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They were pressed up against the wall, wrapped in each other's arms as the aftermath of their rough sex left them panting and struggling to regain control of their senses.

This was dangerous. She knew it was stupid and foolish, and yet she couldn't deny that a part of her, even if just a small part, had wanted this from the moment she'd walked into the garage. The sight of him had left her speechless. He looked as amazing as he had back when they were both foolishly young and in love, only that age had added to his sex appeal. The man was an Adonis. He was made to give great pleasure to women, even the mere sight of him. And after the little interlude they'd just shared, she now knew he hadn't lost the ability to pleasure her in a way only he knew how.

The only problem now was dealing with the aftermath of this situation. What the fuck are you going to do now, Leah? How could you have been so stupid as to go and screw your ex as if the past five years hadn't happened?

"I think it's time for you to leave," his voice was gruff against ear and she felt the words douse her like a cold shower.

She fought to remain in control and emotionless as she pulled away and cleared her throat. "Well then you need to get the fuck off of me."

Jacob pushed himself away from the wall and stared down at her angrily. Cursing under his breath, he turned and began adjusting his clothes into order once more while Leah struggled to undo the damage he had done to her own clothes.

"Fucking stupid," she heard him curse under his breath and looked up at him pointedly.

"Excuse me?" she snapped icily.

"What?" Jacob bit out as he finished buttoning and zippering up his pants.

"What did you just say?"

"That this was fucking stupid. It shouldn't have happened. Why the fuck did you have to come back for this?"

Leah glared at him in outrage as she hurriedly pulled down her skirt and flattened out the now crumpled material. The bastard had ruined her nice dress. And the sticky substance now flowing down her thighs was making that fact seem not so bad after all. God damn him!

"You really think I came here with the intention of having sex with you?" she cried incredulously as she looked around for her panties only to see them in a torn mess on the floor. The recollection of when he'd pulled them off of her made her shiver in her pumps. "Bastard."

"What else could you have possibly wanted? You come, insult and aggravate me, pretend that the past hasn't even elapsed between the two of us. How dare you just show up here after all of it?" he walked away from her to the other side of the garage, pacing and running his hands through his hair nervously. He needed to keep his distance from this woman. Better yet, he needed her out of here immediately. She was no good for him. The past ten minutes had proven exactly that.

"I already told you I wanted to talk."

"Well you have a great way of talking. I'm sure all those high and mighty, tailored, upper class men you're seeing out in Seattle really enjoy your type of talk."

"You fucked me, don't try to change the facts and make me out to be the one who violated you," she sneered as she grabbed her clutch bag and started walking away from him and toward the door.

"I didn't violate you, princess. Your legs were wrapped tightly around me and your pussy was dripping and begging for it," he shot back acidly, knowing if he was going to get her, he'd have to hit her where it hurt. Her pride.

"Fuck you, Jacob Black."

"You just did, baby."

It was all she heard before she slammed the door to the garage and made her way out into the now dark and rainy Forks twilight.

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