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For Today

By Slavedriver2008

DARKNESS filled the room but Yui could make out the linings of the table from where she lied. Light from the lamp post outside entered the room slightly through the edges of the thin curtains but it was not enough. She fingered the skilled hand on her stomach and the man behind her moaned contentedly, wrapping strong arms tighter around her waist. Warm stable breathing brushed through her hair, warming her despite the coolness of the night. Her head prickled slightly from the liquor she drank earlier but she was, in fact, very sober. The liquor had not affected her but she was dazed from the wonderful experience she had with the man beside her.

He was amazing, to the say the least.

A smile spread on her face when she remembered the wonderful sensation of his hands on her skin, the movements of his mouth, and the strong demanding passion he exuded as they moved together. She felt, even after the pleasure subsided, the fire created by their intertwined bodies. It was wonderful, more wonderful than what she had in the past. Tetsuya entered her thoughts and it brought Yui back to her senses. Guilt crept through her and she slowly lifted the man's arm and sat on the side of the bed. When had casual one-night stands become wonderful for her? When did she even want it? She stood up and looked for the pieces of her discarded clothes around the room. His room.

Yui hurriedly wore the underwear and the dress, not once turning to check on the man on the bed. He had shifted and was now watching her dress but she didn't notice, her mind was floating. She looked for her footwear but was unable to successfully find it in the dark. Strong arms wrapped around her waist and when she turned, he planted a soft lingering kiss on her mouth. Warmth filled her and she knew that if he continued, she would have to give in again. He was such a seducer.

"Leaving so soon?" he asked, voice rough from sleep.

"I need to go. Thanks for the night," she whispered and he smirked, brown hazel eyes looking at her intently, their faces inches away.

"Can I call you?" he asked very softly.

"We agreed on this. No names, no numbers. Just this." He leaned closer, bare with only the sheets to cover the lower part of his well-chiseled body. He laughed slightly and Yui's heart palpitated wildly on her chest.

"At least give me your name. Something to remember you by…" he eskimoed his nose on hers and electricity coursed through her body. This was what she hated about him—he made her feel like a virgin, like what they were sharing was not purely sex but something more. But what more can they share beside this? Love was out of the question; it was pure hormones, pure need.

She smiled, looking intently into his warm eyes. A name wouldn't hurt. He deserved it after such a wonderful night. Just a name. "Yui…"

"Yui…" he said her name slowly. "Beautiful…like you…" her face flushed and she thanked the darkness or he would have noticed and teased her about her virginity. "Sai…my name is Sai…"

"Sai…" she whispered. It was a fitting name for him. He was strong and beautiful and acted like royalty.

"Yui… Stay…" he whispered and Yui's eyes widened. He lined her jaw with his mouth and bit the lobe of her ear. "Please stay…" His hands traveled up the hem of her dress and lined the garter of her underwear. "Please…" he pleaded, making Yui let out a heavy inhale in response.

"Sai…" she whispered, her voice heavy. Her fingers brushed through his long brown hair and he leaned closer. It was all he needed to take off the dress and push her back to the bed. The hesitation she felt disappeared in the pool of ecstasy that filled her as he moved, nipping, bitting, kissing the most sensitive parts of her body. His hands traveled through every curve, every valley, every hidden part, and she moaned and arched and pulled him closer.

When he entered her, spots of white blurred her vision. And as he thrust into her, she felt it, the numerous sensations she only felt with him and not with Tetsuya or with the other men she slept with in the last three months.





He completed her.

SAIHITEI opened the refrigerator and frowned when he realized almost his supplies were gone. He remembered going to the grocery a few weeks ago but he never ate much at home so he assumed it would be full when he needed it. He closed the door and noticed a little post-it with words done in neat handwriting.


I threw some of the things inside, most already went beyond the expiry date and some are about to rot. You should learn how to cook so you don't end up wasting food.



Without hesitation, Sai crumpled the post-it and threw it in the trash bin. He should tell Houki to stop going in and out of his pad, especially since they were no longer together. He should advice her to stop meddling on his affairs. He cannot imagine what would have happened if she suddenly walked in on them last night. It would have unsettled Yui.


A smile spread through his face as he remembered what they had last night. It was wonderful and unforgettable. And if she was not rushing to leave so early, he would have asked her out. If things went smoothly, they could date and live together. He had come to realize over the year when he had been living alone that he needed company. And imagining the blonde woman walking around the house wearing nothing but his shirt seemed a very pleasing sight.

There was something familiar about her but he could point out what. He doesn't remember meeting in the past either. If they met before, he was confident that they would feel the same attraction that washed over them after he saw her drinking alone in the liquor bar of his hotel. If they had met, Houki would not have happened and the mistake would have been prevented. He sighed and walked toward his room, looking for something to wear.

He had no choice but to go out and get breakfast somewhere, though he wished he would find her and they could talk. It was different when you sleep with women at night and a lot different when you talk to them in the morning. One-night stands were usually nothing but sex. But then, Yui seemed to have more sense in her than most of the women he had slept with.

Besides, the attraction between them was undeniable. He remembered her reaction when he called her last night and asked her to stay. He smirked, he should have asked her to stay longer. She would have said yes, knowing the effect they have on each other. Saihitei realized he should spend more time in The Bar in case she dropped by for another night. It wouldn't hurt to see her again. The phone rang and Saihitei reached for it, slightly annoyed that his morning wanderings have been interrupted.


"Hotohori! It's me Miaka!" Saihitei couldn't help but smile when he heard Miaka's voice over the phone. Hotohori. It was his warrior name when he was an Emperor in a country called Konan. He remembered it vividly but there were parts that seemed vague.

"Ohayo gozaimasu, Miaka. What made you call at this time?" He pulled out a white shirt and wore it. He was doing the buttons when Miaka spoke again.

"I called to remind you about the baby shower later tonight. Don't forget to come, Hotohori. Taka's expecting you," she said excitedly. Even with age, Miaka had not lost her spunk. It was still there even with a second baby on the way. Saihitei was briefly envious of the two. If Miaka had chosen him, she would have been carrying his baby and he wouldn't have to worry about breakfast.

But then, if they had ended up together, he wouldn't have such a wonderful night with Yui. He smiled and shook his head. He was thinking too much of a woman he only slept with in one night.

"Who else is coming?" he asked, walking toward the side of the bed to look for the belt she threw away somewhere last night. It was not the only belt he had but it's the one he wanted to use because it was easy to take off. In case they cross paths again

"Everyone's coming," Miaka said gleefully. Everyone meant all the former Suzaku warriors and probably all those who were involved in the book. Saihitei briefly remembered Miaka's bestfriend, the Seiryuu no miko. What was her name? He couldn't remember it well but she was the least person he wanted to see. "My family will be there too, and some friends from junior high."

Saihitei stepped on something and leaned down to pick it up. His eyes widened when he saw a ring lying on the floor. He remembered pulling it off her finger with his mouth last night. How he loved her reaction when he did so, it was bordering on desire and hesitation. Desire won, of course. He was always good in bringing out women's carnal instincts in bed.

"I will be there then. What gift do you want?" he asked. He had the least idea what to give women during baby showers so he wanted to make sure he bought the right one. It would be humiliating to get the wrong gift.

"Oh, anything will do. Don't be late, okay. I want you to meet someone." Saihitei frowned. Here she goes again, match-making him with some of her friends.


"You will like her, I swear you will. She's nice and beautiful and she's really close to me. And guess what, I think she's the type of girl you'd go for. She acts very Empress-like, mature, and smart too. You won't have a dull moment with her!" Miaka squealed on the other end and Saihitei shook his head.

"I will see you later then," he said.

Miaka said goodbye and he placed the phone back on the cradle. He looked at the ring and smiled. He knew what to do now: he will give his secretary a call and ask her to hire an investigator to find her. It wouldn't be too hard. She was probably in her mid-20s and a working professional. Long blond hair, deep blue eyes, soft pair of hands, a beautiful unique name. Surely, there weren't much "Yui" with the same features in Tokyo.

YUI sighed and pulled out a pink chiffon shirt from her closet. She had been deliberating what to wear for more than an hour now. Sai's face kept on appearing in her thoughts and what they shared last night. She sighed again. She will not get anything done while thinking of him. She put the shirt on and wore black leggings. She wore black gladiator sandals and tied her hair in a messy ponytail. She was not in the mood to look dainty and girly today. She carried the box of gift she wrapped earlier and put it in her car with her purse.

In less than 10 minutes, she was driving toward Miaka and Taka's house in the suburbs of Tokyo. She was turning to the right when he noticed her ring was missing. It was the engagement ring Tetsuya gave him six months ago and she planned to return it after the break-up. But she always forgets to wear it. She was supposed to give it back yesterday but she was unfortunate enough to catch him with his new girlfriend. What a shame, everything was going perfect for them. Why did they have to break-up? They were supposed to get married…

She parked the car in front of the Sukunami residence and was praying Tetsuya was not invited. She could not stomach seeing him after what she saw last night. She gave him everything but in the end it was not enough, wasn't it? She was not enough for him.

But at least she was able to forget about him briefly last night. Gosh, Sai was probably the most skilled man she had ever slept with. Tetsuya never entered her mind while they were doing it. There were instances in the past three months where she ended up calling Tetsuya's name in the throes of passion, which was of course quite offending to the guy she was sleeping with. But with Sai, everything bordered on the two of them. For the first time since she and Tetsuya broke up, Yui was able to sleep with someone who filled her thoughts even after the morning after.

There were instances last night when she felt they were not just having sex but they were making love. And it was the most wonderful feeling. At that time, she knew that if he asked her to stay longer, she really would. To hell with her hospital duties. To hell with Tetsuya and his memories. For the first time after three months of aimlessly going out, she realized there was indeed life beyond Tetsuya and there was someone who can help her move on. But then, she was expecting too much. There was attraction between them, yes, but it doesn't mean he could love her the way she wanted to be loved. For all she knew, he could only be thinking of sex. But still, she should have stayed longer to find out.

The door opened and Miaka embraced her, she briefly felt the bulk of her stomach and she wondered when she'll get married and be pregnant like her bestfriend. She was always so envious of her. Miaka pulled her inside the house. "You're late, Yui. I can't believe you're late."

"Hospital duties, you know how it is." Miaka rolled her eyes.

"Liar. You've kept him waiting for so long." Miaka pulled her and they entered a room. Some of their junior high school classmates greeted her and she greeted back. Yui was quite surprised majority of them were pregnant too. Now it occurred to her how she was the only girl left single in their batch. Great, now Miaka has more reason to match-make her with whoever she likes.

"I don't want to meet him. Miaka, I'm not—" A familiar face greeted her and she gasped when he recognized him. Sai. Sai was standing in front of her. He was looking through her face and recognition flashed briefly on his hazel eyes.

"Yui, this is Saihitei, my former warrior Hotohori. Saihitei, this is my best friend Yui, the former Seiryuu no miko," Miaka said, giggling. "Enjoy each other's company." Miaka walked away and the two of them were left alone, standing, staring at each other as everyone moved around them.

The image of them on his bed appeared in her thoughts. Her legs around his waist, him thrusting inside her, their mouths kissing as if stealing each others' souls, the pleasure of their bodies moving, reaching the peak.

She had sex with a Suzaku sei.

Oh. My. God.

"Oh my god indeed," Saihitei said, smirking. She covered her mouth, unaware she just said the last line of thoughts out. She breathed out and turned away, walking toward the refreshments table. She poured herself a glass of vodka and drank it. She was suddenly very thirsty. "You shouldn't drink too much. You might end up in my bed again."

Yui turned to him, with raised eyebrow. "Go away."

"I believe Miaka arranged us to meet and get to know each other tonight." Yui flushed. There was no way she'd talk to him. It was humiliating having slept with him and then finding out he was a Suzaku warrior. That one fact ruined her previous daydreams of him. She should have followed her instincts and stayed at the hospital. "She would definitely ask me about our little meeting later on and if I don't have anything to say, I might talk about our prior meeting last night."

Yui turned abruptly, eyeing him sharply. "You wouldn't."

"Why not? You know our friend can be a little overeager sometimes." Saihitei smiled schemingly. She looked down, drowning her senses in the scent of the liquor. "Miaka would be very interested about how you're enjoying playing the field..."

"Last night was a mistake," Yui said, her voice tight.

"Was it?" he asked and Yui poured another serving of vodka and drank the contents on her glass. "You enjoyed it. We both did."

"Fine. It was an enjoyable pleasurable wonderful mistake. But it's a mistake nonetheless." Saihitei looked at her intently and she sighed. "You don't want to be associated with me. I'm…you know who I am."

Yui turned around and went toward the couple, trying hard to not be left alone with him. She can't, for the life of her, stay with him and not remember what happened last night. It was too good to be forgotten. She shook her head to dispel the effect of the liquor. Miaka laughed at her reaction.

"How's it going?" Miaka asked. "You two look perfect together. You couldn't take your eyes off each other when you met!" Yui rolled her eyes.

"It's not what you think Miaka—" Yui started but Saihitei turned up beside her, wrapping an arm around her waist. Yui stood still, face burning.

"I agree, Miaka. It is more than what you think," Hotohori crooned. Miaka eyed them suspiciously. "Nice party."

"What do you mean it's not what I think?" Miaka asked, clueless. She eyed Saihitei's arm around Yui's waist and Yui brushed it away casually.

"You shouldn't mind him. What was it you were telling me the other day? About the baby?" Yui asked, eager to change the topic.

"My baby is fine, Yui. I was just…excited the other day. You looked like you didn't get enough sleep last night. Hospital work again?" Miaka asked.

"I believe Yui here wasn't in the hospital last night," Saihitei said, smirking. "We were together last night, in The Bar."

Yui's eyes widened and Miaka gasped. "We were only having a drink. We—"

"So you've met last night?" Miaka asked with disbelief.

"Precisely, but you see the lady here forgot to leave me her number. It's a shame because we really had a nice time together…" Saihitei said with a glint of satisfaction. Now she was caught on the spot. One more word from him and they will be found out. Her little night wanderings will be exposed.

"I did enjoy your company until you became such a narcissistic bonehead," Yui said in a tight voice. Miaka gasped again and Saihitei eyed her.

"Bonehead? Nobody's called me a bonehead before."

"Maybe not to your face." Yui raised an eyebrow and he smirked. They stood there staring at each other. Yui couldn't understand why someone who gave her such a wonderful night can annoy her to no end afterward. If he was not a Suzaku sei, she would have dated him. But then, they were who they were.

"Let's go," he said sternly. He turned around, walking toward the door of the house. Yui followed him, unmindful of Miaka's questioning glare. She didn't know why she did but the moment he closed the door of his limousine, he pulled and kissed her. And the most curious thing was that she kissed him back just as desperately.

The limousine moved and Saihitei opened her shirt harshly, the buttons flying off. She moaned on his mouth when he caressed her breasts and he let out a groan when she ran her fingers along the smoothness of his back. She wanted him too much she couldn't control herself. This was the same desire she felt last night. She unbuckled his belt as Saihitei kissed her passionately, lining the roof of her mouth to elicit dangerous moans from her throat.

"Damn it," she whispered when she couldn't find the buttons of his jeans. Saihitei laughed lightly and pulled it off himself. He pulled her leggings away and positioned himself on top of her. Yui was overcome with pleasure when he brushed his hard throbbing member on her wet opening. She hated him because he can bring her to insanity with just one touch. And right now, she was overcome with desperation, need, desire, lust, all because of him. "Sai…fuck you."

"No. I will fuck you," he whispered and Yui arched as he entered her very very slowly. She whimpered from the pleasure and Yui reached for something to hold on to but ended up clutching the side of the seats. Saihitei bit her lobe and nibbled her ear. "Mistake huh. I will prove you wrong, Yui…" He started to thrust and Yui arched back, grasping for air. He moved, knowing what to do to satisfy her, knowing what she wanted, what they wanted.

"Sai…" she called, her voice breaking. "Faster…please…" Saihitei complied and he went faster, harsher, deeper. Yui arched, closer to release. Her fingers dug into the skin on his shoulder, on the leather seat.

"Scream my name, Yui," Saihitei whispered, voice heavy, body aching. He took himself completely off her and slid deeply inside. Yui screamed his name and her vision blurred, pleasure washing over her like a tsunami. They moved with abandon at the back of the moving limousine, uncaring of the world outside, until everything finally calmed down.

"Oh. My. God." It was Yui, eyes still closed, still shuddering as Saihitei planted kisses on her forehead, on her cheeks, on every part of her face.

"Oh my god, indeed."

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