I decided to make this into a collection because... well FF could probably do without me clogging it up. Mmm, if you've ever wondered what a story would be like written at two in the morning while thinking about a certain someone, this could well be what you're after. I wrote it about a month ago in the dark while listening to the song in question. It is very beautiful along with all Einaudi's other work so please do check him out on "the tube of you", I'm sure you can work that out :) Enjoy~~~

Title: Twilight Musings

Pairings: Haruhi and Tamaki... sort of

Rating: K

I gazed out of the window. The night's sky, which had seemed so deep black, began to turn grey. No stars twinkled in the deep void of space. A cold breeze cooled my body after a long hot day. In the distance, I could hear the roar of an engine. It was half past 1, but I couldn't sleep, my mind kept drifting back to him. Silently, so as to not wake dad, I dug out my pocket radio. They were playing Ludovico Einaudi's pieces, each beautiful in their own right but made even more special because Tamaki used to play them to me on his piano.

I missed him. It was nearly a year since we lost contact, even though everyone promised it wouldn't happen. Tamaki and Kyōya left school last year, with Hunny and Mori leaving the year before. It was just the three of us now, Hikaru, Kaoru and and me, holding the fort, but soon the time would come when we too would part our separate ways and each start a new chapter.

I listened to the song that was playing, fairytale, while staring at the dark sky. The city lights cast an orange glow heavenwards as I watched. I tried to concentrate on each note, savouring it. The tune was so delicate, and sounded like it had been written, played, just for me.

Moving on was not something I enjoyed. The music is deep, gently searching every nook and cranny of my mind, laying my soul bare. The breeze that minutes ago had cooled me began to make me shiver. I ignored it as my mind drifted back to Tamaki. I missed him. A lot.

Everything is changing and I have no control over it. Hikaru and Kaoru both had girlfriends now and so I was seeing less and less of them. Slowly I was being absorbed back into the world of studying and revising.

As Einaudi's fairytale came to an end, I began to ponder over the ending of my own fairytale. Would it end happily ever after or will I have to resign myself to reliving memories and wishing I could change the past. I guess only time will tell, but I do wish Tamkai would waltz back into my life sometime soon.