I am small.

I am but one person in the great big world.

My life is better then most people's.

I tell myself that over and over.

But my heart is still broken.

I remember all that we had been through.

Us always auguring and him being his self-absorbed self. Then him showing a softer, sweeter side. Us dating, Him proposing in a meadow filled with flowers. Our wedding day. Living happily together for over a year… or at least I thought we were happy.

When I woke up this morning, he was gone. He left me a note. He isn't coming back. He left me.

"Why?" I whisper to myself.

From where I am sitting at the table, I can see through the kitchen window. I doesn't seem right. On a day where I feel so sad and depressed, that the sun should be shining and the birds singing.

Why did he have to do this today? Why on such a perfect day?

Today was the day I was going to tell him I was pregnant.

I should have seen this coming. I should have known what a jerk Chad was when I married him.

For the first time, I laid my head in my hands and let myself cry.