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Five years later

Ayame's POV

It was the beginning of our senior year at Tulane University in New Orleans. We were in our dorms and Cassie was my roommate, while Renae and Alice shared a room across the hall. Lola, Lilee and Ashly shared a room with each other down the hall. And across from them, Reighly was sharing a room with (Lindsey) and (Ariel) across from them.

Making sure that Cassie was asleep I snuck out of the room and headed out to my Veyron and drove to a 24-hour grocery store. We were running out food and it was happening at a fast rate. And without food Cassie would not be happy. Thank the gods that she isn't a full blooded Charonte because if she was then we'd a constant problem on our hands. When a Charonte gets hungry everyone is in trouble. But with her constant hunger pains aside Cassie was also part Valkyrie. I cringed at the thought of her ever going without food for too long, nor would I ever want to find out. I could barely keep her in control and I'm her sister.

On the way back to campus I couldn't help but stop at Café Du Monde. I just couldn't go back to bed before I had some beignets. Mmmm, I could already taste them, my mouth was watering too.

I punched the accelerator with my foot, urging my Veyron to go even faster going well over 90 mph. I used my mind to check for police officers and finding none I urged the car to go even faster.

I pulled up to the curb across the street from the café and I went in and ordered. Then I sat down with a cappuccino while I was waiting for the beignets.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a really hot guy that was an equivalent to a sex god and he was sitting a few tables away. He had short sexy hair and he wasn't alone, there were three others with him. Oh, if Cassie were here right now… I couldn't even finish the thought.

His friends, of course, were also sex gods and when I turned to look at them they flashed their teeth at me giving me their own unique cocky grins. All of their canines were extra sharp too, they flashed in the light which only made them more irresistible. Throwing away my coffee cup I sauntered over to their table.

"Hello." I purred. "I've never seen the likes of you here before."

"That's because it's our first time in here. I never expected to see anyone as hot as you in here." I gave a throaty laugh pretending to be flattered. Typical, I rolled my eyes mentally.

He looked back at his companions, silently communicating something that I couldn't make out. Reaching out with my mind I could make out snippets of their conversation.

So, what do you think of this one? Is she good enough? He asked.

She's fine, she has such power that her soul should last for months, even a year! Besides could she get even stupider, she totally clueless! Another said.

Yes, but the question is, are you gonna share her or keep her for yourself? Remember what you did last time? Said a third and there was no mistaking the venom in his voice.

After that they continued to argue for a bit and then they finally nodded in approval. He turned back and flashed his smile at me again. He then gave me a once over with his piercing eyes. His eyes felt like hands and I could barely hold back a shiver of revulsion.

"So let's say you and my friends and I get out of here." His eyes gleamed mischievously he looked like a kid who couldn't wait to open his Christmas presents.

"Okay just let me put my beignets in my car."

"Okay, meet me in the alley, that's where my car is parked." I gave his a seductive smile as I walked away.

As I went to the counter to get my beignets my ears caught sound of someone, wearing leather, moving in the darkest corner of the café.

Oh shit! What's he doing here?! I had to act fast before he realized who I was. I ran out to my car and went out to the alley way. There I met the sex gods but what do you know no car.

"So, where's your car?" I asked trying to look for the car that I knew wasn't there.

"Who said we actually had a car?" They all moved in around me, cutting off my escape.

"Wh-what are you gonna do to me?" I asked feigning a scared tone.

"What do you think?" He said showing me his fangs. I faked a gasp as he barred his canines and laughed.

"Pl-please d-d-don't h-hurt me!" I stuttered in pure terror.

"Don't worry sug' you won't feel a thing."

My ears twitched again as the same guy in leather was leaving the café and heading this way. Shit! I mentally cursed I have to make quick work of this, time to cut the act. Dropping my act I faced him and gave him a mocking smile and then I sneered at him.

"Oh, but that doesn't guarantee that you won't fell a thing when I'm threw with you." He looked at me confused, and then his mouth curled into a snarl.

"How dare you threaten me you bitch!" He snarled then he signaled his companions. "Come on let's get her!"

"Bring it!" I snarled.

I manifested Fainche Wydra into my hands. She's my sword and her blade is violet. The sword belonged to my mother, but now it is mine. Or at least it will be until I find her but I haven't seen her in 14,000 years, so for now I claim it as my own.

"Roar Dark Fate! Sing your song of death as you feast upon their blood!"

My vision turned crimson as an unseen wind began to blow my hair. Before any of the Daimons could move I dismembered them and they all turned to dust. I looked down at my watch and mentally cheered.

"Wow! A new record!" I murmured to myself.

When I looked up I saw him and he was standing at the entrance to the alley. His silver eyes were churning as he stared at me in disbelief, then recognition flashed across his face. He let out a roar, his eyes turning red as he ran at me. As he came at me I flashed away my sword and I prepared to fight. I let him slam me into a brick wall and he held me there by the throat.

"What are you doing in my city?!" he asked snarling in my ear.

"Cleaning up your mess!" I hissed back. "A mess that your sister started!"

Pain lacerated across his face along with agony but that was replaced by a flash and a bellow of rage.

"How dare you speak of Ryssa, you traitor!"

"I dinna betray her!" I shrieked.

"Lies!" he bellowed. "You killed her!"

"I dinna!"

"You of all people, she trusted you! And Althaia, you had her killed too!"

"Donna speak o' 'er to me! She's wa' my mother an' she's still alive!"

This only made him even more enraged and he bellowed again. "More LIES!"

"I'm ni' talkin' te ya nay more!" I dug my claws into the wall and I screamed. It was so loud that a loud crack of thunder shook the building. I willed the lightning to strike me and as it struck me is transferred me unharmed into my car

I started the engine and I peeled down the street, as I turned the corner I heard a bellow of rage. It was Acheron and his agony racked my heart. He had let me escape.

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