Another Account of His Being the Only Person on the Island.(1.)

When gulls swarmed the albatross spread its wings

screeching and elegance roamed the sky

I hid, tortured by fears they would attack and fled to caves

I remembered they did so in the Good Book (e.)

when men suffering the pangs and guilt of their unheeding lives

felt the crushing Judgment upon them.

Soon, my torturers would burst open the cracks in the walls

and I would suffer for every wayward inclination and thought

I ever had.

They would bring their clubs, spears, fire torches in the dark (d.)

Scale the height by rope drop down

and freight the lonely soul out of me

to be replaced by a rapacious ghost eager to

supplant shadows for living beings

to be strung up piked and burned on top of the most

unholy of pyres.

Recovering somewhat to venture beyond.

And, climbing to see from on high the highway waters

for ships of plenty that 'ply their trade' (b.)

just beyond the horizon.

However, the brain in flight from reality

tries to rescue itself

in the nether world of fantasy…

which gone awry chimera await

the entrance…there is no treasure

no hoarded gold (c.)

they wait till night

fogs hold close to the ground (2.)

obscure images race by

others lurking in wait

famished I raced to the other side during the second watch.

Tripping, heart palpitating blood rushing to the brain and I cry out.

Sounds heavy twigs snapping large swerving unseen an animal calls

the lunatick roams, he has a gun (a.)

we could all get shot down…

But no one hears and I fear being stranded I will be until

I swim knowingly into a region of Undertow

the green deep circling round.

When I was alone it was not all insanity (3.)

moments of lucid beauty when the air was cool

in darkness before the sun rising

in the far West where home lay

there was a single ray closed up by purple masses

now extending across the sky

red and purple black now spreading across the horizon

Suddenly as in a glass broken bending

so two scenes different in angle of the same sight before me

then as if many lenses the sun great globe cut into so many layers.

Clouds as in explosions of a magazine mushroom out (4.)

I had heard of ancient volcanoes reaching the heavens

Flame and ash exuding fiery avalanches of coal

red lava pouring unstoppable by any moat

to go into and settle.

Red and yellow from the middle the sunlight shone forth

beacon of God from the middle of now three layers

of red yellow red now the sky brings clouds inwards

lightning brings anew and I must seek shelter

as between the flash and bellow is a space of time

telling a mudslide will occur given the weak foothold I have in this unstable region I am situated on…

Lightning hit metal on a floating part

a shipmate was on I the part caught fire, too far,

in my glass he sand not knowing I was witness

to his sad demise.

Rolling swells conjured by the wind

which if it were personified in

human form would surely be

cast bound in the waters to drown the

very waters the wind itself agitated.

If I believe in the Almighty

Satan must want my death!

every breath still taken must

disturb him for he keeps

lashing with sleet and columnar spouts

that twirl. Once either

by hallucination or plain sight

a spout turned and churned in the

opposite direction till nearly

drowned I surfaced close to

a beach. My lungs full of fluid

my heart yet had a hope

of gaining respite and to be able

to stand on dry land after these terrors

would be a miracle!

Seaweed wrapped around my neck

like a sea python gagged me

I twirled it around came up for air

and with a sound

of thunder and roaring sea

I found myself chest to head

free of the deeps yet still clinging

was Davy Jones hand onto my ankle

desperate to have me back but

I overcame him. Cold alone

gagging coughing feeling sand in my mouth

I went back to cup water from my hand

not feeling or thinking just watching the surf

attempt to recapture me wave upon wave

riding the tidal influx that forced me to flee

up towards the trees.

Lightning had struck a solitary trunk on a hillside

Of rock like the proverbial burning bush

I was thankful someone had taken me back to life.

Grateful when I started a fire

I offered my first fruits form the forest to He

who guides all sailors to safety as he did

the Apostle Paul from shipwreck.

Crusoe on the loneliness of the island before Friday

the party that survived the mutiny and Olivia:

Hot sun burning on my face sunsets that die in a bloodbath of red

that God abandoned me is uppermost in my mind but I

have faith he will release me in time

from this circumscribed land bound by waters

sometimes passive

unless I venture into them

then they roll faster foaming after me

closing me up between two waves

a liquid coffin too heavy to withstand

dragging me down.

Now, I cry to the moon

I cry in a cave and yell curses at the

unseen peoples I hoped would rescue me

from this pitiless isolation

The forest is lush it sustains yet it

is utterly bereft of another sound

Davy cannot catch me but he won't

let me float


I mentioned a story about someone stranded going mad but that was a different story there is no poetry/diary they write they are just seen going mad but the series had a character going mad and there are stories by poe and others as well as my having been in psychology and social work along with actual case histories I read about film foofootage of actual patients this is also after: Crusoe after the novel and recent tv series on last year. Yelling at the unseen: Dumas, when in the Count of Monte Cristo, the main character yells in solitary confinement…goes mad…….and the Milgram experiment I mention in other notes to other stories One could even put mental patients in the context of prisoners as well. Besides the story above does not really having Crusoe go mad or insane he simply yells with no one there these are the references…


Either the book or the recent series [which I wish would come back] had something like this notion of it was not all bad or some other thing had a line like this…

As in nuclear explosions…

1a. During the time before Friday showed up Robinson made his own

paper from instructions given to him on one of his trips…

a. ancient stories that tell of shadow beings…I listed some


a. I have been on trails where bears are said to roam sometimes

you hear something large moving but you do not see them

b. ply plied an older well-worn phrase

a. What I had in here was the following, I took it out:

chimera, an ancient term for monster or creature

and dragon or some other creature or even humans guarding gold

is found in Beowulf, Wagner's 'Ring of the Neibelung'

d. the composer Schubert wrote a story of men in the night

torches chasing, if I recall…as cited in a documentary on tv

of course, 'Frankenstein' with people chasing him,

-Emily Bronte: the congregation in a sense goes mad with clubs

"every man's hand was against his neighbour"

e. Hitchcock, 'The Birds'