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"God dammit, Vance!" Gibbs growled, standing up from his chair.

"Sit down, Gibbs." The director growled back.

"You cant just add people to our team." He said, sitting down.

"Actually, Special Agent Gibbs, I am the Director of NCIS. I do what is best for my agency." Director Vance growled.

"And I need to do what's best for my team." Gibbs spat.

"You're team needs another man." Vance replied.

"How the hell do you know what my team needs?" Gibbs snarled, striking the table.

"They are all my teams, Gibbs." Director Vance said evenly. He flitted his hand towards the door, "Play nice. Dismissed."

Gibbs stormed our of the Director's office and slammed the door. He was unbelievably furious with the Director for taking the lives of his team into his own hands. DiNozzo and McGee were quite capable Agents. Saying that they "needed" another man was insulting their competence. It did not sit well with Gibbs at all. He was making his way down the stairs when he heard DiNozzo and McGee talking. They had no grasp on the idea of whispering.

"So, this Felix guy," DiNozzo started, "What do we know about him?" He said, walking around McGee's desk squeezing a stress ball.

"Well," McGee said, tapping a few keys, "Not a lot really. We know he has Military ties. Evidently he was in the Marines, based in Pendleton, actually. San Diego, California."

DiNozzo let out an appreciative whistle, "California? Marine?" He chuckled, "Automatic hatred card for the boss. Automatic kiss ass card to the newbie." DiNozzo paused dramatically, "What else?"

McGee tapped a few more keys, "Well honestly? Not much. I'm hitting a few walls here."

"Walls?" DiNozzo said, "What kind of walls?" He grabbed his chair and sided up next to McGee, they were both staring intently at the screen as Gibbs made his way down and around.

"Like 'restricted access' walls," McGee said, "All over the place. I cant even pull up a picture of the guy. Like he doesn't really exist." He said. Tony and McGee let the weight of the statement sink in.

"Is he like an alien?" DiNozzo said. They stared at each other for a few moments, letting their imaginations stir.

"Boys!" Gibbs shouted behind them, causing McGee to jump about two feet off the ground and causing DiNozzo to fall out of his chair.

"Ya boss?" They both responded.

"Shut up." He growled.

"Yes, boss." They nodded.

Gibbs sat down in his chair hard. He sat there for about thirteen seconds and then leapt out of his chair, "I'm going for coffee." He growled and then was gone.

They were quiet until they heard the elevator door ding.

"So does this mean I'm no longer 'Probie'?" McGee smiled.

DiNozzo laughed and made his way over to McGee, "You'll always be my little McProbie." He smiled and gave him a nuggie.

"Knock it off!" McGee growled, slapping at Tony's hands.

"Jeez," Tony said going back to his desk, "Quit being so McTouchy."


Gibbs came back up through the elevator sipping his coffee and tearing through the area as usual. He was brooding over the new agent. He hated rookies and hated training them. Thats why he usually liked DiNozzo to get them used to the day to day things and then Gibbs would sink his teeth into them. However, he usually got someone from the area. He didn't want some Californian Marine who didn't know the town or the people to come stomping in and ruin the team's concordance. Felix Rainier. He thought the name had a ring to it and as he turned the corner, he wondered if he might know the ma-


Gibbs slammed directly into a short young woman with bobbed, wispy black hair. Gibbs barely faltered, but the woman landed on her ass, hard.

"SHIT!" She yelled, the short hair falling over her eyes. The strap of the purse that was hanging from her arm had broken and skittered her scant possessions all over the floor. "Fucking HELL!" She growled.

Gibbs looked down at himself, he'd spilled about half of his coffee, some on the floor, the rest on the woman.

His coffee always got spilled and it always pissed him off.

"Hey!" Gibbs growled, "Watch you're mouth." She glared up at him between her bangs and grumbled something else. "Cant you watch where you're going?"

Thats when she scoffed and shot to her feet, "What the hell do you mean watch where I'm going? You were the one tearing around the corner and knocked me on my ass." She spat.

Gibbs looked her up and down, she was a tiny little thing, no more than 5'5". Her hair was jet black, and it was short, rather pixie-like, with little wisps flipping all over her head. Her skin was the palest ivory, her lips were a deep pink and her eyes were very large and lined with thick eyelashes. The most interesting part about her face were her eyes: one cyan blue and one sea green.

"You need to pay more attention to your damn surroundings!" Gibbs shouted back after his quick observation. People were covertly looking over their cubicle walls, watching.

"I was perfectly aware of my surroundings until some Neanderthal came careening around the corner and spilled his shit coffee on me!" The girl yelled back.

DiNozzo and McGee were now leaning around the partition, observing, "Neanderthal?" McGee muttered, a look of pain on his face.

"Shit coffee?" DiNozzo made the sign of the cross, "The poor girl will be vaporized." He said and looked her lithe body up and down, "What a shame." He shook his head, hanging it in mock depsair.

"Shit coffee?" Gibbs growled, stepping his six foot frame into her space. She didn't even flinch, though he was more than a head taller than her.

"You could at least apologize for being such a fu-,"


"WHAT!?" Gibbs and the woman both yelled back, turning as they said it.

It was the director. Gibbs looked at the woman, confused as to why she responded.

"Director Vance. Sir," The woman said, snapping to attention and sounding more like a woman than a truck driver, "I apologize for my outburst. It wont happen again."

Vance nodded and then looked to Gibbs, "Well?" He said and Gibbs just rolled his eyes. "Either way," He shrugged walking up to the two now passive agents, "Special Agent Gibbs, I'd like you to meet Special Agent Felix Rainier." The smile widened, "You're rookie."

Felix's head snapped between them so fast she felt like throwing up. Either from the motion, or maybe it was calling her new superior agent a Neanderthal. "Fuck me." She said, not so quietly.

"You better be joking Vance." Gibbs growled. If it were possible, the girl's face paled further, going from a look of absolute horror to blank in less than a second.

"No." The Director smiled, "I'm not."

Felix immediately dropped to her knees, scraping up her belongings and shoving them into her ruined purse. She was whispering profanities to herself and in between those, praying for a quick death.

"Agent Rainier?" The Director said and Felix jumped to her feet. "Lets go to my office." He grabbed her arm which was clutching her broken purse and started pulling her towards the stairs, "Gibbs get your team and meet me in my office." He commanded over his shoulder.

Once at the stairs, Felix started mumbling apologies. Her brain was moving too fast for her mouth, "Jesus sir," She said, breathing hard, "I'm so sorry. Am I going to get fired? Cause I don't really have a back up plan. I mean, I'm sorta banking on this working out, you know?" She said pathetically, but he remained silent, a stern look on his face.

Shut up Felix. Just shut up and be happy if the government allows you to become a janitor for the post office after this. She thought, biting her lip lamely. He pulled her into the office and shut the door. She sat down hard on the chair, breathing heavily and hoping there were worse ways to die.

She looked up to the Director hoping to somehow defend herself when she noticed his shoulders were shaking.

"Sir?" She asked, "Sir, are you laughing?" She said, appalled.

The door slammed open and Felix shot to her feet as Gibbs tore into the room with two slightly petrified Agents following him.

The director turned, no longer smiling, though it seemed that something was tugging at the corner of his mouth, "Meet special Agent Felix Rainier. The new member of your dream team." He smiled vaguely.

The built attractive one, stepped forward and stuck his hand out to Felix. He was definitely pretty, thats for sure. Perhaps, if she had no scruples she would be interested. However, she had scruples. Oodles of them.

"I'm Anthony DiNozzo." He smiled, "Pleasure."

Oh and he definitely has less scruples than me.

Next was a guy who looked like he could be twelve or so, but he was adorable. Felix felt drawn to snuggling with him. "Tim McGee." He smiled, extending his hand, "Nice to meet you."

"Its a pleasure guys." She smiled at them. She turned towards Gibbs, opening her mouth and hoping something eloquent would come out, but he beat her too it, not so eloquently.

"We done here?" He said. The Director shrugged. Gibbs vanished.

Felix felt like melting into the wall.

"Follow us Felix." McGee smiled. "We'll show you around."

She smiled and followed them outside the director's office. "Well, that was a cold douche." Felix said, mostly to herself. Tony and McGee smiled.

"Yes, and he's usually so cordial." Tony said sarcastically.

"Yes," Felix nodded, "I can tell." She looked at them, hoping for some sort of consolation, "I'm basically fucked right?" They nodded, "Like trailer-park-fucked, right?" Another nod. "FUCK!" She rasped and kicked out at the wall.

"Oh you'll fit in splendidly." Tony smiled.

"Obviously," Felix rolled her eyes, "Cause I'm already doing so well."

"Don't freak Felix." McGee said, "He basically hates everyone."

"Oh goodie," Felix sighed, "Okay. Put me to work."

McGee and Tony took her to the squad room and gave her a desk with a computer. McGee sat down and ran her through the operating system and the most useful programs. It was all stuff she'd used before, so she wasn't too worried about it. He finished the tutorial and she asked for a break to go change. She still smelled like shitty coffee.

"Change?" Tony chuckled, "Why? You look grea-, fine." Tony, with the quick save. Nice.

Felix chuckled, "Oh, because I'd rather carve out my eyeball with a rusty nail than stay in a skirt for more than an hour. This was for meeting the Director and you guys." She sighed, "Great first impressions Felix." She grumbled at herself.

McGee just smiled, "Don't stress. Bathroom is in that corner." He pointed.

She nodded a thanks and took off to the bathroom. She stripped off her tan pencil skirt and jacket and white oxford and slid into one of her most resilient outfits. It was a pair of double thick black slacks with hidden zippered cargo pockets, a snug brown T-shirt, her work boots, and her indispensable black coat - that had survived ten years in the Marine Corps with her.

She got back to her desk, tied her purse strap together and started to pull out some pictures. She taped a few up on the monitor.

DiNozzo walked by and gasped, "My god what is that?" He pointed to one picture.

Felix laughed, "Thats Dexter, my puppy."

"Sasquatches have puppies?" DiNozzo said quietly.

"You named your dog Dexter?" McGee asked, "As in Dexter's Laboratory?"

Felix chuckled, "No, not that Dexter. Dexter as in Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. They have the series on Showtime now." Both gave her blank stares, "Dexter Morgan? Serial Killer with a heart of gold?" Still blank.

"Sounds endearing." DiNozzo said, sounding not so interested, perhaps even a little disgusted. Silence ensued.

McGee smiled, "So, California?"

Felix smiled, "Yes. California. I moved there about 10 years ago when I joined the Marine Corps. Went to school for a while."

"What'd you get your degree in?" DiNozzo asked.

"I got two degrees: Biochemistry and Psychology with an emphasis in Criminal Psychology." Felix smiled. Gibbs walked into the squad room unnoticed and grabbed his gun and badge from his corner drawer.

"Oh yeah?" McGee said, smiling, his ears blushing red. "What did you in the Corps?"

Felix smiled, as Gibbs walked over to their circle, standing behind he boys. He grinned.

"Well," Felix smiled, "I taught biochemical ware fare preparations to outgoing troops to Iraq. I did some psychological profiling classes for more outgoing troops. Then I was traveling for a while around to different military bases around the world."

"Wow." DiNozzo smiled in a sensual way, "Thats pretty interesting. I'd like to tell you about a time I went to -,"



Followed by resounding whines.

"Gear up." Gibbs growled and starting walking towards the elevator with everyone scrambling to keep up. DiNozzo tossed her a bag.

"Thanks Tony." She smiled. He walked with her to the elevator.

"Don't worry about it. We've all been there." He smiled.

"Oh, so you insulted your commanding officer before even being assigned to his team?" Felix said sarcastically.

Tony frowned, "Uh, no, but I feel for you." He patted her on the back a little lamely. She rolled her eyes. "Hey boss," Tony smiled siding up to him, "Rainier here was a Marine. Another one on the team, right? Ooh Rah." He looked at Felix and winked.

Felix looked up and saw Gibbs eying her over his shoulder. His eyes dragged over her body and Felix held her breath. "Ooh Rah." He said and Felix believed there was a second there where he at least thought about smiling.


The elevators opened to the garage and Felix gaped.

"DiNozzo, with me. McGee, you're with the rookie." Gibbs said making his way over to one of the cars.

"Wow!" She smiled as the team walked over to the two gleaming Dodge Chargers.

"Oh?" DiNozzo smiled, laying on his charm, "You like Chargers? The colors real nice, huh?" He said condescendingly.

Felix smiled wide, "No, the color sucks." She said, "But the 6.1 Liter OHV V8 engine," She winked at him, "That's to die for." She opened the door to the car McGee was driving and looked at Tony speculatively, "But the color really doesn't go so well with your highlights." She grimaced and climbed in.

Tony ran a hand through his hair, "What's wrong with my highlights?" He said a little weakly.

"Tony!" Gibbs shouted, but he was slightly grinning. "Get in the car." He said climbing in.

"Ya boss." Tony said and hopped in.

Once McGee got into the car Felix looked over at him and he was smiling. "He wont get butt hurt will he?"

He smiled, "No, Tony's tough."

"Good," She smiled, "I hate pussies." McGee chuckled. "So, I'll never have a name, will I?"

McGee smiled and shook his head, "No. You will be the butt of all jokes until possibly it turns back to me." He sighed.

Felix smiled, "Okay McGee, I promise," She raised her right hand, "I will be the butt of all jokes for as long as I possibly can. I was a female Marine for shit's sake. I can handle DiNozzo."

McGee smiled, "Yea, he'll try to get you to break, but essentially, he's a good guy."

"You all are." She smiled.

"Even Gibbs?" He chuckled.

She nodded, "He's cold." She said, empty, "But not heartless. Lots of pride, but not the bad kind, the kind he deserves. Smart, honest..." She thought for a few moments, "Dangerous."

McGee looked over at her, "Really?"

Felix chuckled, "Sorry. Part of the profiler in me."

McGee smiled, "Well either way you're right."

They pulled up to the crime scene and parked the car behind Gibbs and DiNozzo. They were out of the way and making their way over. The house itself was small, quaint you might call it, but pretty. It was a nice little box, with hacienda charm, but in mute colors. It was very different from the haciendas Felix remembered from San Diego.

"DiNozzo, follow me." Gibbs said when everyone was out of their cars. "McGee you're on photos." He kept walking.

"Sir?" Felix said, taking a deep breathe to calm herself against his obvious hint.

"Coffee." Gibbs shouted over his shoulder.

Felix stopped and grit her teeth, took a deep breath and regained composure, "Sure!" She yelled after him, "I'd love some." DiNozzo let out a bark of laughter.

Gibbs froze, slapped Tony on the head and turned slowly, "What?"

Felix smiled and walked up to him, "Oh," She stepped closer, "You mean you'd like some coffee? See I don't communicate in grunts or clicks. So what was that again?"

He stepped closer, towering over her without her heels on, "Coffee." He said softly, "Now." He snarled.

"Of course," Felix said sweetly, "Sir." She snarled back. She turned to Tony and McGee, "Want anything?" She smiled at them sweetly. They opened their mouths, but Gibbs shot them a scathing look. "No? Okay. Be right back." She winked and walked off, cursing under her breath.

You'll be fired in a week. She thought bitterly, Fuck.

"Balls of tungsten, that one." Tony smiled, following Gibbs as he made his way into the house. "I like her."

McGee rolled his eyes. Gibbs turned and glared at Tony.

"Shutting up boss."

They went into the scene and started looking around, taking pictures of the front room. Though it was surprisingly clean they took pictures anyway. Who knows what could jump out at a later date.

They followed the narrow hallway back into the rest of the house. The bathroom was surprisingly clean, there was the kitchen which looked fine, and a laundry room which looked unused. The last door led to the victim's bedroom. That was a different story.

The victim was on the bed and completely naked. However, all of the victim's exposed skin was covered by blood. Her long blonde hair was matted with it. Her face, a mask of it.

"Jesus boss." DiNozzo said pausing his picture taking.

The amount of incisions on the front of her body numbered in the hundreds. They were less than three inches long, the skin pulled back, opening up and revealing deep tissue and muscle. The bed underneath her was soaked with blood, but that wasn't the end of it. Her face was brutalized: one eye was bruised shut, her cheek had a gash in it to the bone, and her lips were swollen, bruised, and split.

Felix came back with the coffees in one hand and her bag slung over the opposite shoulder. She walked up the steps to the house and entered through the front door. It was a large front room. Most of the walls were lined up with shelves full of books and movies, it looked a lot like her old place. She sighed.

"McGee?" She shouted.

"Back here!" He replied.

Felix followed the voice back through the narrow hallway and into the bedroom. She froze at the sight.

"Are you gonna puke?" DiNozzo asked, holding out an evidence bag.

She swallowed slowly, "No. I've seen worse." She said softly. She walked over to Gibbs and handed him his coffee, he looked up at her and she smiled, "I only spit in it a little bit." The corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

"McGee, take her and do more pictures in the front room and kitchen." Gibbs said

"Ya boss." McGee said, walking out to the front room.

"Tony," Felix smiled and handed him a cup, "Just how you like it."

He took it, gave it a smell and smiled, "Oh, you, I like." He smiled. "Thanks."

"Welcome." She smiled and followed McGee with another cup for him.

"That was sweet, wasn't boss?" Tony smiled. "She seems really nice. I think she'll be a good addition to the team." Gibbs was still silent. "On it boss. Evidence."

Felix was out front with McGee, shooting pictures. "Hey Tim," She said absently, "Doesn't this place seem a little clean to you?"

McGee finished another shot and looked around, "Well yes. I feel like I'm in a plastic bubble."

Felix laughed, "No, I mean," She looked around, "It feels, staged."

"Maybe she's OCD?" McGee said.

Felix shrugged, "Could be." She walked over to the book shelfs and was about to run her fingers on the spines and stopped. "Her books are perfectly aligned and arranged in size and alphabetical order."

"Cant be." McGee walked over to take a look. "Wow. You're right."

"What, you think I'm cross eyed?" She smiled. "Look, this might sound strange, but I feel like this place has been cleaned. That its been set up."

"You think?" McGee asked. He stepped back, looked around the front room. "It does seem a little...symmetrical?"

Felix nodded, "I mean, if you look at her room its not even remotely as tidy as this."

McGee snapped a few more pictures, "It could be for company."

"True," Felix said and snapped a few more pictures, "Anyone talk to her family?"

"Hasn't been notified." McGee said.

Felix turned and looked at him, "No one has notified them? Who called this in?"

McGee looked around, "I think an anonymous tip."

"Anonymous tip?" Felix responded. "What was the location of the call?"

McGee looked at her, "I don't know."

Felix rolled her eyes, "Who talked to the first on the scene?"

"DiNozzo." McGee said turning around. "Why?"

Felix smiled, "I have an idea."

"What's that?" McGee said.

"We need to track the call," Felix said, "Which you would have done anyways," She smiled, "But I have a feeling that the phone call came from this house or at least right outside this house."

"You think he called?" McGee asked.

"Oh, I do." Felix smiled.

"How could you know?" McGee asked.

"That is something that our dear Abby could tell us." A Scottish voice said from the doorway.

"How?" McGee asked, turning.

Felix turned as well to see a squat older man with brown hair and glasses standing in the doorway. A skinnier lankier man with similar hair and glasses stood behind him with the ME's kit. "Trace the number from the police dispatch and see where it came from. We could swab the phone for traces of saliva. Run the DNA and we could see if there are any anomalies."

"That's precisely what I was thinking." The man smiled, "Allow me the pleasure" he came closer, "My name is Dr. Donald Mallard -,"

"You can call me ducky," McGee said in a horrible faux Scottish accent, "Everyone else does." He smiled widely.

"Yes," Ducky looked at him, "But I hope I don't sound quite that doltish when I say it."

"Special Agent Felix Rainier." She smiled.

"Ah!" Ducky said excitedly, "You're Felix? I bet that was a pleasant surprise for the team. We had all speculated that you were a male."

Felix laughed, "Sorry to disappoint. However, I am in perfect female working condition."

He smiled wide, "Delightful. I'm sure Anthony would have ferreted out that soon enough. He's quite insatiable."

Felix smiled, instantly charmed by Ducky. "So I've noticed."

"Hey!" A very angry voice shouted behind them. "Are you done screwing around?"

Felix spun on her heel, "No sir, we're done with taking pictures, we've only just started screwing around." She spat sarcastically.

"Well shut it and start collecting evidence." Gibbs growled, "Duck the body's in here." He turned and disappeared.

"Nicely handled," Ducky smiled and nodded, "It was a pleasure."

"Ducky." She smiled. The younger skinnier man shuffled past and nodded at her.

Once they were gone, McGee rushed to her side, "Are you trying to get Gibbs to hate you?"

Felix glared at McGee and he almost jumped back because of its intensity, "If he inherently hates everyone then there is no good reason for me to take his shit and suck up to him."

McGee shrugged, "Hm, I never thought about it like that."

Felix shrugged, "Its something I learned from my dad: only weak people expect ass kissing, the ones who you need to keep on your good side are the ones that hate kiss asses more than smart asses." She smiled, "Luckily I fit that bill."

"Nice." He smiled and they started to dust for prints.

"I know. I'm real special." She smiled happily.

"We've noticed." McGee said and blushed, "Sorry, that came out weird. What I meant to say was that, uh, I've never met anyone with different colored eyes before."

"Yes, I know. Its distracting." She smiled, "But so are tits." She shrugged.

McGee stifled a chuckle. "Do you have family around here?"

Felix was silent for a moment, "No. No family." McGee didn't really know how to respond to that. He was going to ask her about hobbies when-,

"You better be talking about fingerprints." Gibbs growled as he stormed through the front room. Felix was still silent, "No cute remark?"

She bit her lip, frustrated, she wanted to show confidence, not get fired, "Not right now sir."

"Good." He walked over to McGee, "What do you have for me?"

"Uh, nothing so far sir." McGee said.

Gibbs looked around, "Nothing? What the hell have you been doing?"

"Uh, I, uh-,"

Felix snapped, "We've gone through everything but the last two feet of the room, sir. The entire place has been wiped down."

Gibbs walked over to her and stepped into her space, his face only a few inches from hers, "Wiped down?"

"No fingerprints, no fibers, not even dust." McGee added from afar.

"What the hell does that mean?" Gibbs spat angrily walking away from Felix. Everyone stayed silent. "Rainier, I asked you a question."

She looked at him, confused, "Sir?"

"Don't you have a Criminal psychology degree? Give me a theory." He spat, pacing the room.

Felix nodded, "Well, as McGee and I were going through the scene shooting pictures I noticed that the place is absolutely clean, even before we dusted for prints."

"OCD?" Tony added as Ducky and the boy carried out the victim's body.

Felix shook her head, "Obsessive compulsives are not selective. They are always obsessive compulsive about everything they do. They aren't OCD in the front room and not in the kitchen, or in this case the bedroom."

"So?" Gibbs growled, getting increasingly annoyed.

"Jesus, change your tampon," Felix spat, Tony and McGee masked their laughter as coughs, "Someone wiped this place clean. Not just wiped it clean, but moved things, organized. I'd say whoever killed her was OCD. The cuts fit the profile as well."

Gibbs nodded, "Anything else."

Felix stepped forward, "McGee said the first arriving officers said that the body was discovered because of an anonymous tip. The call will obviously be traced by McGee, here, when we get back, but just in case, I'd like to swab the phone for saliva, see if I can get some DNA. Test for anomalies."

Gibbs looked her up and down, "Good thinking." He said, "Follow through." He walked through the front door with the phone to his ear.

She ran over to McGee excitedly, "McGee can you please take pictures of the crowd outside?"

"Why?" McGee asked.

Gibbs walked back in, "Because, if he called from the scene he'll most likely be here to check out his handy work." He stared at McGee, "Go." McGee shuffled out.

"Good thinking DiNozzo." Gibbs said.

Felix bit her tongue.

"Boss, that was all Felix." DiNozzo said.

Gibbs smiled, "Good DiNozzo. Honesty is best. I was hoping you'd try to take credit and then she'd kick your ass." DiNozzo laughed, a little scared. "I'd watch out. She's special ops."

Felix's head shot up, "How did-," She shut her mouth and Gibbs just smiled.

"We got everything?" Gibbs asked eyeing her.

"Yea boss." DiNozzo said.

"Let's head out." He smiled.

Felix just nodded.


When they got back to the NCIS Gibbs told Felix to take the evidence down to the forensic lab and she obliged - obviously.

She rolled a cart full of evidence down the hallway towards what sounded like a rave. She walked into the room rolling the cart and bobbing her head to the music.

"Hellooo?" Felix shouted over the music. The room was dark, only dimly lit by the LCD monitors lining the walls and the shelves.

The lights suddenly came on, the music went off and it screwed with Felix's sensory equilibrium. She felt a little wobbly and thought she might be hallucinating when a girl stepped out in front of her wearing three inch platform mary janes, red and black striped thigh high socks, a black mini skirt with chains, a button down oxford that looked like it had blood on it, a bright red spiked dog collar and a pristine white lab coat.

"Hi." The girl smiled in her gravely voice, very enthusiastic.

Felix blinked, "Hi." She smiled. "Sorry, I lost my cognitive processes for a moment there." She smiled, "I fucking love Android Lust."

The girl's jaw dropped. "Y-y-you like Android Lust?"

"Yeah!" Felix smiled, "I have every album known to human existence on my ipod."

"OMIGOD!" She yelled. "This is mind blowing." The girl ran closer to the Felix, "I don't think I've had anyone come in here, in my history of working here, and say that they like my music. Let alone KNOW the bands name!"

Felix smiled, "Well I have a pretty eclectic music collection. I have many different tastes." Felix stuck out her hand, "I'm Felix."

"I'm Abby." She smiled, her crimson lips stretching over white teeth.

"I have ev-,"

"WAIT!" Abby shouted, holding up her hands. Felix froze and they stood in the silence for almost thirty seconds. "Felix?" Felix nodded, "As in Special Agent Felix Rainier?" Felix nodded again Abby looked her up and down, "My mind is blown." Abby said, walking around the table getting very close to her and examining her, "I thought you were a dude."

Felix smiled, "That seemed to be the consensus." She laughed, "Felix isn't exactly feminine. My parents may have been on something."

"Aren't they all?" Abby asked.

"Most likely," Felix laughed, "So, this is the evidence for the Macuso murder."

"Looks good." Abby said, signing the chain of evidence sheet. Abby started going to work and Felix stuck around.

"Hey," Felix said, "I was wondering if you need help?"

Abby's head whipped around, "H-help?"

Felix put her hands up, "I don't want to break into your space. I worked in a forensics lab at Pendleton. I know people think Californians are idiots, but UCSD has one of the most advanced medical centers in the US. I just..." She looked down, "Its quite the sausage fest up there... You have music I like..." She waved her hands, "And DiNozzo keeps drooling on me."

Abby started laughing, "Ok. I trust you." Felix smiled.

"Ya." Felix said, "Me too."


Gibbs made his way down to lab. The night was ending and he was about to go home and spend the night working on his newest creation. He just wanted to stop by Abby's to say goodnight and ask her about the forensics of the most recent murder.

The elevator dinged open and he walked into Abby's lab - it was surprisingly bright. He looked around and walked back to Abby's enclosed office. The door whizzed open and he saw Abby...and Felix.

Felix was standing there with her shirt off and her pants unbuttoned and riding dangerously low on her hips.

"Fuck me." Felix whispered. Abby giggled. Gibbs was staring, his mouth hanging slightly open. Felix stood there, frozen in absolute horror, her feet glued to the floor. She was little, but what was easily hidden by clothes was now exposed. Her body was built with lean muscle covered by smooth ivory skin. Her breasts were big enough to be enjoyable but not enough to look fake. They were clad in a black lace push up bra that was making something in Gibbs's stomach stir.

"Sir." Felix mumbled. Abby was still staring at Gibbs's staring at Felix. "Um, we were showing each other our tattoos." Felix said.

"Yeah!" Abby grabbed Felix's arm and spun her to the side, lifting up her arm, "Check this out!" There was an intricate tattoo on her right side, stretching from the bottom of her breast to about 6 inches below her hip, which Abby graciously pulled down the pants to expose. The tattoo was tribal style of a one winged wolf. The wolf itself was lined with with black with hints of black, purple, blue and crimson within it to make it seem opalesque, like sunlight on an oil slick. The wing spread onto her lower back, instead of feathers, it was made of black and purple flames.

Gibbs dragged his eyes over her body some more, "Impressive."

Felix pulled down her arm and blew the bangs that were in her eyes. "Thank you sir." Felix grabbed Abby's lab coat and threw it over her body quickly.

Abby smiled, grabbed Gibbs and pulled him into the actual lab, leaving Felix in her office. Abby leaned into Gibbs, "I thought you only liked red heads."

Gibbs scoffed, "Abbs..."

"Ok, work first..." She winked.