The five of them backed away, they could do nothing more than that, they had no weapons, they were screwed right royaly screwed and to top things off they heard banging from behind them. We're gonna die, we are all gonna die that was all that was going through there heads, well apart from Jeff's.

'These are the times that I really need Matt, and what does he go and do he fucks off somewhere so I don't know where he is argghh!! ' This is all that was going through Jeff's mind, it wasn't the fact that Mark was getting closer or that the banging was getting louder, it was the fact that he was really really fucked off at his brother for leaving the ring and not even bothering to tell him that was what was annoying him the most.

" We're gonna die aren't we, we are aren't we " Evan mumbled to himself nobody really taking any notice of him

Then suddenly out of nowhere a figure appeared behind Mark and smacked him over the head with what looked like a 2x4 piece of smack was so hard it echoed throughout the halls. But as the figure got closer Jeff and Jay instantly knew who it was, it was Jeff's twin sister Sheridan or as she liked to be called Kandy Rose. She had purple hair in plaits with a few blonde streaks in, she was quite short maybe 5''2/5''3, she has green eyes exactly like Jeff's. Basically a female version of Jeff.

" KANDY " Jeff and Jay screamed at the same time running over to the small woman nearly knocking her over

" Whoa there " Kandy exclaimed trying to re-compose herself

" Oh my God how come your here? " Jeff asked

" Nice to see you too, Nero "

" Nice to see you KandyCane " Jeff smiled, he had always called his sister KandyCane for just about as long as she had started to call him Nero, they didn't address each other with anything different unless they were angry or pissed with eachother.

" JayJay " she exclaimed as she hugged him

" Hey Kandy " he said

" Wait, you did not answer my first question, how and why are you here?" Jeff asked getting frustrated that no-one was listening to him

" I'm here because I figured you might be in danger and before you ask, dad is okay he is with Aunt Jayne and Uncle Sam "

" And how did you manage to get here, may I ask" Jay asked

" In a car Einstein "

" Cool, Cool "

" So who are they? " she asked pointing over to where Evan, Cena and John were standing still looking petrified out of there skulls

" Oh, they would be my boyfriend John Hennigan and my two of my friends John Cena and Evan Bourne " Jeff replied

No sooner as he had said that they trio decided walk over, Evan and Cena just stood there not really knowing what to say or do, whereas John walked right up to Kandy and gave her a hug not even bothering to ask who it was or even to say hi. Kandy willingly hugged back not really knowing what else to do. They broke apart and all of them stood in silence for about a minute before Evan decided to break the silence.

" So who exactly are you?" Evan asked

" Who, me?" Kandy replied obviously not knowing the question was for her

" Yes, you" Evan replied sweetly

" Me, I'm KandyRose Jeff's twin sister "

" Doe's that mean you are Matt's sister too? " Cena chimed in

" Man, you did not just ask that " they all said in unison

" Yes I did and I wanna know the answer please"

" Yes, he is my brother, and speaking of him where the hell is he? "

" I have no idea we were looking for him when you..." Jeff instantly stopped because he knew that his sister would gloat if he said that she saved them from Mark

" When I saved you " she interupted

" Yeah, that " Jeff mumbled under his breath

" Sooooo are we actually gonna try and find them or are we just gonna stand here and chat " John huffed impatiently wanting to find the others

" Oh stop being so impatient " Jeff said as he gave John a quick kiss and linked arms with his sister and walked off

As the others caught up they heard a noise coming from where they had just been standing, they all turnt around and what they feared was happening it wasn't just Mark anymore it was about fifty other zombies aswell.

" I told you we should have gone sooner " John moaned

" Shut up and run you idiot " yelled Jay

They all took off on the count off three and ran like mad but it may as well have been in vain because they were trapped in there, there were no doors- well there was a door but it was currently being occupied by some zombies so they couldn't get out that way.

" Shit, now what do we do " Jay exclaimed

" Panic " Cena said rather calmly

" Well nice answer smartass but now is not the time " Jeff whispered harshly

" Well there is some stairs over there why don't we try and get up there and then see where we can go from there " Morrison informed them pointing to the staircase none of them had seen before.

So that's what they did they they managed to get to the stairs without any problems, it was getting everybody up the stairs safely, they saw a couple of zombies up there. But they could get past them if they were quiet and careful. They decided that they would go up one by one, but if the other zombies started to get closer then they would all run up the stairs like there was no tommorow. Kandy slowly started to climb the stairs one by one and very slowly, she got to the top without any trouble and went to hide in the shadows so the zombie occupying one of the rooms wouldn't hear or see her. She motioned for somebody else to come up, so Jay decided on his own accord to go up without asking anybody else if they wanted to go before him, he just wanted to get out of this place alive. So he started carefully to climb the stairs before he made a mad dash for the top, luckily not disturbing anyone or anything, once he had got to the top he went to join Kandy where she was hiding. Jeff and John went up next leaving Cena and a very terrified Evan at the bottom.

" Do you think we will make it out of here alive " Evan mumbled quietly

" Yes, if we stay calm and stick together we will " Cena replied

" O..okay " he stuttered

" You know we will get out of here, I mean that "

" I believe you " he said shuffling closer to Cena who put his arms around the younger mans shaking form

They stood there for about five minutes before realizing that everybody would be waiting for them to join them so they could try and get the hell out of that place.

" Uhh, do you think we should maybe go " Evan said releasing himself from John's grip

" Yeah, lets go " he replied grabbing Evans hand and literally pulled him up the stairs with him managing to get the attention of a few of the zombies that had made there way to the stairs

" Nice one you Douche " Jeff exclaimed/harshly whispered

" Hey, it's not my fault I just want to get out of here alive " he said in his defence

" Well that's just lessened our chances by a lot hasn't it " Jeff said starting to get worked up

" Nero, calm down, we just need to think of a way of getting out of here and finding Matt and the others in the proccess " Kandy reasoned

" Okay, okay, does anyone have any idea's about how we can get out "

" We could just look around for a bit see if theres anyone up here or anything up here " Evan suggested

" Yeah good idea Evan " Jeff said

As they began to look aroud they found nothing but a few dead people lying on the floor and a couple of rooms with nothing in, there was nothing they could do but walk around aimlessly. There was no way they were going to get out from up there, there was no windows to climb out from at all.

" I wish Matt was here, he'd know what to do wouldn't he " Jeff said to nobody in particular

" We will find him soon, Nero. I mean that " Kandy comforted

" Yeah, Jeffro she's right. We will find him " John said reasuringly walking over to Jeff and pulling him into a tight embrace not wanting to let him go, he just wanted it to be them and for everything to be okay again and not be in the situation. Just to be safe again is all he really wanted.

They broke apart and Jeff ghosted his lips over Johns and then looked him in the eyes and said

" I wish everything would just be okay again "

" Me too baby, me too "

" Matt do you even know where we are? " Tyson moaned not knowing where they were not that he really cared he just wanted to go home

" No, I don't I just want to find my brother and go home, okay you're not the only one " he snapped back harshly

They had all left the ring in search of Jeff and John when they had heard some banging and a loud smack ring out across the halls so they had decided to turn back and look somewhere else because Matt had thought that they wouldn't have been there ( how wrong was he ). It was then that they had come across some zombies and they had just ran to where ever was safe and that place happened to be outside to the middle of no-where and now where trying to get back to the arena so they could find the others and get home somehow.

To be continued

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