Super Mario Sketch Show Episode 5

Yay! It's my 25th story! (Singing) Celebrate good times! C'mon!

And now everybody, a return to a classic people got a good laugh out of, a return to Stephen Paget's classic series "I don't believe Mario's last name is Mario!" Now if anybody has read those fanfics you'll have found that Mario went through an extremely hard life with his name, but if he actually got some good luck out of it?

Mario: Noooooooo!

Author: What?

Mario: No! Not again! I went through enough pain, in those stories. No more! I'm not doing it!

Author: But you….

Mario: No! I have no last name! It's just Mario! That's it! We have never been called by our full names in the games! Nintendo have stated we don't have last names! We are called the Mario brothers because I'm the most famous brother out of the two!

Author: I'll give you 10,000 gold coins

Mario: 10,000 and 1!

Author: What's the difference! Oh all right deal.

Mario: Pleasure doing business.

Scene 1 : The return of a classic series

I don't believe Mario's last name is Mario: The return to Mario's hell.

Bowser has the Mario brothers trapped in a corner in his castle and is about to finish them off with his fire breath.

Bowser: Any last words, before you die, Mario and Luigi? In order to rescue the princess you must get the key I'm holding!

Luigi (coming up with a plan): Hmmm…how about more of a last joke, just to see how humorous I can be?

Bowser: A little unusual, but I'll allow it!

Luigi: Have you ever wondered about our last name, Bowser?

Mario (turning to Luigi and snarling): Luigi….

Bowser: I kind of assumed you didn't have one.

Luigi: Well we do, we're called the Mario brothers so our last name is Mario, which would mean Mario's name is…..well…take a guess.

Bowser: You mean it's….no way!

Luigi: Yep!

Bowser bursts into complete laughter and falls down, dropping the key.

Bowser: Ah ha HA HA! Mario Mario! That's the stupidest name I've ever heard in my life! Ah ha ha! Your parents must have hated you!

Mario (unhappy) : every time they do that, a little bit of me dies.

Luigi: Well actually they were drug addicts…like us, only they took worse drugs.

Bowser continues laughing, not noticing he dropped the key in his laughter. Luigi takes the key.

Luigi (smiling): C'mon let's rescue the princess.

Mario and Luigi both escape, and Bowser comes out of his laughter.

Bowser (getting angry) : Hey!

Mario and Luigi stand outside the castle. They have rescued the princess.

Princess Peach: Thank you Mario.

Mario (sulking) : It was Luigi's idea.

Peach: That's what I was doing, I was thanking him by his last name.

Luigi: Ha ha! Forget fire flowers, and hammer suits, maybe our enemies should just hear your name!

Mario: Oh shut up!

Scene 2

Announcer : And now everybody it's Luigi's random thought of the day!

Yoshi: Yosh….Yos…Yoshi…YOSHHHHHIIIIII! (Translation: a gold coin for your thoughts Luigi?)

Luigi: Have you ever wondered about that Spin dash attack Sonic the Hedgehog uses? How does he do it, without making himself seriously dizzy and sick with all that spinning he does?

Yoshi: Yooooshi, Yoshi. (Translation: Luigi here's 10 gold coins next time I ask, don't bother!)

The end.