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It was the beginning of another week in Twilight Town. It was the first day of another school week. Yes, it was Monday. Monday was usually just another normal day. People would chat with one another, talking about their weekend. Some would cram and finish their homework because they forgot to do it. Others would just hang around like they always do. Yep, just another normal day for Roxas.

But Roxas wasn't completely correct.

"Well, we've now learned the basics in Biology. I think it's time we do more activities. With the lab equipments, that is," Mr. Vexen announced.

Their biology teacher, Vexen, isn't just your ordinary "I'm-teaching-because-that's-my-job" teacher. He accepted the job eagerly because he loves science. Mr. Vexen was around the age of 50, with straight long blonde hair. And for obvious reasons, he thinks science is oh-so-easy.

"I wonder what we're gonna do today." Sora, who was sitting beside Roxas, mumbled. The others were also chatting away, eager to start their first hands-on activity.

Mr. Vexen cleared his throat. "Settle down, class. Now I'll be dictating your partners, so listen carefully." He then began assigning partners and table numbers to each student.

Sora was assigned at Table # 6 with Yuna. She was the only one who has Biology with the two of them. They both like Yuna the best among the trio, because not only is she approachable, she also isn't a rabid fangirl.

"Roxas!" Mr. Vexen suddenly called, making Roxas jump from his seat. "Yes sir?" Roxas replied.

"Please sit at Table # 11," he instructed. Roxas gathered his things and walked towards Table 11. There, his partner was already waiting for him.

"Um… Hi. You're my lab partner, right?" he asked, as if that wasn't obvious. Fortunately, his partner was friendly enough to look at him and smile.

"Yeah. You're Roxas, right? I'm Xion," she said. Xion was the type of girl who likes to be alone. The first time Roxas saw her, she was sitting at the corner of the room. Xion has short ebony hair that reached to her shoulders, and has bright azure eyes that always has that gentle and friendly look. Today, she was sporting a periwinkle top with a white collar, jeans that reached to her knees and white Converse with pink lines.

Roxas stared at her and smiled. "Yeah, I am. Nice to meet you."

But before they could talk any further, their teacher called the attention of everyone.

"So! Everyone has been paired up and has been given a table number, yes? Now who wishes to have a different partner?" He paused, and when no one raised their hand, he moved on. "Well then, I shall now move one to our lesson today. We'd be doing an activity, of course."

As Vexen droned on and on about the instructions to their activity, Roxas was thinking about how he wanted Biology to end quickly. He was never good at Biology. Suddenly, someone tapped his shoulder.

"First of all, do you know sign language? And can you read them quickly?" Xion smiled, eyes on Mr. Vexen, pretending to listen.

"Yes, why do you ask?" Roxas replied, with a confused look on his face.

"Roxas! Could you please repeat the instructions that I have said?" Vexen suddenly asked, startling Roxas.

Roxas stood up slowly, when he noticed that Xion's hand was on the table, making signs. Sign language. And damn, she was fast. It was a good thing that Roxas can understand them quickly.

"We need to look into... The microscope. …Then we have to draw what we see. …Then label," Roxas managed to read the signs Xion was giving him.

"Good. Sit down please," Vexen said, eyeing Xion suspiciously, but Xion just sat there, looking at Vexen, grinning as if eager to listen.

Roxas sat down and breathed a sigh of relief. "Thanks. You really saved me there." He slumped on his chair.

"Don't mention it. And that's why I asked you if you knew sign language. Mr. Vexen usually calls people with a blank look on their face. My previous partners weren't as lucky as you to read signs that fast. At least I tried to help them," she giggled.

"You may now begin you work," Vexen drawled.

"Well, shall we?" Xion asked, pointing at the microscope.

Roxas grinned. "Ladies first."

They managed to finish the activity faster than anyone else, thanks to Xion. She helped Roxas in labelling, and she was exceptionally good at Biology. This was a big advantage to Roxas.

Lunch time came and Roxas joined Sora and the others. After finding a table, Hayner immediately flopped onto his chair and sighed.

"Well that was a total waste of time. Cid just talked about how important the computer is. LIKE HE DOES EVERY SINGLE DAY," he groaned, placing his head on his hands, his elbows on the table.

Olette sat next to him. "You're exaggerating. He also discussed about the HTML. And he gave us an assignment."

"…Really?" he asked, looking at Olette blankly.

It was her turn to sigh. "Seriously, did you sleep through the whole class again?"

"No. I kinda dozed off at the middle of his speech," he said sheepishly.

Pence sat beside Olette. "Sometimes, I wonder how a smart and serious girl like you fell in love with a… Guy like him," he chuckled.

"Believe me, I don't know myself," Olette giggled.

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?" Hayner yelled.

"Don't worry, I still love you," she laughed, kissing Hayner's cheek.

"Aww, how sweet," Pence laughed. "By the way, how's your day so far?" he asked the twins.

Sora shrugged. "We were assigned to groups of two in Biology. Yuna's my group mate. She's okay, I guess."

"I had fun today in Biology," Roxas said nonchalantly. Suddenly, Sora gasped so loud that all four stared at him. "Roxas!"

"Yes…?" Roxas asked. What was so surprising?

"You never liked Biology before! You said you hated it. …Wait. Does it have something to do with that girl?" Sora asked suspiciously.

Everyone now had their eyes on Roxas. "EH? Seriously? A Girl? Who?" Hayner asked incredulously.

"You mean Xion? Yeah, she's alright," Roxas said slowly. Why were they all giving him surprised looks?

"Isn't she the president of the drama club?" Olette suddenly asked.

"Now that you mention it, yes, I think she is. I hear she's good," Pence said. "Ever since she became the president, the drama club became much livelier."

"So that's why she could pretend to be listening so well," Roxas mumbled, drinking his orange juice.

"Do you have a crush on her?" Sora suddenly asked.

Roxas almost choked on his juice. "WHAT?"

"It's your first time liking Biology. That's almost a miracle. I mean, I tried to make Biology fun for you," Sora pouted, crossing his arms on his chest.

This made Roxas laugh. "Sora. You did make Biology a bit better back then. But unlike you, Xion doesn't get me into detention."

"Oh, hey Roxas!"

Roxas turned around, finding Xion running to him. Behind her was…

"By the way, this is Axel. Axel, this is my bio partner, Roxas."

"Save the introductions, Xion," Axel smirked.

"We already know each other," Roxas smiled. "But how do you know each other?"

"My brother used to be co-workers with him when Axel got a part-time job. Bow he's asking Axel to stick around me," Xion rolled her eyes. "Though he's not doing his job well. …Not that I want him to follow me wherever I g—HO SHIT. ROXAS, YOU HAVE A TWIN."

Roxas laughed. "Yes, I do. Xion, this is Sora, my twin. And these are Hayner, Pence, and Olette."

"It's a pleasure to meet you all, really," she beamed. "By the way, Roxas, you didn't mention that you have a twin! I've always wanted to meet twins! I think they could be useful in he drama club. Like, when one gets sick, the other could be a substitute."

"Xion, you better stop freaking them out with your ideas for the drama club," Axel chuckled.

Xion stuck out her tongue. "Whatever. Anyway, do you guys want to go to the new ice cream parlour later?" she asked hopefully.

"Well, seeing as Hayner slept through the whole Computer class, I'd be stuck tutoring him. Thanks for inviting anyway," said Olette. "Don't you complain, Hayner. It's your fault for sleeping," she told Hayner when she heard him grumble.

"I have some errands to do at home. Sorry," Pence said.

"I need to ask Yuna about that Biology homework we have," said Sora.

"Oh right. Biology," Roxas mumbled. "But since Xion is my partner, I guess we could talk about it in the ice cream parlour."

"So, Roxas, you can come? Excellent!" Xion grinned, clapping her hands together. "I must be going now. I still need to tend to some things in the club. See you all later. Come on, Axel." And with that, she sped out of the cafeteria.

Hayner whistled. "Whoa, Roxas. You scored quite the looker," he commented, earning a glare from Olette.

"What? I don't even…" Roxas didn't even continue for he was at loss for words.

"She has a way with words. As expected from the drama club president," Pence said.

Just then, the bell rang. Everyone stood up from their seats and gathered their things.

"Well, I'll be seeing you later at The Usual Spot," Olette told Hayner. "And Sora, you can come with us if you'd like, after you talk to Yuna."

"Okay," Sora nodded. "And Roxas, since you're going to the ice cream parlour, don't forget to buy me a sea salt ice cream!"

Roxas chuckled. "Of course I won't."

Standing in front of the school gates, Roxas waited patiently for Xion and Axel to come out. Xion still had things to do. No doubt Axel is with her. Suddenly…

"Good afternoon, Roxas."

Roxas turned around only to meet crystal blue eyes. He didn't expect her to be here.

"Namine! What brings you here?" he asked, startled.

"I just thought of visiting you. I wanted to know what school is like. Um… Am I not allowed to go here?" Namine frowned.

"No, that's not what I meant. I was just surprised," Roxas said quickly.

"Sorry for the wait, Roxas," Xion and Axel suddenly appeared. "Hm? Who might this b-"

Xion's eyes widened, and she looked shocked. Axel also looked flabbergasted. The two of them were staring at Namine. Confused, Roxas looked at Namine. Fear was clearly seen in her eyes. And it looked like the three of them were communicating telepathically. What was going on?

Deciding to break the ice, Roxas spoke. "Guys, this is Namine, my neighbour. Namine these are Axel and Xion, m schoolmates."

Xion looked at Axel uncertainly, and then she looked back at Namine and smiled. "Wonderful to meet you. I'm Xion."

Axel smiled as well. "It's nice to meet you. My name is Axel, got it memorized?"

Namine smiled and nodded. The fear in her eyes was replaced by relief.

"Oh, would you like to come with us to the ice cream parlour?" Xion asked.

"C-Could I?" Namine hesitated, looking at Roxas.

"Of course. We don't mind at all," Roxas grinned.

"Three sea salt parfaits," the waitress confirmed. "Is there anything else you'd like?"

"We're fine, thanks," Axel said. The waitress nodded before walking away.

Roxas turned to Namine. "Are you sure you don't want to eat?"

"Yes. Thank you anyway," Namine smiled.

"If you're really sure…" Xion said. "Anyway, Roxas, about that Bio assignment…"

As Roxas and Xion discuss their assignments, Axel stared at Namine. After a while, he decided to talk to her.

"You're a unique girl." This made Namine jump from surprise. "I never thought Roxas would meet someone like you. Of course, meeting you makes Roxas more unique. You know what I'm talking about, eight?" Axel smiled.

Her eyes widened. "You… Knew?"

Axel looked at Roxas. "I can tell from his behaviour. And from the look on your face when we met you a while ago, I'm guessing you don't want us to tell him?"

Namine laughed softly. "People like you and Xion can tell at the first glance. But with Roxas… I was surprised when he talked to me. That he even dared being my friend."

"Here are your orders," the waitress appeared, placing three glasses with three scoops of ice cream each. "Is there anything else I can help you with?"

"None, thanks," Axel replied, eyeing the blue treat. He was ready to pounce and gobble up the ice cream.

"Stop staring at the parfaits so intently," Xion grabbed one. "See, you're making it melt."

Axel smirked. "What can I say? I'm just that hot." He grabbed his parfait as well and gave Roxas his.

This made Roxas and Namine laugh and Xion to roll her eyes once again. "Cocky bastard. Anyway, moving on. Namine, I want to get to know you more," Xion smiled at Namine, who smiled back. "Tell me, how did you meet Roxas? I know you two are neighbours, but I doubt he went to your house and introduced himself."

Namine giggled. "You're right. He didn't. My room is just across his. And then he heard me playing the piano. So he talked to me."

"Aww, isn't that sweet?" Xion cooed, making Roxas's and Namine's cheeks flush pink. "…By the way. He hasn't... You know... Has he?" she asked seriously, brushing off strands of hair that ended up in front of her face and tucked it behind her ear.

"…Astonishingly, no," she replied quietly. She suddenly found the floor very interesting.

"I… See. So, he doesn't know?" Xion asked, frowning.

"No, but perhaps it's best that way," Namine answered. "But he'd find out sooner or later anyway."

Xion's frown deepened. "If it's really fine for you." She proceeded on eating her ice cream. "What was that all about?" Roxas thought. Suddenly, Xion looked at Namine again. "Hey… Are you alright? You look very pale."

Indeed, Namine seemed much paler than she usually was. "I… D-Don't worry about me. I j-just feel a bit dizzy," she said, closing her eyes and pinching the bridge of her nose. "But I think it'd be b-best to go home and t-take a rest. I'm s-sorry for leaving so suddenly."

"No, you don't need to apologize," Xion said worriedly.

"She's right. You should really rest. Do you want me to walk you home?" Roxas volunteered.

"Thank you for your kindness, but I'm quite sure I can go home by myself despite my head spinning," Namine smiled weakly. "Until next time, then." She stood up and left.

"I hope she gets well soon," Roxas spoke.

"Don't worry too much. She surely will. She's just tired. I can tell," Axel said.

"By the way, have you two met Namine before?" asked Roxas as he scooped up a spoonful of ice cream.

Axel stared at Roxas blankly. "No, I don't think I've met her before. Xion, have you?"

"I also don't recall meeting her before," she said truthfully. "Why do you ask, Roxas?"

"It's just that a while ago, you were both talking to her as if you were close," Roxas explained. He felt silly for asking the question.

Xion and Axel both tensed up. "That was nothing. We just noticed something about her that you didn't that's all," Axel answered.

He believed them. But Roxas still had this nagging feeling that they weren't telling him everything.

"Are you sure?" Roxas asked. He had gone straight to his room just to see if Namine was fine.

"Yes, I'm fine now," she assured, smiling. "I don't go out often, and my body is frail, so I tend do get dizzy or such when I stay outside too long."

"Does that mean you won't go out anymore?" asked Roxas, with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

"Heavens, no," Namine laughed. "That would be horrible. I still will, so I could somehow overcome my lack of stamina."

"That would be great, but make sure you don't overdo it, alright?" Roxas reminded.

"Of course, of course," Namine laughed. "I wouldn't want to end up getting dizzy again, would I?"

"Point taken," Roxas laughed, resting his elbow on the windowsill and his chin on his palm.

"Though I must wonder… I know that we are friends, but why do you worry about me so much? We've only just met two days ago…" Namine suddenly asked.

Roxas thought for a while. "Actually, I don't know myself. But do I really need a reason to worry about you? I just am. You're one of my friends, even if I just met you two days ago."

Namine smiled gently. "I'm happy to hear that," she said. "…But I wonder, if you find out something about me… Would you still be my friend?" she mumbled silently, so that Roxas wouldn't hear her.

Silence. No one spoke for a moment. But Namine suddenly called Roxas.


"Yes, Namine?" he answered.

"Thank you for giving me a reason to go out of this house," she grinned.

Roxas looked at her curiously. "I did? What reason?"

"I now have friends to spend time with. Of course, that includes you," she looked at him, appreciation in her eyes.

"I'm glad to hear that you consider me as your friend," Roxas couldn't help but smile.

"Oh, and another thing."

"What is it?" Roxas said.

"I must thank you again," Namine's smile widened.

"What for?" Roxas asked, seeing no reason for her to thank him.

"For being there."

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