Super Mario Sketch show episode 4

Yep! It's back it didn't end with episode 3!

By Stephen Paget

Mario: Hey everybody! It's the Super Mario Sketch show! Da da da da dah!

Sketch 1 – The Mario Brothers home

Luigi comes through the door looking happy.

Mario: So how was your day?

Luigi: Great! I went swimming, and seeing as the frog powerup suit , helps me swim better. I used one of those.

Mario: Hey you should be careful; with those. They can have weird side effects.

Luigi: Oh, I feel fine! ( A fly suddenly comes out of where, and Luigi sticks out a long frog-like tongue and eats it. Mario's eyes widen in shock.)

Luigi (ignoring Mario's look): Completely fine!

Scene 2 – The Koopas get smarter

Two enemy turtle koopas, one with a green shell called Marvin and one with a red shell called Alfred walk back and forth in the underground level in the second level of Super Mario Brothers.

Marvin: God! Bowser is so stupid, I can't believe he doesn't even give us a weapon to stop Mario with.

Alfred: Yeah, does he just expect us to go attack him with our 4 bare feet?

Marvin: And look at the goombas, they don't even have that sharp teeth and they don't even have arms! He has the crappiest army of all time!

Alfred: Well I've had enough, let take matters into our own hands and stop Mario ourselves.

Marvin: How?

Alfred: Well we have all these coins that just seem to be floating all around out of nowhere for some reason, and there's a guy I know who owns a gun shop down the road.

Marvin: I think I know where you're getting at.

Alfred: Let's go.

Later that day, Mario came down the pipe into the underground level, only to then get his leg caught in a bear trap after leaving the pipe.


Marvin and Alfred then appear with evil grins. Marvin is holding a shotgun and Alfred is holding a machine gun.

Marvin: Don't worry, we'll put you out your pain.

Mario got a huge amount of gunfire to his body killing him instantly.

Scene 3

Announcer: and now it's time for Luigi's random thought of the day!

Peach: A goid coin for your thoughts, Luigi?

Luigi: When Mario and I take the magic mushrooms, why do our clothes grow too? The clothes aren't part of our body. Shouldn't they rip off and leave us in the nude?

Peach: Luigi, here's 10 gold coins, next time I ask don't bother.