So, I was texting a friend of mine about the latest episode of Psych and I was joking and I said they should wrap it up with some good old fashioned Shawn and Lassie cuddling. Then I joked and said Lassie could be the knight and shining amour who saves the damsel in distress namely, Shawn. So This little baby ficlet is what the commercial's and the old episodes of Psych inspired me to write -notices something out of the corner of my eye- OH NO! THE PLOT BUNNY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shawn smiled as he heard the final click of Lassie's lock finally popping free allowing him entrance into the sacred domain of the older officer. With a smirk Shawn smiled and opened the door slowly, sticking his head in to listen in case Lassie was in fact home, and hidden behind the door waiting to shoot him in the toe. Finding the home empty Shawn quickly slid inside and locked the door again. Shawn smirked and danced over to the living room and jumping onto the couch with a girlish squeal.

Shawn smiled and reached over for the remote and switched the TV on. Of course cops was on, but Shawn knew where the channel button was and wasn't against using it, unlike Lassie, who insisted no show was better than cops.

"Yes! House is on! I love Wilson!" Shawn yelled sitting up as Wilson walked into House's office. "House, I want your sweet hot body!" Shawn voiced over Wilson with a giggle. With a smirk he quickly muted the TV as House opened his mouth to talk back to Wilson.

"Oh, Wilson! I thought you'd never ask! Pull down your pants and bend over my desk! NOW!" Shawn continued holding back his laughter as Cuddy walked in. "Op. No sorry, House. Maybe later. DAMN YOU CUDDY! Don't touch my House!"" Shawn collapsed into laughter falling off the couch.

"Spencer! What the hell?!" Lassie yelled when he found Spencer giggling on the floor. Shawn stopped rolling around and turned to grin up at Lassie.

"Oh, hey Lassieface. How was work, darling?" Shawn asked still laying on the floor. Lassie glared at him angrily kicking the young Spencer to the side as he slumped into the couch as Shawn quickly crawled up onto the couch. "Aw, Lassie! Don't be like that! Don't you remember? I got shot, you can't just kick me like that." Shawn pointed out as he crawled over to Lassie on the couch. Lassiter sighed taking a deep breath as he turned to glare at Shawn, his eyes settling on Shawn's shoulder where there had been a duct-taped band-aid.

"Whatever. Just stop perverting House. And put Cops back on the TV. OK?" Lassie growled glaring sideways at the younger man. Shawn smiled warmly as he snuggled closer into Lassiter's side smiling up at him as he nodded his head happily passing over the remote. Lassie glared but shifted his arms allowing Shawn a spot to cuddle into. Shawn knew too many ways to make Lassie cave. It was suspicious. So, when Shawn fell asleep with his head resting on Lassie's shoulder he knew exactly what to do.

Keep his mouth shut and turn the TV down.


So, no smex, but Bleh. This was started before I watched the episode, so there might be a sequel or re-write. I'll be sure and post if that occurs. Yours Truly ~D.A. P.S. Leave a comment!