The Return Of The Unicorn

By: Midnight Maiden

Disclaimer: These characters belong to Peter S. Beagle

I freed the rest of my kind so couldn't I just be let free. I can't be a unicorn anymore. I feel regret, like no unicorn ever has. I regret everyday. I regret being a human in the first place, I regret leaving to fing the rest of my kind, I regret falling in love with Lir, and I regret ever being a unicorn again.

I had to see Shmendrick. He had to make me the Lady Amalthea once again, so I could see my beloved. I didn't live far from him and I visited often so I made my way to his home. I saw him outside in the garden with Molly Grue and whinnied shrilly.


"Unicorn, you have returned!" Molly exclaimed.

"Shmendrick, you have to help me." I begged.

"Unicorn, if you are going to ask to be a human again, I won't do it." He answered, like he could read my mind.

"You have to! I can't be a Unicorn anymore! I can't live as a Unicorn with all these mixed up feelings and regret. You asked me once if I had regret anything I had done and I told you no, because I couldn't. But now I can and I regret everything I have everything I have ever done! Unicorn can't be that way!" I was practically groveling, I couldn't believe myself.

"Shmendrick, have a heart! Can't you see it's true love?!" Molly snapped.

"You are both insane. Number one I don't even know if I could do something that powerful again and two, it would be a crime to make you forget what you are!" Shmendrick shouted.

"Don't give me that! You are the most powerful magician in the entire world! You could turn me back by looking at me now. With your newly found powers you could try to make it so I could be a human or a unicorn whenever I choose. You can do it, I know you can! Please?" I begged again.

Shmendrick sighed, "Do you insist?"

"YES!" Molly and I both yelled.


Shmendrick started his wild chanting and I began to glow. My head spun and my stomach lurched but soon the sensation was over. I dropped to the ground, like I had once done, and was Lady Amalthea once again. Molly gave me her cloak which I took gratefully and smiled.

"You are just as beautiful as ever Lady Amalthea." She sighed and giggled. Now come in so I can get you ready to see Lir!"