Chapter 35

Club Impulse

Carly entered the main floor of her club and saw Sonny sitting at her designated table, a brooding expression on his face. One corner of her mouth quirked up. If all went well, perhaps he wouldn't be brooding for long. She sat down across from him. "Thanks for agreeing to meet me here, Sonny." He looked around and shrugged. "Well, if this was the only time and place you could meet…I'm just glad that I could get together with you." She patted his hand. "Tell me all about it." Sonny told her about how he and Skye had fought over AJ and Courtney, and how he had brought Courtney to Pine Valley so she could make up with her husband. Carly listened as he mentioned that Skye didn't come over to him at the ball, and his indecision over whether that was because she didn't want him anymore, or if she was just being insecure. "I don't know what to do, Carly. Do I just drop it and assume that Skye and I are over? Or do I make one last ditch effort to get her back?" Carly looked sympathetic. "That's quite a dilemma you have there. Do you think there's the possibility that Skye would make a move?" Sonny waved his hand. "I can't factor that into my decision. Next to you, Skye is the most unpredictable woman I've ever known. Trying to second guess her would make me crazy." Carly laughed. She looked at her watch. "Sonny, do you mind if I step away for a moment? I have to introduce the next performer." Sonny nodded wearily. She stood up and went around to the backstage area.

Sonny knocked back the last of his drink. He hadn't told Carly that he'd been thinking the very thing she suggested. He had been hoping that Skye would make some sort of move. Every time Johnny or Max knocked on the door to announce a visitor, he hoped it was her. Every time his phone rang, he hoped it was her. But it had been two weeks since New Years, and he hadn't heard a peep. He knew she was in town. He could feel it. But she hadn't approached him at all. It was over. Truly over. He needed to move on, let go. Talking it to death with Carly wasn't going to help. He signalled the waiter for his check. He took out a piece of paper to leave Carly a note, and saw out of the corner of his eye that she was now onstage approaching the microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for visiting Club Impulse. I want to welcome a very special guest to the stage tonight. After a long absence from her singing career, she will be performing one song, and one song only. You will probably recognize her as a prominent businesswoman here in town, but for tonight she will go by another name." Sonny paused in the middle of writing his note. No…it couldn't be…. "Please give a warm round of applause for….Antionette!" Carly smiled widely and led the audience in an enthusiastic applause.

Skye walked out onto the stage, looking resplendant in the purple gown she had worn to the opera in Italy. The clapping became erratic as people in the audience gradually recognized her, and expressed surprise that a Quartermaine was going to sing for them. If she was anything like Ned Ashton, aka Eddie Maine, they were in for a good time. Skye reached the microphone, and within seconds the club became deafeningly silent. "This is more than a song. Its an appeal. An appeal that I hope…will have a response." She turned her head slightly to indicate that the band should start playing. Skye closed her eyes and began to sing…

*Don't leave me in all this pain

Don't leave me out in the rain

Come back and bring back my smile

Come and take these tears away

I need your arms to hold me now

The nights are so unkind

Bring back those nights when I held you beside me

Unbreak my heart

Say you'll love me again

Undo this hurt you caused

When you walked out the door

And walked outta my life

Uncry these tears

I cried so many nights

Unbreak my heart, my heart

Take back that sad word good-bye

Bring back the joy to my life

Don't leave me here with these tears

Come and kiss this pain away

I can't forget the day you left

Time is so unkind

And life is so cruel without you here beside me

Ohh, oh

Don't leave me in all this pain

Don't leave me out in the rain

Bring back the nights when I held you beside me

Unbreak my

Unbreak my heart, oh baby

Come back and say you love me

Unbreak my heart

Sweet darlin'

Without you I just can't go on

Can't go on

As the last note died away, there was a brief silence, followed by a deafening applause. Skye opened her eyes, finally looking towards the table where Sonny had been sitting. Her heart lurched when she saw that the chair was empty. Her eyes flicked around. He wasn't at any of the tables, or on the dance floor. He was gone. She fought to keep from showing her extreme disappointment. He had been so disgusted with her that he left in the middle of her performance. She attempted a halfhearted nod of acknowledgement to the audience, then turned to go. Tears were blurring her eyes, so she didn't see him until she had run right smack into him. Skye gasped as warm, strong hands grasped her shoulders to steady her. She looked up and saw that it was Sonny. The tears brimmed over and fell onto her cheeks. His gaze burned right through her, his every thought and emotion emblazoned in his eyes. He loved her. He wanted her. Skye smiled shakily. Then she laughed. Her laughter was smothered as he kissed her.

The audience roared its approval. What a night! First a Quartermaine sang for them, and then they got to see the town mobster sweep her into his arms. Carly stood in the wings, feeling choked up. Maybe now her ex- husband could finally be happy. Sonny broke off the kiss and whispered to Skye. "We will never let our families come between us again." Skye shook her head wildly, giddy with joy. Sonny continued. "And I know just how we can accomplish that." She looked at him, curiosity shining in her eyes. He shook his head. "First things first. We are leaving here immediately. I don't want the rest of our reunion to be quite this public." Skye smiled slyly. "Wouldn't it be ironic if your first conviction was for indecent exposure?" Sonny growled his reply, and they hurried offstage.

Rome, Italy – six months later

Ryan Lavery loosened his tie, wishing that he was inside the church, instead of outside in the blazing July heat. It was certainly a beautiful day for a wedding, he thought in disgust. There was a crackling in his ear as Anna's voice came through the listening device. "Its almost showtime. Keep an eye out for anything suspicious." He spoke into his watchband. "Roger that." Anna smiled from inside the church, feeling sorry for him. Oh well, he gets a free trip to Italy for his troubles. She turned her attention back to the proceedings.

Sonny stood at the end of the aisle looking very calm and quietly confident. The music began, and Rae Cummings-Sykes glided down the aisle, escorted by Mike Corbin. They went up to the altar and lit the unity candles. Mike seated Rae and then went over to stand next to Sonny as Best Man. Erica Kane Stamp came next, a serene expression on her face. She reached the end of the aisle and stood in the Matron of Honor spot. Next came Jason Morgan accompanying Hayley Santos. They parted and he stood next to Mike, while Hayley stood next to Erica. Next came Emily Quartermaine, escorted by Zander Smith. There was no awkwardness between them, having made peace a long time ago. They took their respective places on either side of the aisle. The audience smiled at Mikey, with his shock of red hair, as he came confidently down the aisle bearing a satin pillow with two rings. There were a few awws and chuckles as Colby Chandler came shyly down the aisle, hesitantly scattering flower petals here and there.

Lucky Spencer snapped picture after picture. Gabrielle Medina scribbled furiously in her journalist pad, making note of the gorgeous purple bridesmaids dresses and the delicate purple tulip that each attendant cradled in her arm. There was a signal from the priest, and the congregation stood. The music changed tempo, and Skye appeared in the doorway, Adam Chandler on her right and Alan Quartermaine on her left. She floated down the aisle between her two fathers, looking regal in a gown of palest champagne [note: I am horrible at describing dresses, so why don't I just give you a link to a dress that I think would look fab on Skye: ]. Her bouquet was made up of purple tulips and champagne colored rosebuds mixed with tiny ferns. The two men handed her over to her groom. Alexis Davis came up and gave a scripture reading, then the priest began his recitation. For Skye, the ceremony was a blur. She kept gazing at Sonny, hardly believing that she was in Italy once again, an entire year after her first trip. She had started that trip hating Sonny Corinthos and mourning over Jax's marriage to Carly. Amazing how things could change in so short a time. She was blissfully happy and knew that the best was yet to come.

Before Sonny knew it, the ceremony was over and they were pronounced man and wife. He allowed a huge grin of pleasure to overwhelm his face as he stared down at his new bride. Their kiss was slow and sweet, accompanied by sniffles and cheers from the audience. They strode down the aisle together, practically running in giddiness towards the door. Johnny and Max stood at the end, holding the doors open, and Anna stood to one side. She gave Sonny a wink. Lucky was outside, ready to snap the money shot as a flock of white doves were released the moment Sonny and Skye stepped foot out the door. Skye laughed in delight. What a glorious day!

The reception was held at in the ballroom in the hotel where Sonny and Skye had stayed a year ago. The attendees were comprised of the people who had participated in the wedding and their guests. This included Chief of Security Anna Devane Hayward and her husband Dr. David Hayward; Security Assistant Ryan Lavery and his fiancee Kendall Hart; Maid of Honor Erica Kane Stamp and her husband Special Agent Chris Stamp; Best Man Michael Corbin and his date, Barbara Jean Spencer; Bridesmaid Hayley Santos and her husband Mateo; Groomsman Jason Morgan and his date, Elizabeth Webber; Bridesmaid Emily Quartermaine and her date, Photographer Lucky Spencer; Groomsman Zander Smith and his date, Kristina Cassadine; Ushers Johnny and Max; Mother of the Bride Rae Cummings Sykes and her husband Commisioner John Sykes; Ring Bearer Michael Corinthos and mother Caroline Jacks, her husband Jasper, father AJ Quartermaine, and his wife Courtney; Flower Girl Colby Chandler and her father, Father of the Bride Adam Chandler and her mother Liza; Father of the Groom Alan Quartermaine and his wife Monica; Event Reporter Gabrielle Medina and her fiance Bo Buchanan; Scripture Reader Alexis Davis and her date Mason Capwell.

The reception went very well, despite certain tensions amongst the guests. Everyone agreed to be civil to each other. Adam simply ignored Ryan and David. Likewise Jason and Lucky disregarded each other. Surprisingly, Erica and Kendall got along famously. It looked as if their rocky relationship was finally beginning to heal. Rae tried not to be annoyed by Gabrielle, who could be obnoxious with the best of them. Mikey and Colby, the only children present, were cute as a button. Mikey was very protective of Colby the whole evening, acting like a little gentleman by attending to all her needs. More than a few people were plotting their future together. There was one point during the evenings festivities when a number of guests, including the bride and groom, disappeared for about an hour. It wasn't revealed until much later that Sonny and Skye, along with Chris Stamp, Anna Devane Hayward, John Skyes, Bo Buchanan, and Jasper Jacks were in a back room planning the transformation of Sonny Corinthos into a legitimate businessman. Skye was proud of her new husband, able to read in his face his steely determination to make it work this time. With the help of law enforcement and other legitimate business people, Sonny would be able to expand his current midsize legal business venture, Mocha Mike's while at the same time making sure that more unsavory underworld types didn't come in to replace him in crime.

Sonny and Skye said their goodbyes to all their guests, and departed on their month-long honeymoon. The first week would be spent on a whirlwind tour of various countries in Europe. The second week would be more relaxing, as they baked on a sandy beach in Bali. The last two weeks would be the most special to them. Ever since reuniting back in January, they had been going through the long and arduous process for adopting a child internationally. In the end, the timing was perfect. Their plans to marry a year after their first trip to Italy coincided with the part of the adoption process where they would spend time with the child in order to bond during finalization of the adoption. Therefore the second half of their honeymoon would not be as glamorous, but infinitely more meaningful. When they arrived in Costa Rica, Skye was quite anxious to see their new little girl. Finally the moment came, and with Sonny's arm around her, Skye held their new child in her arms. They gazed down in wonder at her tiny face. After a long moment, Sonny whispered in a choked voice, "Welcome to our family, Ciela Asoleada Corinthos."


[author's note: In case you were wondering (wink), Ciela Asoleada is a feminized version of the Spanish translation for "sunny sky." I was sad to finally finish this fanfic, but there are other stories in me waiting to come out. I hope you enjoyed it.]

*Unbreak My Heart by Toni Braxton