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It was a typical Friday morning. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the people were going to school and work. But Roxas still didn't want to wget up from his comfortable bed. He was too sleepy to.

"Roxas, wake up already! We're gonna be late for school!!" his twin, Sora, whined, his blue eyes staring at the blonde boy lying on the bed who was still sleeping.

"Just let me sleep for 5 more minutes…" he groaned.

"There IS no 5 minutes! You DO realize it's already 6:50, right? And school starts at 7:25. How do you think you'd get ready for school?"


And with just one word, Sora knew that Roxas was up and about. As Roxas hurriedly went to the bathroom to take a bath, Sora just chuckled and sat on the bed. A few minutes later, Roxas stepped out of the bathroom, and he quickly put his clothes on. Sora laughed at Roxas's actions. He was now fully dress, and was dragging Sora outside his room to the living room.

"Oh, come on, Sora! We're gonna be late and you're THIS calm!? Could you at least pick up your pace?"

Then suddenly, Sora burst out laughing. That made Roxas stop dragging him.

"R-Roxas, you idiot! You didn't look at the clock did you!?" he managed to say in between fits of laughter.

Roxas looked at him, completely puzzled. When he looked at his wristwatch, he realized Sora's mean joke. He punched him on the arm.

"Dummy! You made me rush like that! It's only 6:15!!! You're mean," he whined, then pouted.

"Well, that was the only way I could wake you up. I don't think another technique would work. I already tried tickling you. You wouldn't even budge," he explained, grinning wide. If it still isn't obvious, Sora was a morning person, but Roxas (unfortunately) wasn't.

After they ate their breakfast, they went straight to school. At first, they were walking silently, not saying a word, but then along the way, they met up with Tidus, Wakka, Kairi and Selphie. And with Selphie around, they can guarantee the place wouldn't be quiet. So as Selphie chattered and they listened, they walked to Destiny High, where they study. When they entered the school, students were already busy doing things here and there. It was never a quiet place in Destiny High. Even if Selphie was not around, the place was still loud.

"Well, we better get going to our class… I don't want Ms. Yuffie screaming at me again for being late in her class," Tidus said, shuddering at the horrible memory he just had. They all laughed. After all, they knew how Yuffie gets angry. You'd feel that you're the unluckiest person alive.

"Well then, see you Kairi," Sora said, pecking her cheek, which made the red head blush. Yes, Kairi is Sora's girlfriend. They have been together for 2 years now. Roxas? Nah. He just wasn't into girls in Destiny High. Sure, he dated some, but hasn't really been in love with any of them. Tidus was with Selphie, though. Wakka wasn't interested with girls at all. He would rather play blitzball than take a girl on a date.

"Sora, we're gonna be late for class, you know…" Roxas said, as they have the same class together. "Fortunately, Ms. Lockhart is kind, and would not mind if we're late for a few minutes, but still… I don't want her thinking we're abusing her kindness…"

"Oh, all right," Sora said, pouting, and then looking at Kairi. "See ya later at lunch then."

They ran to their classroom. Their first period was English with Ms. Lockhart. Fortunately, they made it on time. Just after they sat on their proper seats, their teacher walked in. Tifa Lockhart is a slim woman in her 30's. She has straight black hair and white complexion. She is actually engaged to their coach, Cloud Strife. They were going to get married a month later, or so they say.

"Good morning class. Since we already finished our lesson yesterday, today would be a free time," Ms. Lockhart said, smiling gently.

The classroom was immediately filled with noise. Groups of people have formed in the classroom, and each group was in a world of their own. Finally, the bell rang. Later at lunch, Roxas, Sora, Kairi, Selphie, Tidus and Wakka sat on their usual table. In the cafeteria, there were groups eating together. There was a 'geek' table, 'cheerleaders' table, 'jock' table, you name it. Heck, there was probably even a 'cheese lovers' table. Roxas's and Sora's table was probably the 'popular' table. They were all well known in Destiny High. And of course, all of them were best friends for years. But lunch time would mean "gossiping time" for Selphie and Kairi. They would always talk and talk, and they seem to never run out of stories and gossips.

"So did you hear about their breakup?" Selphie started.

"You mean them? No way! They broke up!?"

"They did! Just last night! I heard that it was because she saw him cheat on her. Poor girl. I feel for her."

"If I was her, I would have slapped him right in front of everyone. That would teach him not to cheat on her girlfriend."

"Who are they even talking about?" asked Tidus, amazed that the two girls can understand each other without saying much.

"Who knows and who cares, ya," was Wakka's reply. He didn't really care about girls. He cares more about blitzball. Though that's pretty obvious, seeing he always carry a ball everywhere.

"Girls," Sora joined in. "Who can understand them?"

"Other girls, I guess," Roxas said, laughing. "I wonder why they don't run out of things to tell each other?"

"Well, would we all just stare at them talk like that or are we gonna talk as well?" Sora asked.

That's how they ended up not eating much and talking more, the girls gossiping and the boys talking about videogames until the bell rang.

"Mom, we're home!!" Roxas yelled, running to the living room. He sat on the couch and turned on the television before Sora could steal his seat.

"Hey there… Good evening," her voice came all the way from the kitchen. Apparently, she was cooking dinner. Then Sora noticed something. Their father usually goes home late. But now, he was there, sitting on the sofa.

"Dad? You're home this early? Don't you always come home late?" Sora asked.

"Well, today, I needed to go home early," their dad said, who was reading a newspaper.

"And why is that?" Sora asked once more, obviously curious.

"We have news for both of you," their mom said, walking into the living room. Those words made Roxas feel a little bit nervous.

"News?" Sora raised an eyebrow. Roxas turned off the television so that he can catch every word his parents say.

"Sora, Roxas, we're moving to a place called Twilight Town on Monday."

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