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Lassiter shifted slightly. His arm was going to sleep from where Shawn had fallen asleep on his arm. The younger man was out cold and cops had gone off hours ago. With a sigh he finally moved Shawn slightly shifting him to lay his head on the arm of the couch. Shawn whimpered slightly as almost all of his weight onto his injured arm making Lassiter pause waiting for him to settle back down into blissful unawareness.

It didn't take long the man was exhausted. After another moment of silence Lassiter got up and began to look through some of Shawn's DVDs. A good deal of Shawn's movies had moved over to his house recently. Most of the older movies that barely anyone watched or cared about nowadays. Movies that Shawn, of course, loved. Tombstone, Labyrinth, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Demolition Man…All good movies, just old.

With a smile Lassiter pulled out Tombstone and got it ready to play. He had just pushed the tray in when he heard a whistle from behind him. "Spencer, I thought you were asleep." Lassie practically growled as he turned to glare at Shawn.

"I was." Shawn answered with a smile as he started to sit up. He got about half-way up, before he winced. "Until someone moved me around to lay on my injured arm." Shawn complained sitting up as Lassie sat back down next to him and hit play with the DVD remote.

"Yeah, well, I couldn't feel my arm." He complained crossing his arms as Shawn crawled close to him again. "You have a humongous head." He stated as Shawn stroked his arms up and down grinning happily as the movie played in the background.

"Yeah, and your arms lumpy." Shawn whined still grinning as he kissed Lassie on the cheek lightly. "But I don't complain much."

"You're going to have to clean up my car tomorrow." Lassie growled as Shawn climbed into his lap and kissed him lightly on the nose. "And your telling the chief why you shot my gun." He continued as Shawn kissed him lightly on each cheek.

"Yeah, yeah. And you'll tell me why you grabbed my butt." Shawn argued lightheartedly as he began to kiss down along Lassiter's neck beginning to undo some of his shirt to run his fingers through some of Lassiter's chest hair.

"I did not grab your butt." Lassiter pointed out as he half-heartedly tried to stop Shawn's wandering touches. "I grabbed your jeans to pull you off my car. My brand new car." He growled as Shawn pushed his tie to the side with a grin.

"You say jeans. I say I felt a definite butt-grab." He mumbled not really paying attention to Lassiter's argument anymore as he felt himself suddenly becoming increasingly hotter. Shawn smiled as he noticed that he wasn't the only losing interest in the argument.

Shawn smirked pulling Lassiter's face up into a toe-curling kiss that set his whole body on edge. Lassiter pulled Shawn flush against his own chest as he felt Shawn shift slightly so his crotch rubbed against Lassiter's legs.

"I was going to watch a movie, Shawn." Lassiter teased undoing Shawn's pant's slowly.

"Oh, please. The best part is much later on." Shawn informed him with a grin as he rubbed his hands over Lassiter's chest again. "Now, before we start talking about Wyatt Earp and Doc Holladay I'd much rather see exactly how worried you were about my safety." Shawn teased as he shoved Lassiter's shirt off his arms and wiggled back to undo Lassiter's belt as well.

"I was worried about you, Shawn." Lassiter said stopping for a moment to look Shawn dead in the eyes. "I really was." Lassiter continued forcing Shawn to look him dead in the eye. "I thought… I thought you were gone." He whispered softly caressing Shawn's cheek gently. He smiled warmly slowly pulling Shawn into a slower more passionate kiss hoping to pass all of his feelings into Shawn. To let him know how much he loved the younger, wilder man.

Shawn groaned loudly into the kiss rubbing bodily against Carlton. He felt Carlton's hands reach between them and gently begin to pump their erections. Both men let out moans and pants, but Lassiter kept it slow and careful. He didn't speed until they finally came together his wrist jerking wildly as he came hard onto Shawn and himself. A few minutes later both men had completely undressed and cleaned up slightly.

"Wyatt Earp is my friend." Doc Holladay said on-screen making Shawn giggle lightly as he traced random patterns across Lassiter's chest as Lassie turned down the volume to turn and grin up at him.

"I've got tons of friends, Doc." Lassie said with a grin over the movie at Shawn.

"Yes, well! I don't!" Shawn answered for Doc in a whiny voice. "Besides Wyatt's dead sexy with that mustache!" He continued grinning.

"Oh, he does?" Lassiter said with a laugh watching Shawn as he turned to look at the screen.

"Oh, yes. Wyatt's a dead sexy man. Me and him have been doing it for years." He continued turning to grin down at Lassiter.

"You're so odd, Shawn." Lassiter said with a smile petting Shawn's hair gently.

"Well, yes, but if you watch this movie the homoerotic subtext is quite obvious to anyone with a brain or eyes." Shawn argued becoming defensive which only made Lassiter smile warmly up at him.

"Yeah, well, I like it. You're my slightly bad Doc Holladay to my overly zealous Wyatt Earp." He said kissing Shawn's nose lightly making Shawn chuckle and nuzzle into his chest.

"Hey, you want to take a picture?" Shawn asked suddenly grabbing up Lassiter's phone.

"What for?" Lassiter asked as Shawn set up the camera and prepared to take a picture of them both with Lassiter's phone.

"For Ren and Izzy." Flash

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