This is a mixture of one-shots, past, present and future from all different points of view and including all sorts of pairings. It'll always be "complete" but I'll add to it whenever I get the time and inspiration to write some. Appologies for the pants-ness of it, especially Flying. It was my first attempt at a very short story, and didn't turn out the way I'd planed, but I shall stop rambling now and let you get on with it :)


So yeah, I was bored and playing with a little model seal (I get inspiration from the strangest places) and wrote this. Little one-shot majig but anyway.

I do not own Ouran High School Host Club.

Title: Flying

Pairings: Haruhi and Tamaki

Rating: K/K+

I was awoken to the sound of soft tapping. I rolled over and looked at the clock. The greenish light burned my eyes as I strained to read the time. 1:12 am. Who on Earth could it be? Any normal person would be asleep.

I swung my legs over the side of the bed when I heard the tapping again, but instead of coming from the door I swear it was coming from my window. I threw the thought away as I slid of the bed and went to the front door. Cautiously, I opened it a crack and peered out. Nothing. No movement, no shadow, no noise. Frustrated I closed the door and locked it before creeping back to my room, being careful not to wake Dad.

I fidgeted in the duvet for a bit before hearing the sound again. This time I was certain it was coming from the window. I thought I'd gone mad. I'm on the third story and there's no ladder anywhere near my window. Maybe it was a bird. Some kind of owl or something. I drew back the blinds and almost cried out with shock. There, floating outside the window was none other than Tamaki Souh. I opened the window as wide as I could and let him.

"Hey" he whispered.

"Hey… hang on a minute! What are you doing here? And why use the window when there's a perfectly good door?"

"Ah Haruhi, you're so cute when you're annoyed"

"Erm thanks…"

"Do you want to come with me?"

"Come with you? Where to?"

"My favourite place" he beamed, "You'll love it I know it"

"It's 20 past 1 Tamaki"

"I know, it's a lovely view at night" he was pleading through his blazing blue eyes.

"And I'm standing here in my Pyjamas"

"You can get changed, there's no hurry"

"Will anything I say persuade you to let me go back to bed?"


"Fine, go wait in the lounge and I'll be there in a minute"

Tamaki walked over to the door, dropping a kiss on my head as he went. I raised my eyebrow before going over to a draw and taking out a sweater. I pulled it on over my top and then swapped my bottoms for jeans. Pulling on some boots I hopped out into the lounge.

"That was quick"

"Was it?"

"Yeah, ready to go?

"I guess, I still don't know why have to go in the middle of the night…" I trailed off

We were out on the stairs outside the apartment.

"Jump on my back"

"What? I am capable of walking down stairs"

"We're not going downstairs"

"Huh? How are we getting there then?"

He broke into a smile. "Let me give you a piggy back and you'll see" Obediently I obeyed and jumped onto his back.

"Ready?" he asked

"As much as I'll ever be" I replied

"Right then, take off" at that he jumped up and flew over the hand rail.

"You're…we're… flying?"

"That or we're both dreaming" I didn't know what would make me feel safer so I clung onto his top until my fingers turned white, closed my eyes, I buried my head in his shoulder.

I don't know how long we were but eventually his feet touched the ground. I was still clinging tightly to his chest with my eyes tightly closed as he laid me on the ground.

"Haruhi," he laughed, "you can open your eyes now" I did so, straight in front was the city, the lights shining brightly against the darkness of the night.

"It's… beautiful" I turned to Tamaki. He slipped his arm around my waist as I rested my head on his shoulder.

"I love you"

Yeah... it kinda sucks... but hey :)