Neal didn't know what he was doing. He didn't even know why he was here. But here he was. Clinging to the past. Trying, struggling to find something anything that could help him. Neal was trying to forget, the only way he'd found to forget. He wanted to find his old self and lose the new one. To shed the skin of the needy, desperate and depressed Neal and become the old Neal the one who didn't need to be with Kate. Who would only need to continue making forgeries. The Neal who didn't need Kate.

Peter didn't know why he was doing this. Why he agreed to this mad scheme. Agreeing to do this dance. Struggling to find a reason, to find anything beyond what this was. What it was was a lapse in judgment. A lapse in sanity. This was the dumbest, most stupid, and unreasonable thing he'd ever done concerning the ex-con. Certainly wasn't the best idea he'd ever had.

But here they were. Both trying to find and lose something through this act. This act of indecency. The act of losing and the act of winning.

It was something neither would discuss the next morning. Something that neither were able stop doing despite the fact that they every time afterward they felt they were losing more of their soul. Still here they were. Both locked into a dark room with no bed. Just four walls and a floor. The room was filled with their moans and gasps and the sound of flesh slapping against flesh.

"Peter, uh!" Neal groaned gripping tightly to Peter pulling him as close as humanly possible. They were so close to one another it was like they were about to melt together. "Ugh! Mm. H-harder!" Neal moaned his finely-manicured nails digging into Peter's skin to urge him to go faster. To plunge deeper.

"Sh-shut up, Neal." Peter growled his own hands gripping Neal closer pulling him up quickly and slamming him down hard. Both would sport bruises in the morning. Probably have scratches on their backs. It'd be hard to explain, but no one would care. Not really. No one ever noticed what was right in front of them. In a crowded room two men with scratches wouldn't be noticed. Peter groaned as he felt Neal tighten around him. "I told you to stop doing that." Peter growled feeling his cock twitch as he continued to pound into that tight heat.

"I-uh! I can't he-help! It! Mm!" Neal moaned loudly not bothering to try and act cool any more. "It-ugh- it feels -HARDER- so go-good!" Neal gasped practically screaming as he was fucked up into the air by the stupid F.B.I. Agent who had caught him. The same agent that helped to destroy his relationship with Kate. "P-please! Ugh, Peter! I'm go-gonna-" Neal gasped arching into Peter feeling himself about to explode.

"No, you can't." Peter growled. Rough and brutally Peter shoved Neal down onto the floor. Pushing into Neal roughly screwing him so hard he kept scooting farther away. Neal let out a scream of frustration moaning and arching up trying to regain the closeness, trying to feel Peter close to him. "You can't cum, yet. Hold it in." Peter ordered grabbing hold of Neal's dick roughly stopping his impending orgasm making him scream in frustration.

"Uh! N-no! P-peter! Please!" Neal screamed reaching up wildly to grab at Peter his body was on fire. Neal wouldn't hold out much longer. "P-please! Unh! Peter! Please l-let me cum!" Neal gasped loudly panting wildly almost hyperventilating.

Peter nearly came right then. Nothing was better then watching Neal fall apart. "You're such a naughty boy, Neal." Peter growled as he pounded away into the smaller body. Neal couldn't help screaming loudly, he couldn't stop screaming. It felt like his mouth was taped open and all that could come out was screams. It was always like this with Peter. Neal would start out quiet and in control, then Peter would snap he'd start pounding, gripping, growling, and arching, and that would be it. Neal would start screaming and not be able to stop. "You love my cock, buried deep inside your naughty ass." Peter continued. "It feels like your hole is just sucking me in."

"Unh!" Neal writhed angrily underneath Peter trying to find release despite the vice-like grip around the base of his cock preventing him from-

"Hello, Ladies." Neal said smiling as he entered Peter's office carrying two cups of coffee. "What are you two doing?" Neal asked as he walked over to where once again Ren and Isabelle, A.K.A Izzy, had taken over Peter's computer.

"Nothing. Just posting up a story." Ren stated easily her hands still moving across the keyboard. Izzy laughed easily turning to Neal.

"She's been all inspired since you and Peter came to our rescue last week." Izzy said easily laughing. "You two using teamwork and all. You know, you both were warned of our tendencies." Izzy said. Neal laughed walking around to peek at the story.

"What? How come I'm the whiny bottom?" Neal whined. Ren glanced over her shoulder at Neal.

"You for real? You're reading this story and your problem is that you're on the bottom?" Ren asked staring at him.

"Well, yeah. You're gonna write us gay, write us gay, but can't I keep some of my manliness? At least make me less whiny." Neal complained.

"Ok, next time." Ren nodded turning away.


Lol So, I was watching my DVR's and I decide wow I think the twins would have fun with Neal. And well, they did. And so did Neal. Maybe I'll put White Collar on the list of places the twins visit. Well once I finish their other 3 places they have to visit. I've started the N.C.I.S., and Psych Timelines. God I need to work on those. And finish them. OH! And thanks for adding me to your author watch list for Dirty Tony, to all those who did. Comments will get you lots of more dirty Tony scenes. Just sayin'