Black Wind

Author: Chyna Fox
Summary: I'm terrible at summaries. Sorry. Buffy, an Awakener(a born vampire) is caught in the middle of a bloody battle between her clan, the Azilots, and their rival clan, the Aurelius. When tragedy strikes, she seeks revenge to the one she feels is responsible. That's right. Angelus. In doing so, she unknowingly opens up a door to secrets her family had been keeping from her, and more betrayal than she knew was possible.

Note: This first chapter is kind of long winded, but I wanted to be as accurate as I could with the Irish/English history. It comes back in to play at the end of the story. Hopefully, you guys can pull through the history lesson(the real and supernatural kind)!

Thanks again for all the feedback from 'Forsaken' and hopefully you'll like this one as well!

1175- Battle of Clontarf

The soldier fought fiercely; parrying and thrusting, punching and kicking, battling to the very most of his strength until he was the last of his army on the field. He and his men were drastically outnumbered and they all knew before going in that this would be the last battle they would ever fight. But the handsome young soldier would not go down without a struggle. He would bring his family honor and pride knowing that he took as down many of the Englishmen as he could.

It was 1175 and Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair was the High King of Ireland. Things had changed for the Irish in the last 10 years as they had begun the battle between themselves and the English, both fighting for dominance. The fighter didn't know it, but it was a war that would not end for nearly 1,000 years; all of their deaths were only a small fraction of the ones to come.

The Irishman jumped away from a sword nearly decapitating him and swiftly brought his own weapon down, slicing his opponents' throat. He had no time to celebrate the victory as three more of his enemies were approaching him. He took them all on violently, gritting his teeth with every swing of his sword. The wind was blowing forebodingly, picking up every bit of dirt and dust, giving a far away illusion of it being black. Yellow eyes, hidden in the darkness, watched the warrior as he cut another foe down.

Parrying and thrusting, punching and kicking, battling to the very most of his strength, the young Irish didn't even see the sword that would end his fight. His eyes rounded in shock as he looked down and saw the weapon jutting out of his midsection. It was released brutally and he fell face down into the field. The remainder of the English army laughed at the fallen man and one raised his sword to give him a final blow.

His ally stopped him, "No. Let the Olde Ones have him. This Paddy's suffering should be great."

The other Englishmen nodded, hate directed toward the soldier for killing many of his friends. He spat on his struggling body and walked away with the rest of his militia.

The fallen solider knew what they were speaking of and used his fading strength to flip himself over. He tried to sit up, but the bleeding hole in his belly prevented him. The Olde Ones were definitely fast approaching, looking for dying victims such as him. He had never encountered the legendary blood sucking creatures and would rather die before he did.

It wasn't long before he heard the first screams of his fallen, not yet dead comrades.

Heinrich Nest, a horribly disfigured creature, slowly embarked towards the field. Seeing that the rest of the humans were gone he signaled to his Clan that it was safe for them to feed freely. They quickly ran out from the cover of trees and bushes rushing to get to the barely living food. The deformed creature kept his slow pace looking steadily ahead of him, searching for the one he had seen. Spotting him, he quickly went to him, before any of his kind could find him and use him as food.

"This one… Hold him up."

Two of his fledglings scampered at his dark, rumbling voice and lifted the broken soldier by his arms. He attempted to fight their hold, but found his body had little strength.

Nest stared at him, watching his weak struggle. There was a defiant look on the young mans face and he showed no pain, even though putting up a resistance must have put him in great agony. "Why is it that you fight, young mortal?"

In return the young man snarled, his lips cracking and bleeding with the movement. His eyes showed no pain and he said nothing.

The creature tossed his head back and gave a great, exaggerated laugh, "Strong will for such a weak human shell… I will give you one more chance… why do you fight?"

The dark haired soldier stared at him through bloodshot eyes and spoke with his thick Irish brogue, "Because creatures like you exist. Because I have faith in Ireland and the Lord Jesus Christ. Now…kill me, Vampyre, or leave me to bleed."

All amusement washed from Nests face as he stared down at the strongly built soldier. He craned his head to the side, as if deciding what to do with him. Without looking at his minions he snapped, "Set him down and leave us!"

The vampires quickly did as they were told and went off to continue their search for food.

The creature known as Nest knelt down to the broken man. His posture was serious, his tone absolute, "You are going to die. Your precious life force is spilling from you, emptying out onto this filthy ground."

The human could do nothing, but cough in return. Blood spilled from his mouth and added to the rest that was sliding down his face.

Nest tsked at him pathetically, wiped at the blood and lifted his fingers to lap at it a bit, "You fight more than any of them," He tossed a glance at the cooling corpses around them, "I sense great power in you. Power that you don't even understand. I could give you ultimate life…in Ultimate Death."

The young man's eyes widened, realizing what the deformed creature was offering. He was dying, that was for sure, but he had never been afraid of many things in his short 25 years of living. Knowing that, he was surprised of the fear that built inside of him. However, it wasn't the words he spoke or even the demons distorted face that frightened him.

It was Death.

For some reason, unknown to him, the one thing he sought out the most in his life, to die in battle, gave him the deepest fear he had ever felt.

Nest kept the triumphant grin to himself, recognizing the look in the dying mans eye. He cradled his head to his lap and carefully changed the tone of his voice, "What is your name, child?"

"Li-Liam Angelus McMorrow." He sputtered out, now wincing at the pain in his belly.

"Angelus…" The vampire's eyes twinkled with blasphemed delight, "Religious family, I see." Nest realized that this Angelus before him hadn't much life to live, "You must do exactly as I say and only that."

Liam nodded slightly, still too weak to do anything else.

"When I release you, you must drink from me. Pull as much as you can for as long as you can… and you will live forever."

The dying man once again nodded and his breath became short, tiny puffs of air. He was fighting death as long as he could.

Without another word The Eldest Vampyre Heinrich Nest feasted on the little blood left inside of his body. He quickly released him and lifted his wrist to his mouth. Ripping his deadened, ancient flesh he gripped tighter to the back of Liam's neck. He held his bleeding wound to his soon-to-be childe and commanded, "Drink!"

The black wind picked up and whipped around them even more as Liam latched on as tightly as he could in his weakened state. While the pull of death was strong, his will to survive was even stronger.

And with that, the most vicious and powerful vampire to date was created.

2009 – Sunnydale, CA

"You know we have to be careful. It's not unreasonable to think that they would come here."

Hank Summers gave his wife a serious look. Joyce, his wife, was standing in front of the stove, cooking food. "I know. We've hidden ourselves pretty well in this community. As long as we maintain our schedules they won't find us."

Joyce glanced at him, "We can't take any risks. She needs to know. Buffy is most important to us, and if possible, even more to Azilots."

"Those damned Aurelius," Hanks snarled, "They think they can use any clan any way they'd like to."

"Yes, well, they got exactly what they deserved." She shut the heat off the food and turned to her husband, "Hopefully it will keep them out of commission for a while."

"Hopefully. I wish we didn't have to put her through this." Hank gave a heavy sigh.

Joyce simply nodded, tears welling up in her eyes. She blinked them away and turned back to the task at hand, "Buffy's food is ready. You go up and get her while I make ours."

He slid his hand across his wife's back and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, then made his way to his only daughters' room.


Buffy lay draped across her large bed. Her room was large and bright, a French styled window in the corner let sun pour directly onto her. She was on her stomach with her legs twined up behind her, flipping through an issue of Vogue. She carefully traced a page of the issue, a group of girls posing with her friends. They looked happy, carefree. Jealousy ran through her body.

"What I wouldn't give…" She mumbled quietly to herself.

She was almost 20 years old and her entire life had been about solitude and study. The only friends she really had were her parents. Sometimes, they would let her train with other students, but that was very infrequent. She was lonely.

Buffy was a rare creature. She was an Awakener, a born vampire. Unlike most vampires, she never knew what it was like to be fully human. Her childhood was relatively normal, as her mother tried to shield her from the true nature of their lives.

They were Azilots, natural hunters. There were several other clans of vampire, but Azilots were the only ones able to create Awakeners. Their image to the Vampiric world was that of blood thirsty fiends, unable to be trusted. To the Human world, she was a brainy college student and her parents were a normal, white collar family. The assumptions were both deadly wrong.

She stood, leaving the magazine on her bed, and walked to her vanity. She looked at her reflection carefully. Being an Awakener made her different in all sorts of ways. Not only did she have a reflection, but she also had to eat human food at times. She could go out into the sunlight (all Azilots could, but not for as long) and be able to stand the presence of crosses.

So busy in her thoughts, she didn't realize that there was someone in the room until a hand rested on her shoulder.

She reacted immediately, grabbing the hand and adjusting her body weight to smoothly pull the person forward. In a blink of an eye she had pinned her father to the ground with a foot at his neck and his wrist angled, close to being broken.

Her father cleared his throat awkwardly, "Uh…Buffy… do you mind?"

Realizing her mistake, she quickly released her hold and backed away. Her eyes were cast down and she muttered a quiet "Sorry, Pa."

Her father stayed on the ground for a beat, momentarily stunned. He lifted his head and smiled at her, "You have nothing to be sorry for! I should be, for thinking I could sneak up on you."

Buffy lifted her eyes and a small smile lit her face as she watched her father pick himself off the ground, "Thanks."

Hank Summers stood, dusting off his brown leather jacket, "Don't get so cocky, yet. The real test is coming up soon and it won't be a retired Azilot on your receiving end."

The smile instantly slid from her face and she solemnly nodded, thinking of her upcoming test.

Hanks sighed. He didn't intend to upset her. He slid his hand behind her shoulders and began leading her back downstairs, "But, enough of that. It is time to feed. Come! Join your family."

Buffy said nothing and fell into step quickly behind her father. They ventured down to the kitchen where Buffy's mother had set up their meals: Two pints of blood for the parents, eggs, bacon, and a cup of blood for Buffy.

Buffy's eyes brightened when she saw the work her mother put in, "Smells yummy. Thanks, mom."

Joyce embraced her daughter and directed her to sit down, "Nothing but the best, for my girl."

They sat at their dining table and Buffy began to eat. Joyce and Hank shared a nervous look, before she gestured him to speak first.

Hank cleared his throat, a seemingly nervous habit of his, "Buffy…we need to talk about something."

Buffy sat down the cup she had been drinking out of and looked between her parents carefully. This was what her life had been like since she was 10 years old. All normality suddenly slipped away when her parents told her she was an Awakener. Since then, every happy moment had been clouded by meetings and classes on how to be a proper icon for the Azilot Clan.

"What is it now?"

He continued, "As you know, our people decided to lead an attack against the Aurelius."

Buffy stiffened at the mention of the rival clan. Her training included stories of the famed clan and none of them were nice.

"Well, we succeeded in more than we had originally planned." Joyce continued, "Not only did we catch Heinrich Nest, we dusted their entire Elder line."

Buffy stared at them in shock, "All of their Elders? This is great!"

"It would seem that way, but now we have to be on the defensive. Although, we had nothing to do with the attack, you are our Awakener. It is not unlikely that they would come for you, Buffy." Hank patted his daughters' hand, trying to be soothing.

The young woman lowered her head and bit her lip. If it wasn't one kind of danger it was another. Awakener's were the crème de la crème of the Azilots, which meant that they were targets for all other clans. If she made it to 21, she would be the longest living Awakener. "Who is 'they'? Who are the new Elders?"

"That is still unclear. They've all yet to be chosen." Joyce said.

"Then who is the new Master of the Aurelius?" Buffy asked, her curiosity growing.

Hank gave a smile to his bright daughter. She was asking all of the right questions, "You know of him already… It is Angelus."

She gave a gasp of surprise, "The one who sold himself to the Beast?"

He gave her a grave nod, "The one and the same."

"Why would they choose him as a leader?" Buffy gripped the sides of her table tightly.

"He was Nests favorite. He's the oldest known vampire now, and not just in their clan."

Buffy said nothing and kept her head down and her hands clenching the clothed table.

"This is why we all must be careful." Her mother moved in closer to her other side and grabbed her hand, "Angelus is vicious, and you've learned this. He killed his entire family without a bat of an eye."

"We're going to protect you, Buffy. Nothing is going to happen to you. You're safe with us."

She lifted her head and stared directly at her father as he said this. After years of practice, her face was perfectly stoic, even with the news of impending danger. She laid her head on his chest and clenched the hands that both of her parents now held tightly. She knew that there was more they weren't telling her, as always. She knew that life was about to change more drastically.

Above all, she knew he was lying when he said that she was safe.



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