The reason this fiction was entitled Eien no Monogatari or A Neverending Story was because I initially conceptualized this as a sequel to Across the Heavens, a period fic on Yui and Hotohori. In this story, Yui is a Seiryuu priestess who fell in love with Hotohori, the Emperor of Konan. Somehow similar to the canon FY only the main pairing is this two. I might eventually explore that concept but as of now, its still in the bank. So far, the other pairings are my priority.

Thank you to everyone who had been reading this story in more than one year. I hope that you like this and I hope you enjoyed this brief journey with Yui and Hotohori. Most special thanks to those who have been following their story since Serendipity.

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Disclaimer: Fushigi Yuugi is not mine.

You suddenly kissed my forehead… Colouring my cheeks red… A neverending story…

The sun is setting in the forest… I imagine a neverending story…

- Eien no Monogatari

SAIHITEI arranged his hakama and carefully looked at his wristwatch, very quickly, with no intention of letting anyone know how troubled he was. The wedding was to take place at nine in the morning but it was already close to ten. The guests were becoming wary and the media was begging for interviews. If she didn't show up, this will be the second time.

It took them six months to prepare the wedding and the initial plan of having few guests ballooned to almost the same numbers as the first one. The bigness of the wedding caught the attention of the country. It was not surprising since they seemed to have become some celebrities.

The former Emperor felt frustrated but was careful enough not to let it show on his face. He had not anticipated the delay, though. Yesterday, they had a lengthy conversation over the phone and there was no sign of her wanting to stand him up today. Saihitei heaved a sigh and tried to calm himself. No, Yui will show up, she will not repeat what she did.

Mitsukake walked toward him and patted his shoulder. The doctor probably noticed the tension in his muscles. Taka occupied his left; the two formed a somewhat cage to fend off the reporters. Miaka was with Yui, Saihitei remembered, the former Suzaku priestess was supposed to help Yui get ready. It was also an indirect way to assure him that she will show up for today. Only, there was no news from the two.

"She's late," Mitsukake mumbled, trying not to stir the former Emperor's heart. But those simple words troubled him.

"Do you think something happened?" Taka asked, placing his hands inside the pockets of his formal pants.

"Nothing happened. Today is a perfect day," Saihitei insisted. There was nothing wrong with being optimistic. Yui promised to marry him. Who cares what others say? Mitsukake's mobile phone rang and he immediately answered it.

"Moshi-moshi?" The former warrior stopped speaking for awhile and Saihitei eyed him at the sides of his eyes. "That is good news but can you stand and come here? Should we move the—"

"What happened?" he asked, faintly hearing Yui's voice on the other end. Mitsukake motioned for him to keep quiet and he frowned in response.

"Do you want to talk to Saihitei—" Mitsukake asked and he nodded. "Okay, I'll tell him not to worry. We will see you soon, Yui." Without another word, the doctor placed his phone down, saying nothing, leaving Saihitei and Taka eyeing him intently.

"Why did she call you and not me?" Sai finally lashed out, still with disbelief. "How is she? I'll call her—"

"She doesn't want to make you panic." Mitsukake told him, patting his shoulders. The cryptic messages made him all the more vexatious.

"What happened?" he asked again, jaws clenching. The doctor eyed him intently, in a serious manner, obviously debating with himself whether to tell him or not.

"Ah… I promised not to tell." Saihitei made a face, his brows creasing. Mitsukake laughed at his reaction. He cleared his throat and looked away. "Morning sickness," the doctor mumbled and Saihitei's brows creased.

"Morning sickness?"

"Morning sickness," he repeated, telling him matter-of-factly. He looked away again and placed his hand inside his pockets. Taka laughed lightly and Saihitei turned to the other man, clueless. Then it hit him.

"Morning sickness…"

"Miaka had those," Taka pointed out. "Preempts morning sex. Lasts for about three months," he added, smirking. He patted the former Emperor's shoulders. "Congratulations."

Saihitei stopped himself from laughing as the news brought an overflowing happiness within him. He never knew the relationship would bear fruit this early. He never thought they'd be blessed with a family at this point. Heck, he never thought he'd be this happy.

In a few more minutes, the wedding limousine finally entered the vicinity and Saihitei straightened his coat. He was too eager to see her, to share the good news, that he immediately walked toward the limousine and opened the backdoor himself. Cameras flashed but he heeded no mind.

Yui's beautiful yet pale face greeted him and he immediately planted a soft kiss on her forehead when she stepped out of the car. A smile made its way across her face, a sweet tired smile. She slowly moved away from him and pulled the gown, a wedding kimono, from the car. Saihitei helped her and in a few minutes, Miaka finally stepped out of the vehicle. The latter arranged Yui's dress and Saihitei pressed her hand.

"Are you feeling better now?" he asked softly and her eyes widened briefly. She rolled her eyes and pouted.

"He told you, didn't he?"

"No, no—he… I love you," he whispered and she laughed lightly. He planted another kiss on her forehead and she smiled.

"Let's hurry up and get married," she answered, eyeing him intently.

"You want to marry me that much?" he teased and she giggled. They walked toward the wedding area and the crowd welcomed them.

"Baka… I want to lie down on the bed with you is all," she whispered before everyone reached them. "I'll let you listen to its heartbeat," she said and this time, he laughed.

"It doesn't have a heart yet," he answered before they finally parted for the ceremonies. Yui smiled wider and arranged the hakama around his shoulders.

"Well… it will have one soon."

Author's Notes: Again, thanks for reading this fiction. Ayaka's songs are really good. I'm sure you will like them too. This one's a shortie because I don't want to linger too much on the situation. Also, I'm doing Rain and Thunder after this one.