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Author's Note: Another headcanon from an anon. :3 Written and edited in like 10 minutes… and just for the smiles. XD

Submitted Headcanon: Bi headcannon in which Sebastian obsesses with the song Call Me Maybe by Carley Rae Jensen, which in turn annoys Ciel because Ciel can't understand why Sebastian would like the song since it says "Hey I just met you". As Sebastian sings the song to himself Ciel snaps and gives a speech about how no, Sebastian didn't just meet him, they met 200 years ago!

Warnings: Fluff. SebaCiel. Part of the "Bicentennial" series, takes place after "666."


Radio Romance


"Hey, I just met you~"

"Sebastian. Sebastian, no."

"And this is crazy!"

"Sebastian, please. Every time this song comes on the radio, you— eep!"

"But here's my number!" Sebastian sang, abandoning his station in front of the stove in favor of sweeping Ciel into a playful embrace. The younger demon, for his part, snapped his husband with a glare— all but hanging from his once-butler's arms as he was spun around the kitchen, serenaded and made to dance some strange mutation of the waltz. "So call me, maybe!"

"Sebastian, this song is asinine," Ciel droned, trying to look disapproving as Sebastian laughed and grinned all the more widely, twirling them around the kitchen table. As their parents spun past their high-chairs, the 6-month old twins gurgled with approval— clapping their hands and cooing along. His family's obvious amusement was making it difficult to stay pouty, but Ciel did his best, anyway. (He had a reputation, after all.) "As happy as I am that you've gotten over your obsession with the Nyan Cat song, this one is hardly better," he protested weakly, absolutely refusing to giggle when Sebastian nestled close and sang directly into his master's overly-sensitive ear, eliciting a squirm from him. "I— I don't understand why you insist on this charade every time this plays on the radio! I did not trade my soul for a wish— revenge is different—, or pennies and dimes for any sort of sexual favors… We did not just meet, neither of us gave out a number, and the only thing I 'called' was your name—! Ah!"

Ciel's rant was silenced by a well-timed dip— and a rather deep kiss— both of which filled the instrumental break quite nicely. When Sebastian pulled them back upright (Asmus and Toth shrieking happily all the while), he beamed, rosy eyes as soft as the breathless blush on his charge's flustered face.

"Before you came into my life I missed you so bad, I missed you so bad, I missed you so, so bad," Sebastian hummed, voice silken and sweet as he peppered a few more kisses against Ciel's forehead and temple. "Before you came into my life I missed you so bad, and you should know that…"


Notably pink now, Ciel glanced demurely away as the song came to an end, hoping Sebastian didn't notice the way his hands lingered when it came time to separate. For as much as he protested against this quirky ritual… "…you could at least listen to the Alex Goot version of the song," he mumbled half-heartedly, resuming his post in front of the frying potatoes. "Since, you know, we played his songs at our wedding, and all…"

Still chortling merrily, Sebastian opened his mouth to respond to this—

I don't want another pretty face, the radio crooned, Carley Rae Jensen's hit melting into Jesse McCartney's. At the sound of the very first note, Sebastian— visibly ecstatic— gasped in glee.


"I don't want just anyone to hold!" he trilled, as if in answer.


"I don't want my love to go to waste!"

"Nooo—!" Ciel cried (or, rather, laughed) as he was again pulled into his husband's arms and sashayed across the room.

"I want you and your beautiful soul!"

Needless to say, supper burned. (Good thing no one really needed it.)