Chapter 1:The Start Of It All

It was a bright, sunny day in Kilika Port, the kind of day any normal person wouldn't expect their best friend to go missing, and neither did Yuna or Tidus or Paine. When they found out that one of their best friends, Rikku, was missing it was somewhat shocking, and to worsen the blow, she hadn't just gone missing, she had been kidnapped and all that was left was a ransom note:

'If you wish to see your friend alive again, then you will find for me, a particular collection of spheres. The first set of co-ordinates have already been sent to your airship. Should you, however, choose to refuse, this girl will never be seen again and she will be forced and in time learn to love me. The first sphere is in Besaid falls, but you will already have that information due to the co-ordinates I have already sent to you. Do what I ask and Rikku will be back with you soon enough.

Rikku In Captivity:

"You know my friends will find me sooner or later "

Rikku yelled in desperation to her captor.

"Yes I do."

He called back. The man, whoever he was, had a mask on and he was very cruel, when she asked who he was. he had burned her with a knife he left sitting above the fire which was jumping up and down occasionally. illuminating dark corners of the room . When the knife pressed against her skin she screamed and her captor laughed.

"Scream all you want it won't help you because where we are no one can hear you!"

With that he walked out leaving her alone with tears streaming down her face, "God this hurts like hell. Where are those guys anyway? Are they looking for me? And how am I going to get out of here? Who is this guy anyway ?' Thoughts like these crossed her mind but her biggest concern was escape she was chained to the wall and every time she tried to move it sent an electric shock through her body inside a cage which, guessing by its size, may have once held a fairly large animal. often in her solitude her thoughts turned to two things: possible reasons why she could have been kidnapped; and her new boyfriend, the new barkeep, on the airship he was a rather small, very childish and cheery and none of the guys new about him because if she told them they would annoy the hell out of her until she told them who he was. She was really worried about if she would see him again .

The dream

That night Rikku sat crying, she had had a brick thrown at her and it hit her back. It had been punishment for singing gently under her breath. She began to wish someone would kill her when through the door snuck her boyfriend. He was just about to get her out when suddenly a flash of orange! and the burning knife used on her went through his throat and he fell to the floor. Rikku's tears turned to sobs and she definitely wished she was dead, she lay curled up on the floor when out from the shadows rang her captors voice.

"He wasn't good enough for you, unlike me, I could have saved you and he failed to!''

Rikku turned to face him and through the gasps in her sobs she managed to scream at her captor.

"He was a better person than you and you don't know him and now he wont get to even see me safe and well so you can drop dead!''

Her kidnapper stalked toward her menacingly, when suddenly a blinding pain in her left arm woke her .

In Kilika port

Yuna and Tidus were running around in Kilika looking for people who may have seen who took Rikku while Paine was in Besaid looking for the sphere. Eventually, after asking almost half of the islanders, one man finally gave them a lead. He had seen Rikku getting dragged along by a guy, who was quite big, in the muscular way. She was struggling and looked like she was ready to cry. The islander had heard the unknown assailant say something about spheres, and this confirmed what Tidus and Yuna already believed, this was definitely the guy who had taken Rikku. Tidus looked around to see if there was any traces left of Rikku or the man who had taken her. He couldn't see anything, until he noticed a red blade tip sticking into the ground meters away from where they were stood.