Giving in to Vulnerability

Sasuke opened his eyes slowly letting them adjusts to the light above him; he was in a fairly dark room once his eyes were used to the old swinging lamp above him. He lay there for a few more seconds before trying to move, it was only then that he found that he couldn't. Shock rushed through his body as he tried to feel for his arms and legs, shaking he tried to move about the best he could. It was no good; his limbs just lay there motionless. The pain began only a second later; blood-curtailing pain ran through his veins seeking every last part of his body attacking all of his senses. Images ran through his mind he remembered using the sharingan, the pain finally reached his eye and he swung his arm straight up to his eyes to keep them shut. His head felt like it would explode, a slight moan drifted from his lips before a scream made its way out of his mouth.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH" Footsteps came from outside of the room, fast running light footsteps rushing towards him. The door opened with a bang as a woman entered, she hurried towards the bed that Sasuke lay on. A small delicate hand reached for his moving them back to his sides while another gently placed a cool towel over his closed eyes. His shaking stopped as his breathing slowed; he let the towel cool his eyes numbing the pain slightly. He could hear her breathing softly next to the bed watching him as he calm down. She adjusted the sheets around him, careful not to touch him too much, but longed to hold him close to her. She placed her hand next to his yearning to hold it, to comfort him, to keep him safe.

Sasuke drifted in and out of consciousness over the next couple of hours always waking up in a hot sweat panicking as the pain ran through his body at a unbelievably speed. The delicate hands from before moved quickly replacing the towel with a new cool one letting some of the water drip into his dry mouth. She waited there, waited for the moments of consciousness that she had with him, waited until she could help him. He was always so strong and kept himself hidden from others, but right here right now he was vulnerable and needed her help.

When he woke again the pain was worse, he violently shock as the towel was replaced, but it didn't help. His breathing increased and his heart beat hard and fast in his chest.

"No…" was the only word that left her lips as she reached for him trying to restrain his shaking. He looked so weak, she held his hand and kissed it, not knowing what else to do. She fell back to the floor crying softly to cold cold hand. Until she felt a slight squeeze, her eyes flashed open and met his deep red eyes full of pain and suffering. His lips slightly parted and in-between breaths he whispered

"Karin…help me…please" she moved her arm to his mouth as he bit into her and let her blood heal him. He stared up at her with big eyes that slowly went back to his natural dark colour. His breathing slowed once again and his body lay still. She watched him, as he regained his composure, letting his eyes close for a while, breathing deeply before squeezing her hand once more pulling her close to him. Her small delicate hand cupped his face wiping the sweat from his cheek. They looked deep into each other's eyes; his lips parted again as he tried to speak but no words came out. He used his last amount of energy to reach his head up and placed his lips onto her soft ones giving her a deep kiss before lying his head back down and finally letting his eyelids drop as he succumbed to sleep. She was in shock as she watched his eyes close and his breathing slow to a soft whisper. Finally she moved away leaving a light kiss on his forehead and went back to her permission on the floor but this time with his in cased in hers as they both slept.