Jeff Hardy/John Morrison pairing

Rating M ( in later chapters )

Author - Donnasheridan95

Summery -When Vince decides that the smackdown roster should go on a camping trip wierd things start to happen and the superstars have to stick when they have to start working together love blossoms between them and two supertars realize they love eachother more than they ever thought they did before

Includes - The Smackdown Diva's and Superstars

It was early on a Monday morning and the Smackdown superstars and diva's where all sleeping in because of the big Pay Per View Night Of Champions the previous night when Michelle McCool one of Smackdown's top Diva's got a phone call from none other than the chairman himself Vince McMahon.

"Hey Vince" McCool chirped

"Hey McCool now listen very carefully I need you to get every Smackdown Diva and Superstar and send them to my office staright away okay" Vince Ordered

"Okay , does that include me and for what time do we need to be there " the blond haired diva asked

"Yes that includes you and in thirty minutes " The chairman barked down the phone

"Okay see you in a bit " and with that she disconnected the call and set off rounding up the Smackdown of all she set off to wake the superstars up because after all they where the harder ones to walked to the men's locker room and knock lightly . Nothing . So she decided to just walk in.

"Right everybody up , Vince wants us in his office in thirty minutes " McCool ordered

"Go away McCool " they all shouted at once as she dodged a pillow from Jeff Hardy .

"Jeff stop throwing pillows at me and get your ass up Vince needs all of us in his office in thirty minutes or he is gonna have out guts for garters" she said calmly as another pillow was thrown at her by the Shaman of Sexy John Morrison

"John I mean it please will you all just get up , I expect to see all of you out here by ten twenty five minutes sharp okay" and with that she walked out of the room ready to try and wake up the diva's.

Superstars locker room

"Man I could really do without having to get up this early " whined Jeff

"Jeff , man it's ten o' clock thats not early " Jeff's older brother Matt Hardy shouted

"Yes it is "

" No it's not "

" Yes it is

" Not it's not"

" Yes it is "

"Yes it is "

"No it's not "

" Hahaha tricked you now it's 10:05 all of you get your lazy ass' up "

"Fine " they all moaned in unison

McCools POV 10am

Michelle walked down the corridor to the diva's locker room and knocled lightly on the door . Again Nothing . So she just walked in.

"Alright girl's get your butt's up Vince wants us in his office in thirty minutes okay hurry up"

"I'm not getting up this early again and on a Sunday as well " Maria Kanellis moaned from underkneath the duvet

"Maria just get up I've had enough of it from the guys please be outside in twenty five minutes girls" the small blonde literally begged as she left

Diva's locker room

" I wonder what that jerk of a boss wants this time " Layla asked

" I don't know but it's bound to be somethin' stupid as always " Melina Perez said

" Yup as always , why does always have to pick on us why can't he pick on Raw for a change" Moaned Maria still under the duvet

25 minutes later

Everyone was outside Vince's office when the door suddenly swung open and there as always sat the Chairman smiling smugly as he drunk his morning they all bustled in Jeff shouted.

" Vince what the fuck do you want this time?"

" Well if you let me explain Jeff then I would tell you wouldn't I , I've decided that the Smackdown roster are all going on a camping trip no questions asked okay your all going and that's final"

Grunts and groans where heard from around the room as Vince said that they where all going no matter what

" Why do we have to go Vince , what is the point of all this " Ron aka R - Truth asked

" You have to go because I said so and the point of all of this is so that you lot can start learning to work together a bit more okay . Got It . Good . " Vince barked at all of them.

" We can work together so again why are we going" Dolph Ziggler asked from the back

" No you can't work together I've seen the states of both locker rooms and there a mess and I've also heard you arguing frequently so this little trip will help you all learn to work together"Vince yelled " Now I'm gonna tell you who's sharing tents "

All the superstars and diva's groaned in unison