Secrets revealed

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Brisana felt the darkness in Orchimaru and couldn't help but shrink away. Orchimaru laughed at seeing the Guardian of Darkness move away.

"What's the matter little elf, don't like the dark?" he asked. Will and Irma looked into Brisana's eyes and saw the fear; they stood in-front of her and glared at the snake-Shinobi.

"Leave us alone, you snake looking freak!" Irma growled. "Before I show you just how powerful water can be."

Behind the girls the guys woke up and got a start when they saw the girls standing in-front of them and Brisana in the back. Her body ridged, with something. Sasuke glared at the Shinobi in-front of them. 'If he so much as puts one hand on Will, I will rip him apart!' he growled not even thinking why he thought that.

"You see I don't think you could break out of this no matter how hard you try, as you can see you don't have the heart," Orchimaru pointed out. Will glanced down and called for the heart, holding her palm out but nothing happened. Orchimaru laughed and shook he's head. "Now you little guardians are about as powerful as a baby bird."

'Bri do something!' Cornelia hissed through the connection. 'We need to get out of here and get the heart before Nerissa takes it's power.'

'I'm trying but I can't do anything…guys I'm scared!' Brisana's mind was covered with fear something that none of the girls were use to.

'Brisana are you okay?' Will asked.

'I don't know…guy's help me,'Brisana fell to the ground. Which made Orchimaru laugh.

"What are you doing to her?" Hay Lin growled. "Stop it!" Irma was on the ground next to her best friend staring wide eyed as the nearly fearless female shook from something, her eyes where closed, as if trying to get something to go away.

"Taranee what's happening?" Irma asked the fire guardian.

"I don't know I'm blocked out," Taranee explained.

"Bri?" Kiba asked in a gentle voice and he came up next to her. He wrapped he's arms around her; she stopped shriving and leant into him. He's body heat and soothing voice seemed to calm her down, but she still didn't stop looking afraid and Taranee still couldn't get into her mind

The boys were watching this with worry and interest. Even they knew that Brisana was hardly scared of anything, though they only knew her for a short time. Sasuke walked next to Will and glared at Orchimaru.

"What's happening to her?" Sasuke growled. "And no jokes Orchimaru." Orchimaru raised an eyebrow and laughed.

"Oh, Sasuke you haven't changed a bit," Orchimaru laughed with glee. "Still the same Shinobi that joined me." And with that Orchimaru walked away leaving the girls staring wide eyed at Sasuke, Brisana seemed to have calmed down a bit. "Oh, and I'm not doing anything to the elf…and she knows what is happening."

Will turned to Sasuke, eyes blazing. Sasuke was looking to the side, with a guilty look.

"What did he mean by you 'joined him'?" Will asked eyes piecing Sasuke's. "Does he mean that you left them and fought against them?" Sasuke didn't answer but went to the back of their cell and leant against the wall.

Will stormed forward but was stopped by Naruto. Will turned her look onto him.

"He doesn't like to talk about it…but maybe he will when he wants to, he will talk to you about it though, you mean a lot to him," Naruto explained. Will took one last look at Sasuke and sighed. She turned around and knelt beside Brisana who was now looking better.

"Bri, are you okay?" she asked. Brisana looked up and her eyes showed none of the fear she was feeling. "What happened? He said you knew." Brisana turned her eyes away and shook her head.

"Bri, what haven't you told us?" Hay Lin asked. "You can trust us…you don't have to you know say It." she nodded her head towards Taranee but Brisana shook her head.

"Look, this is just troublesome," Shikamaru muttered. "Either tell us or don't it's your choice but could we please make a plan to escape?"

"We can't," Brisana's soft voice replied. Everyone's eyes turned to her and she looked up, she seemed really different.

"What do you mean?" Lee asked. "These bars look pretty easy to break."

"No don't!" Brisana got a bit of her old voice back and that made Lee stop.

"Brisana what are you talking about?" Neji asked. "Why can't we escape?"

"Elven," she answered and her friends got it right away.

"Elven?" Kiba asked looking at Brisana. "Orchimaru said you were an Elf, can't you get rid of whatever it is?"

"No," she replied. "It's from an elf older then me and I…let's just say I was never as good at Elven magic as my brother."

"Brother?" Will exclaimed. "You have a brother…was he doing something to you?"

"Yes, I feel other peoples emotions and he can control them…powerfully," Brisana replied.

"Well, can't you and Jasmine you know, do that thing you did before?" Cornelia asked.

"Once again no," Brisana replied standing up. Whatever her brother had done to her it seemed to have gone away. "Whatever he did to me stopped me and I can't even talk to her."

"Right, we will just wait," Naruto said making everyone raise an eyebrow.

"Wait for what?" Sasuke asked speaking for the first time.

"Wait for Brisana to…whatever they were talking about," Naruto replied shrugging making Hay Lin laugh, soon all the girls were laughing. Kiba started chuckling along with Lee and Naruto. Neji, Sasuke and Shikamaru all raised an eyebrow before laughing as well.

"Thanks for making us laugh, Naruto," Hay Lin hugging him.

"No, problem Hay Lin."

Sasuke bit he's lip and looked at the girls, then into Will's eyes that still held the same look.

"Look, what he meant by 'me joining him' was that a while ago I left the Leaf village…well, I became a traitor, and I started fighting against the Leaf village," Sasuke muttered.

The girls looked up in surprise. Will walked up to him and tilted her head.

"Why?" she asked.

"So I could kill my brother," Brisana looked at Sasuke and smiled slightly.

"I know what you mean," she replied. This made everyone in the room look at her in surprise.

"What?" Irma exclaimed.

"No, let Sasuke finish, why did you want to kill your brother?" Will asked Brisana smirked at Sasuke and encouraged him on.

"He killed my family and, well, I thought he did it because he was a killer but I later found out that he didn't…I don't really want to get into that know…maybe later," Sasuke muttered. "I wanted to get strong enough to kill him, he told me to get strong enough so I could kill him…and I didn't think I had the right teacher to help me get strong enough to kill him…so I went to Orchimaru who said that I could get the power I want but Naruto got some sense through me and well, I came back."

Will glanced at Sasuke in a new light. He seemed different now that he had told them that, he seemed lighter some how. Neji thought of something, completely off topic but said it anyway.

"Why didn't you tell us that you were the guardians?" he asked Cornelia turned her famous glare onto Neji and huffed.

"Why didn't you tell us that you were from another planet?" she retorted. Neji was about to say something when Brisana, who had gotten up to investigate the bars while Sasuke was talking, hissed or whimpered and backed away from the bars. She hid behind Kiba as another elf appeared in-front of them.

He had light grey hair and piecing green eyes. Everyone thought he was old but he's face showed them that he was only about twenty-three or somewhere around that. He smirked when he saw Brisana hiding behind Kiba, who had wrapped he's arms around her…well, the best he could while he glared at the male.

"I never pictured you my little Brisana to hide behind a male," the elf laughed. "For everyone else my name is Azoret Hastia, Brisana's older brother."

Brisana glared at her brother and felt something within her when her brother looked into her eyes. There was a glint in his eyes that reminded her to much of what it was like when they were little.

'Jasmine, I need you please, help me,'Brisana pleaded in her head.

"I'm not here to fight just yet my little Sis, I'm here to relay some news," he tutted seeing the look in he's sisters eyes. "Naruto, seeing as you haven't told these girls your secret and they know Sasuke's I think it only fair that they know, girls, Naruto here-"

"Don't!" Naruto growled dangerously at him.

"Sorry but your not in the position to give me orders, he has the Nine Tailed Fox in him, which is dangerous and evil…I like," Azoret told them and chuckling to himself he left the girls to stare at Naruto.

"Naruto…what's so bad about the Nine Tailed Fox?" Hay Lin asked not showing any fear in her voice.

"It well, it's a demon that nearly destroyed the Leaf Village, and it was sealed within me," Naruto muttered. He looked into Hay Lin's eyes and didn't nearly as much fear in her eyes as he thought he would.

The boys looked at all the girls who didn't seem that scared or creped out.

"Would that be like how Brisana has Jasmine in her?" Irma asked.

"You're not scared?" Neji asked looking at Cornelia who shook her head.

"Please, we've dealt with a lot of creepy things not to mention whenever Jasmine came out with Brisana over there, she always tried to kill us," Cornelia muttered. "Well, before she connected with Brisana…you really need to explain that."

"But that's not saying that we're not scared BUT because it's you Naruto that has the demon in you…we're not scared much because we know you would never make it come out," Hay Lin explained.

"Question, what's this about Brisana and Jasmine?" Shikamaru asked. "Off topic I know but…"

"Yeah, Shika, never known you to get off topic," Lee laughed. "Irma you've changed him."

"Well, you guys really wanna know?" Brisana asked.

"Yes," Sasuke growled. "Just talk."

"Fine, just trying to drag out the suspense," Brisana muttered. "Okay well, every Elf has two sides, a good side and a bad side, most elves like their darker side more but I chose to have my good side as my main side, now Jasmine always use to come out if I got to mad or angry, but it turns out she wasn't all that evil either, she was just waiting for me to admit that I was an elf so she could become good."

"Okay weird," Will muttered.

"Let her finish," Taranee muttered hitting her friend lightly.

"She told me that no other elf has ever been able to have their good side as their main one before but I always just thought that we got to chose, anyway, no other elf has ever been able to talk to their other side either, so I was different and special, when we connect we become the Elven Princess of Legend," Brisana finished.

"Wow, what's the Elven Princess of Legend?" Kiba asked.

"I think it's…I read that she was able to help all elves with their bad side and make them not so evil…I also read that she could chose who was to be the main personality but they wouldn't kill anyone if they were the bad side…sort of like good cop, bad cop," Brisana explained. "But I'm actually not sure whoshe is or if I'm related to the last Princess of Legend."

"That is totally cool!" Naruto exclaimed. "So can you connect and get us out?"

"Sorry but she said we can only connect when I really need her help, sorry guys," Brisana told them.

"That's okay; we can find another way out of here and getting the heart,"

"Sorry but that will not be happening either," a voice that made all the guardians stand up and glare announced.

"Nerissa!" Will growled. "What do you want?"

"Simple, I want all the hearts again, which I have nearly got, and I want the Elven heart and I want revenge not to mention that I want Shinobi,"

"Well, to bad, you're not getting any," Hay Lin snarled. "And we will get out of here and kick your sorry old butt again."

"Yeah!" Cornelia agreed. "Just you wait."

"Azoret, I think we should show them," Nerissa said.

"I agree," Azoret said. "Now, Orchimaru didn't say that he wanted all of the Shinobi brats…so little sister you get to chose which one shall die."

Brisana glared at her brother and shook her head. The other guardians all stared wide eyed and stood in-front of the Shinobi, who were all glaring at the male elf, they were getting ready to do their hand signs for their Jutsu when Will shot them a look.

"It will not work with an elf or with the elven magic around us," she mouthed. They nodded but took a step closer to the Guardians who put their hands out to stop them.

They were planning on protecting the Shinobi and not the other way around.

"No, I will not play your game," she snarled. "And touch any of them, you will pay." Darkness surrounded her hands.

"Now, now, no need to get angry little sister, you know what happens,"

'He doesn't know about us connecting, this could be very good for us,' Jasmine whispered in Brisana head.

'I know, I know, don't let on,' Brisana smirked in her head.

"Whatever," Brisana muttered.

"But she's right, touch any of them and you will feel the wrath of the Guardians," Taranee snarled. "Right Will?"


"Fine, no-one will chose, right then I guess I shall chose…hmm…now, I can't kill Sasuke or Naruto, Orchimaru wants them…and Neji so that leaves Shikamaru, Kiba and Lee…hm….which one…which one…I know I will chose…