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Chapter 7

Aaron vs. Auron

Auron pulled his sword back and suddenly swung it forward; repeating the movement several times, attempting to hit Aaron in the chest hoping to finish him quickly. Aurons attack, however, was blocked by the Throat Cleaver and Aaron's grey forearm bracer. Aaron sliced upwards with the Throat Cleaver but was blocked by Aurons sword. "You'll have to do better than that if you want to win!" Auron growled at Aaron, "Why don't you just give up?"

"NO!" Aaron yelled as he threw himself forward and attacked Auron speedily nearly hitting him 5 times. Auron jumped back behind a fallen pillar beside his seat, ducked and waiting for Aaron's attack. Suddenly, Aaron noticed pyreflies from where Auron was sitting then ran over but when he got over there he was standing behind him and cut deeply into Aaron's left shoulder, causing blood to pour down the youngers torso at an alarming speed. Aaron turned around and faced Auron. He was about to strike when Auron grabbed him from behind and held Aaron's arms against his back… but, somehow, he was still in front of him.

"This what those pyreflies were for, a clone ?"Aaron asked in wonder.

"Yes that's what they were for, now I'm going to end this once and for all your sword will be mine "Auron answered calmly. Aaron smiled and stabbed the tip of the Throat Cleaver into the clones stomach then watched as the pyreflies sustaining it dispersed. Satisfied with the ease of the kill Aaron focused his attention on Auron. Father and son both launched themselves forward and quickly began attacking each other until both swords were at the others stomachs. Auron quickly manoeuvred his sword until it was below Aarons left arm then before he could move his arm away Auron sliced upwards… (duh duh duhhhhh!)

On the Airship

Yuna, Tidus and Paine were all pacing about the bar, all of them wondering when and if Aaron was coming back. Tidus walked over to Yuna to see what he could say to make her feel better. "Tidus I feel really bad, what if Aaron doesn't come back I don't think I could bear to tell Rikku her boyfriend is dead!" Yuna said her voice almost breaking with sadness. Before Tidus could respond the comsphere beside the bar started flashing, Yuna walked over and turned it on and who she saw gave her the fright of her life.

Aaron vs. Auron cont.

Aaron looked down and saw the flow of blood from his elbow where minutes ago the remainder of his forearm had been. Picking his sword up he ran at Auron and swung forward but without both arms to support the sword he fell forward chest-first into Auron's blade.

Auron took advantage of the situation to humiliate Aaron by ploughing him through the wall, outside into the rainy day and stabbing the sword into the next wall, trapping Aaron. Auron, now satisfied with himself, picked up the Throat cleaver and watched as Aaron threw up a significant amount of blood onto Auron's sword.

Aaron looked Auron in the eye, saying "You asked my why I wouldn't give up: I won't give up…because the way I feel… about Rikku… is worth the pain…you make me feel…" Aaron's vision started darkening, "Rikku is worth… the world… and more to me… I'll die for her and I'd… live… for her as well… if I could… but I can't… so this… will have to do…" Aaron felt himself begin to loose to the appeal of unconsciousness and when Auron walked away. He took a comsphere out of his pocket, clicked on Yuna's name and said "Help me Yuna…" Then he began to drift towards death and the farplane…

Aaron's final thoughts.

"Looks like I failed you Rikku, I wasn't strong enough to win you back and what will Yuna, Tidus and Paine think of me now…? Will they remember me as a weakling who couldn't protect the woman he loved…? Well it doesn't matter, all I know is; as friends I can hope that we'll meet again some day. Hey this reminds me of the day I left training in the calm lands…"Aaron thought to himself.


Aaron and his sensei were sitting against the wall of the building where they were training a few hours before. Aaron was leaving for however long he could stay in one place. " Sensei how does a man measure they way his life turned out ?" Aaron asked "I think it depends on your last moments if you remember all your friends and loved ones then you had a happy life but If your thoughts wander towards conflict and misery your life wasn't so great ." Aaron said.

"Yeh, that sounds about right kid…" His sensei replied.

End Of Flashback

"Looks like I had a good life sensei." Aaron thought then he finally gave in to the urge he had been fighting and gently let the little spark of his life that was left, fade away…