Staring Problems


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Taiwan was staring. Again.

"What is it?" Vietnam asked for at least the fifth time. Taiwan smiled nervously and looked away… for about five seconds. Then she was staring… again.

Vietnam was starting to wish relations had never improved between their countries. It was nice having some female companionship, but Taiwan could be weird sometimes.

And Taiwan had a staring problem.

"What?" Vietnam snapped impatiently. This time Taiwan jumped in surprise at the harsh tone, but quickly composed herself, smiling that nervous smile again.

"I have a question," Taiwan finally said.

Vietnam could've face-palmed. "Yes?"

"Are we friends?"

What a silly question to ask. Vietnam nodded, though she wasn't sure. She wouldn't have called Taiwan her friend to anyone else, but she didn't want the woman going into a nervous spaz attack at the news. They barely even got along. Vietnam would have ignored Taiwan's existence if Taiwan's country didn't invest so heavily into Vietnam's these days.

"Then I would like it if you called me Meimei," Taiwan said cheerfully, clasping her hands together excitedly. "Will you?"

"Sure," Vietnam sighed. "Whatever you'd like."

Taiwan was staring again, though this time her eyes were shining with some kind of hope.

Vietnam let it go on for a few minutes. Then she exasperatedly asked, "What?" for what felt like the millionth time.

"Is there something I can call you?" Taiwan almost whispered, nearly breathless with excitement. "Your human name? Or just a nickname?" She seemed to notice Vietnam's immediate ill will to the line of questioning, because she added, "M-may I call you Vi-Vi?"

"Vietnam is fine." Vietnam almost felt bad when Taiwan practically deflated, looking as if someone had kicked the hell out of her puppy. Almost.

But then Taiwan brightened again. "That's all right! I'll just keep telling you things about me until you feel close enough to allow me to call you Vi-Vi!" With that, Taiwan suddenly hiked up her skirt to indecent heights, causing Vietnam to squeak and shield her eyes. "Do you like flowers, Vietnam? Look, look!"

"F-flowers? What are you going on about? Put down your skirt this instant!" Vietnam insisted, her face heating up as Taiwan let out another chorus of "Look, look!"

Trembling slightly, Vietnam peeked through her fingers. Taiwan was now holding her skirt bunched in one hand, high enough that she could gesture to a tattoo on her thigh.

"Isn't it pretty?"

"Oh, lovely," Vietnam grumbled sarcastically, dropping her hands. She'd thought… no, she wouldn't go into what she thought. Let's just say one shouldn't hike up their skirts and demand people look at flowers! "Would you put your skirt down now?"

Taiwan dropped her skirt, smoothing it down even as she looked at Vietnam with a kicked puppy look. "You sure are mean today. It's like before we became friends."

"Sorry," Vietnam apologized, though she didn't mean it. She started to bring up business, so that Taiwan wouldn't try to show off anymore awkwardly placed tattoos, but found when she looked at Taiwan, all she could think was… was…

"Vietnam? Is there something on my face?"

Vietnam quickly looked away. Damn it, now she was the one staring… but she couldn't help thinking that Taiwan had a pretty face. And even prettier legs.


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