The Tail of a Puppy and a Dragon: One Week

Prologue: Thursday

Joey POV

I was walking to my apartment from my job. Well, I was paying all the rent, and it was leased to Joseph Wheeler. Senior, anyway.

Looking under the skirt of the dark curtains, I noticed the thin strip of light. Dad was awake.


I tentatively reached for my key, buried in my pocket. I wish I had been as lucky, having the privilege to hide in the shadows.

As I opened up the door, the stale air was filled the smell of alcohol. My dad fumbled through my bedroom door, and I knew he was awake, but nonetheless…I'd been hoping…

I'd silently thought of the slim chance he hadn't gone through my possessions again.

"There you are, you little bitch of a faggot!"

I winced at his stinging, slurred words. I closed my eyes as he began his advance on me. I learned in the last few years not to run until he tried to take the one thing I protected with everything in me, the one thing I could give to someone else.

I thought about my secret desire, like every other time since I'd met him. The one person who I knew would rescue me someday from this hellhole. My fairytale wasn't perfect, but it was clockwork, complicated and reliable.

Right before the first blow crashed into me, I felt a goofy smile spread across my face. Yet again, I was able to escape complete obliteration and the loss of my virginity.

As my body hit the floor after he finished with me, I saw the face that kept me going. He looked at me one last time, and my consciousness faded to black on a happy note.

Seto Kaiba.