Naruto's Legacy

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Author's Note: This is my first fanfic here and I hope I can capture your attention in a positive way. Because this is my first time, I would like a few reviews to see if I should continue this story and to build my confidence because I plan for it to be long. But if no one is reading it, I would rather not waste my time. Thanks. This prologue will be short.

Summary: I haven't planned it all out but here is what I got for now. Naruto returns from his 3 year old training journey with Jiraiya to find Konoha almost as he left it. He had a melancholy feeling as he knew that he would be leaving for one year again after a short while.

Prologue: Naruto's Return

Tsunade was sleeping soundly on her desk at the hokage office when Shizune barged in destroying the door into oblivion and waking the fifth hokage from her nap.

"What the Hell do you think you're doing Shizune?" Tsunade roared with an intense glare directed at her apprentice whose face showed a little fear but was still focused on the task at hand.

"I'm sorry Tsunade sama, but word has just gotten around that Naruto and Jiraiya are back from their trip" said Shizune knowing she would be forgiven about the incident with the door.

"WHAT?" Tsunade screamed with relieved and surprised look on her face. "Get them in my office immediately."

"Yes Tsunade sama" she said as she disappered to find them.

Meanwhile at konoha's outer walls…

"It's sad that I will have to leave again" he said to his sensei as he approached the guards situated at the outer walls. "But I guess it would be best."

"You don't have to feel so down about it ." Jiraiya said as he walked along with him." This time it'll only be for a year, you know."

"Is that you , Naruto?" asked one of the guards while failing to keep a straight face as he could feel a powerful aura coming from him. "You look way stronger, just how powerful are you now?" Shikamaru smiled and told another guard to inform the hokage about their return.

"It's been a while, eh Shikamaru." Naruto said while giving hin that foxy grin of his. "I bet I can kick everyone's ass now." He bragged and Shikamaru chuckled a bit. "I guess some people never change." He said smiling.

"Well , see you around." Naruto said as Jiraiya told him to come with him to the hokage's office as Tsunade would probably like to see them after all this while.

Back at he Hokage's Office:

Jiraiya and Naruto burst through the window of the hokage's office causing Tsunade to frown. "Great, another thing added to the 'to repair' list. I'll have to make some stupid excuse to convince the carpenter that it really was unintentional this time and that he shouldn't complain about making some more money. But it was the 256th time that this had happened in the past three years and she could see where he was coming from." Thought Tsunade as she turned towards the two new faces responsible for the damage.

"You're gonna pay for that window" she sighed as she was interrupted by a blonde haired, 15 year old, and handsome? shinobi.

"We're back, Oba-chan." He said causing a few veins to pop on her forehead and Jiraiya to slowly back up a few feet.

Author's Note: Well that was the prologue. Hope you liked it. I will wait for a couple of reviews before deciding how long to make this story but hopefully it will turn out over 40000 words or even longer. I'm not suer yet. Thanks for your time, and just to let you know, I update quicker than others because I don't like to keep my audience waiting. Please PM if you have any questions.