Ok, so I'm currently, as I write this, watching the latest episode of White Collar and low and behold Neal and Peter are living together for a few days. ^.^ I couldn't help myself. Blame Peter. Or Neal. Or the twins. Which ever, it doesn't matter I love them all!

Sharing a Room.

Neal sat silently on his kitchen counter watching Peter. Peter was reading over a file and listening to the game supposedly able to multi-task. Neal sighed and picked up an apple and began to toss it back and forth between his hands while he thought. He could let Peter share the bed. It wasn't like they hadn't shared a bed before or anything.

Still, if he let him share the bed he was pretty sure he'd wind up having sex with Peter into the morning. Not that he would have minded, but he knew he'd have a lot of work to do tomorrow. "Hey, Peter." Neal called making Peter look over his shoulder and glance at Neal. "Where do you want to sleep?" He asked making Peter raise an eyebrow.

"I thought I'd take the couch." He answered easily with a shrug.

"Oh." Neal fought hard to figure out why that disappointed him.

Peter had always thought he was good at reading Neal, but seeing him sitting on the counter tossing an apple, Peter just couldn't get a read. "Unless you wanted me to share a bed with you." Peter offered turning down the volume on the TV and shut his folder. "Did you?" He asked shutting his folder and setting it aside with a frown.

"No, no. The couch is fine." Neal said setting his apple down and started to get down when Peter suddenly stood up.

"You sure?" Peter asked moving over to stand between Neal's legs his hands gingerly reaching out to run up Neal's legs. "You won't feel lonely? After all, I did interrupt you early." Peter pointed out leaning in close to Neal their faces close. Neal could practically taste the kiss to come and he was so tempted to just jump into Peter and kiss him and beg him to fuck him senseless. But all he did was sit there patiently knowing Peter had far less patience than him.

"No, I'll be fine." He lied. He knew what he wanted, but he was going to admit to it. No way.

"You're so full of it, Caffrey." Peter chuckled as he stared deep into those endless blue pools. "Say what you want, and I'll give it to you." Peter offered pressing closer to Neal as he scooted the smaller man forward.

"Nuh-uh. You're not getting me that easy." Neal teased grinning as he nudged his nose lightly against Peter's nose. "Say the magic word." Neal said softly rubbing his chest against Peter's as he took a deep breath.

"You first." Peter whispered his voice soft and breathy as Neal's hands wandered over to Peter's chest slowly unbuttoning his shirt to rub his hands over Peter's chest. "I'm not going to say it." Peter mumbled softly his hands rubbing up along the inside of Neal's thigh.

"I'm not going to say it." Neal whined his hips moving into Peter's touch as it stopped near his cock, but not touching. "You have to say it this time." He groaned softly trying to force Peter's hand farther up as his own hands stopped over Peter's nipples.

I: You made him whine.

R: It was a sexually frustrated whine, it doesn't make him whiny.

I: Oh, yes it does.

R: Oh, yeah? Wanna test that theory.

"Neal, you're about to forfeit." Peter teased his as his fingers rubbed the inside of Neal's thighs pressing against skin just before the balls.

"Ugh, b-but Peter." Neal gasped arching into the touch starting to wiggle. "You're breaking the rules!" Neal gasped digging his nails into Peter's chest.

"Please, I'm not touching your penis or your balls. I'm not breaking any rules." Peter continued teasingly.

"Unh!" Neal gasped unable to take the take the teasing any longer. "I-I, unh, I give!" Neal gasped out loudly panting. "Please!" Neal moaned out suddenly reaching down and pushing Peter's hand over his member. "Fuck me, Peter!" Neal gasped out moaning.

"As you wish." Peter chuckled pulling back to undo Neal's pants swiftly tugging them off his legs.

I: You stole that.

R: Shut up, it's a good line.

I: What happened to 'I'm original, I never steal lines?'

R: …I happened to need a good line for a prequel to sex. That's what.

I: You're so lame.

R: Will you let me write before they get back?!

Neal let out a soft moan of appreciation when the cool air hit his member. "Peter…" He gasped out softly reaching out for Peter with one hand the other gripping the counter as Peter rubbed one finger up the underside of his member. "Peter! I already said it! Don't tease me!" He whimpered his hips bucking up into Peter's finger with a moan. "Hurry up and fuck me!" He groaned loudly spreading his legs wider for Peter.

"Patience, Neal." Peter warned as he slipped a finger dry into Neal making him gasp in slight discomfort, jumping away from Peter with a yelp. "See, That's what you get when you rush things." Peter teased leaning up to kiss Neal roughly their tongues rubbing together easily and passionately.

"Shut up…" Neal breathed out wrapping his legs tight around Peter.

Neal let out another moan softer and more breathy as Peter pulled his finger slowly out of Neal and let his hard-on rub across Neal's ass bumping against Neal's balls. "Just fuck me." Neal panted out sliding off the counter. "What do I have to do to make you do that?" Neal asked as he dropped to his knee's undoing Peter's pants swiftly and pulling out Peter's member. "You want me to make your cock more ass friendly?" Neal asked leaning forward to lick the tip of Peter's member.

"Let's see if you can even do that, Neal." Peter teased as he gently petted Neal's hair urging him forward toward his member.

"Then let's just find out what I can do." Neal teased slowly licking up and down along Peter's member making Peter gasp loudly. Neal smiled using his tongue to circle the entirety of Peter's tip making him gasp out. Neal pulled away smirking licking his lips slowly.

"So, ready now?" Neal asked as he nuzzled Peter's member softly licking up the sides.

"No, not quite." Peter teased gripping Neal's hair pulling his head back to push his member softly against Neal's lips with a smirk. Neal smiled broadly and opened his mouth ever so slightly. Peter smirked. He knew this game. "Open wide, Neal." Peter ordered. Neal immediately opened his mouth all the way. Peter thrust his entire cock in allowing Neal time to take it all. "Now suck, good and hard." Peter ordered softly letting out a soft moan as Neal did as he ordered. "Good boy…" Peter praised pushing Neal's head up and down along his member.

Neal smiled happily sucking Peter in as he pumped his member in and out. Peter groaned softly as he pulled out of Neal's mouth suddenly pulling him up. "That's good enough." Peter praised as he kissed Neal Roughly pushing him back into the counter.

"Unh," Neal moaned out as his member rubbed against Peter. "Peter," Neal whimpered out panting making his face flush. "Fuck me." He breathed out softly into Peter's ear.

"I thought I was in charge?" Peter asked smiling as he pushed Neal up onto the counter again.

"You were until I lost patience." Neal answered as he once again wrapped his legs around Peter pulling him closer.

"I'll have to rectify that." Peter smirked as he pushed into Neal roughly. Neal gasped out his arms wrapping tightly around Peter his nails digging into his back. "Mm, Neal, How are you still so tight?" Peter groaned as he began to pump in and out of Neal roughly.

"I do ex-ex-! Oh, fuck it, you don't really care." Neal groaned loudly as he reached down pumping his erection in time with Peter's thrusts. "Just do it harder!" Neal cried out loudly panting.

-a few rounds later-

"You know, you're explaining the scratches to Elizabeth." Peter said as he looked at his back in the mirror.

"I'll take that hit." Neal joked grinning as-

"Misses Munch?" Neal asked as he walked into Peter's office. "Didn't Peter tell you to not come in here anymore?" Neal asked as he came around the desk to look at what the twins were writing. "Aw! Come on!" Neal groaned quickly exiting the program without saving as he glared at the twins. "Stop posting that stuff up!" Neal whined.

Ren sighed and stood up from the desk quickly grabbing some paper out of the printer and smirking. "Good thing I printed that, huh?"

Perhaps not up to snuff with my other stuff, but I kept getting thrown off my train of thought by my useless slob of a brother. X( Sorry If it sucks. Also, if you caught the twins last name then you know who they eventually get adopted by. X)