my world, computer I don't care how but i NEED TO GO BACK TO IRK!"

The computer pukes all over Zim"

"Sorry I been sick"

The Irken snarls "I need a way home now!"

A cannon pops out of nowhere, some tentacles grab Zim roughly, shove him in and fires in the direction of Irk.


"Maybe this time he'll stay dead." The computer muttered "I can only hope."

Roll credits.


Richard Steven Horvitz...Zim/Santa Monster.

Rosearik Rikki Simons... Gir/Invader Tim.

Andy Berman... Dib/Invader Larb/Invader Koot.

Melissa Fahn... Gaz

Rodger Bumpass... Prof. Membrane/Spleenk.

Lucille Bliss... Ms. Bitters.

Olivia D'Abo... Tak's Ship.

Wally Wingert... Red/Prisoner 777/Skikkiks/Blob guy/Resisty computer.

Greg Ellis... Herr/Fry/Meekrob Ruler.

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Jennette McCurdy... Invader Zee/Razz.

Kevin Hamilton McDonald...Purple.

Adam West... Invader Flobee.

Billy West... Invader Kim.

Jhonen Vasquez... Himself/MiniMoose/Computer/Invader Sneakyonfoota.

Eric Trueheart... Eric the Blob/ Pornographic consuming alien.

Fred Tatasciore... Lard Nar/Invader Slacks/Irken officers.

Dan Castellaneta... Yogurt/Invader Pesto/Irken with stroke/Croix/Skip.

Sherman Howard... Aag-Nak

Phil Lamarr... Bub Woobies/The Letter M

R. Lee Ermey... Sergeant Hobo 678.

Ted Raimi... Skoodge.

Kerry Kenney... Invader Tenn.

Danielle Koenig... Crystal.

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Brian George...Blue.

Paul Greenberg... Shloonktapooxis/Gashloog.

Kevin Michael Richardson...Smikka Smikka Smoodoo/Throbulator.

Jim Parsons...Invader Spleen/Large headed alien.

Jeffrey Jones... Ralr Kove.

Candi Milo... Invader Yoogli/Invader Yuli.

Grey Delishe... Invader Poot/screams.

Jon Cryer... Invader Grapa/Tres.

Rob Paulsen….Surla/Invader Gootch/Irken Officers.

Seth MacFarlane... Invader Skoo/Armless spider/Alien Robot.

Heh, I just felt like adding the voice cast, it's not however the entire list, mostly because I would probably drive myself nuts looking back and forth on all the characters that appeared on the story for the sake of making this seem like an actual episode rather than a fanfic.

Also many of you asked if the Invaders survived in the previous chapter, I actually thought it would be rather ironic if Skoodge of all people led his fellow invaders to their doom but then I thought "Nah, he's too nice and gullible for that" so I thought that an accident would be more fitting.

Well this is the end of the story and to tell you the truth at the moment I got no plans of writing the "Invader Dib" plot, I got other priorities in mind, mostly work and other unfinished fics that are in need of my attention but if there is someone out there who wants to write the "Invader Dib" idea and use this fic for reference then just let me know.

By the way, the idea behind Zim cloning himself actually came to me while reading "The Green Mile" Amazing how the mind work, no?

Also I KNOW I promised that every alien that appeared on the show WOULD come up in the story but hot damn! I just couldnt think of a way for Tak, Squishy, Khaaaaaaaak, the Marzoid head and others to appear, a story can only have so many characters, LOL.

Finally, I am aware that the PAK can only work for 10 minutes away from an Irken body but seeing as how the show works, certain things can be overlooked, no?

Well ta ta for now.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.