Epilogue - One year later...

Felix laid back in her chair, sipping her coffee and imagining a cigarette in her fingers. Her eyes were closed and she enjoyed the heat on her skin. It was relaxing, atoning almost, to feel her skin prickle and sweat under the rays. She loved the heat and desperately missed it in Virginia, but now... Now she could relish in it whenever she wanted.


Felix sat upright quickly and winced at the pain it caused, "Jesus, what the hell is up your ass today?"

"Did you bring me coffee?"

"Its on the table." Felix groaned, flipping the off switch to the heat lamp. She stood up and walked over to the window, staring at the large grey clouds in the sky teeming with the dime sized rain drops falling to the streets.

"How are you feeling precious?"

Felix walked over to the desk and sat down, she pulled back her lab coat and placed a hand on her small buldge, "Peachy keen, I'd say."

"You make one fucking hot pregnant woman." Abby laughed, wiggling her eyebrows.

Felix chuckled, "Shut up Abby, I feel HUGE."

"You're only in your fourth month," She laughed, "You are gonna get much bigger."

"Thanks for that inspiring thought Abby," Felix said acidly.

"Don't freak, you are still so tiny," Abby chuckled, "Just cause you've had a flat stomach all your life doesn't mean you need to freak out when you've got a few extra inches on your gut."

"Shove it Abby." Felix growled. "Why, again, did you disrupt my dreams of beaching it up in Maui or maybe Miami?"

Abby smiled, "Ugh, beaches," She said distastefully, "UV rays are harmful, especially for someone with your skin type. You're whiter than me," She pulled up her shirt to expose her belly and then exposed Felix's pregnant belly, "You're translucent."

Felix rolled here eyes and slapped her hands away, "Why, oh pearlish one, have you disrupted my slumber?"

"Oh, cau-,"

"We've got another case." DiNozzo said, coming into the lab and going straight up to Felix slipping a hand up under her shirt and splaying his fingers on her belly, "Hiya baby!" Tony said in a childish voice, "You're gonna be the cutest thing in the world, aren't you pretty baby?"

"Tony!" Felix whined and pulled her shirt down, "Please stop fondling your coworkers. I'll report you for sexual harassment and make you take that stupid seminar again." Tony grimaced and stepped back, raising his hands in surrender.

"Hey guys!" McGee came walking in and kissed Abby on the cheek before placing the boxes of evidence on the desk. He also charged Felix and put a hand on her belly, "Awe, the baby's getting so big!" He said excitedly, "Uncle Tim will help you when you need to learn how to play video games," He rubbed her belly.

"Or hack into the CIA to erase the existence of the next person who touches my fucking belly!" Felix growled, glaring at Tony and McGee who took two rather large steps back.

"Someone needs to learn how to watch their language before the baby comes."

Felix turned to the doorway and smiled wide, "Hi ya Gibbs."

"Hi Felix, Hi Abbs." He said coming in and placing kisses on their cheeks. He walked over to the evidence and tapped on the box, "All right, so far we've got a quadruple homicide, a military family who lives off base, who died rather suddenly last night when someone broke into their home and shot them all at point blank range with a small caliber weapon." He looked to DiNozzo.

"So far we believe that this was not a robbery gone wrong, it was an excecution." He said and leaned against the table which moved slightly, causing DiNozzo to falter. Everyone had a hard time keeping their faces serious, he cleared his throat assertively, "Each family member was shot at point blank rage with a small caliber weapon which most likely had a silencer on it. They were all still lying in bed when their bodies were found, none of them had moved or even looked like they were woken up by a gun shot - which would do exactly that and quite efficiently too."

"They weren't moved back into bed?" Felix asked, Gibbs eyed her and grinned.

"Still got the invesitgatory touch?"

"Touch this." She said teasingly and flipped him off while sticking out her tongue.

"No, we believe that they were in bed when they were killed, judging by blood spatter as well as the fact that there really was no sign of struggle, other than the broken back door." DiNozzo smiled, "So ladies, it is now your turn to examine the evidence, run finger prints, and do your thing."

"On it Tony," Abby said in her most official sounding voice.

Felix snapped to attention and saluted him. She turned to Abby, "Which box you want?"

"Ummmm that one." She said and grabbed the first box.

"Sounds good." Felix smiled and turned to grab the next box, but Gibbs got in her way and instantly palmed her stomach.

"Hows the mommy to be?" He gave her and the baby one of his lopsided grins, which did nothing to display the emotion he actually felt.

"Fine." She smiled, feeling the heat rising up to her face, "Four months yesterday."

They started conversing and Tony and McGee snuck off to the elevator. Tony pressed the button and looked over his shoulder to make sure no one was walking up.

"How is it that Felix still looks hot even though she pregnant?" Tony asked.

McGee shrugged, "Pregnancy is a beautiful thing Tony, its like life's true calling for a woman, why would they not be beautiful?"

"Awe," Tony ruffled McGee's hair, "Does McGroom fantasize about little McGeeblets running around some day?"

McGee unruffled his hair and glared at Tony, "Maybe I do Tony. What you've never thought of it?"

DiNozzo smiled in his evil way, "I probably have an heir or two running around..."

"God Tony..." McGee grumbled.

"But thats not what's preoccupying my mind right now," DiNozzo smiled and looked over to McGee, "You know Felix's tits are gonna get bigger right?" He wiggled his eyebrows.


"Awe!" DiNozzo grumbled rubbing the back of his head, "I think my eyeball almost popped out on that one boss!" He turned to look at Gibbs who was giving him the full Gibbs's glare.

"DiNozzo..." Gibbs growled from behind them, "Stop talking about my wife's tits."

DiNozzo's eyes widened, "Course boss..." He muttered as the elevator dinged open and he ran inside, putting his back to the back wall of the elevator before Gibbs and McGee got in. "Which wife would that be? I mean all of them were lookers," He smiled, looking at McGee, "They were all redheads of course, until Felix, but hell, she's firey anyways" He smiled, "You sure....are..........luc.....ky" DiNozzo finished as Gibbs turned slowly and ended up inches away from his face. "Right boss, shutting up."

Gibbs turned around as the doors closed, a small smile evident on his lips.

There was silence for a few moments.

"But hey, I mean, fifth times the charm, right?" DiNozzo muttered.