JWEC: To my faithful readers…reader…thanks for sticking by me, especially after I sprang that last little surprise on you. This is another mini-chapter.

Summary: Kaiba takes Joey in for a week after he finds Joey injured at school.

Disclaimer: If I owned Yu-Gi-Oh!, then these wouldn't exactly be fanfics, would they?

Warning: Slash and a few things you weren't expecting.

Pairing: Joey x Seto, naturally

Day 7: Thursday

Seto POV

Joey called me suddenly, saying he and the doctor wanted to talk to me urgently.

I told Jordan I was clear for the rest of the day. But my panicking tone silenced her questions.

I had driven to work that day, so I sped off in my Astor Martin One-77 (10). It's a little ostentatious, but that was just my personality. I caught Taylor gawking once with Joey. The cone head was just admiring, while my puppy was leaning rather seductively against the hood. I shooed them both away, but it was hard to get the image of Joey and the Blue Eyes detailed on the front out of my mind.

I was, for all literary purposes, flying over the highways. To anyone watching, I was a blur, disregarding the speed limit. I threw my keys to Roland, who I could swear was grinning slightly. I ran inside, knowing my puppy wasn't in any real danger. Like he said, I'm a hopeless closet romantic.

The doctor gave me a serious look, while Joey gave me a subdued smile. He looked like he had been crying a little. My concern grew.

"Joey…?" I opened out my arms slightly, enough to let him in. He fell in like he belonged there.

"I'll leave you two alone for a moment. Mr. Kaiba, Mr. Wheeler–" Joey grimaced at the use of his father's name "requested that he share the news. However, I will be waiting to talk to you both outside." With that, the man left, leaving Joey twitching slightly. His gaze cast downward. I was tempted to tilt his head up and kiss him senseless, but he probably wouldn't be too pleased with me when I made his cheeks redden to that delicious strawberry color. Instead, I kissed his forehead, and he sighed softly, looking up at me with worried puppy eyes.

"What is it, Joey? You know you can tell me," I cooed, nuzzling his head adorably. Ra, he had really changed me. It was almost…out of character. (11) However, it worked, as he relaxed a lot.

"Well…I don't know how to tell you this, Seto…it appears that an advance in human biology has occurred. The doctor thinks I might be…" he mumbled off unintelligibly.

"What was that last part?" I asked innocently. At this he growled, something I hadn't heard in a while...

"I'm pregnant, dammit!" I blanched. Oh. Dear. RA.

"Wha…? You're a guy!" I sputtered.

He rolled his eyes. "You of all people should know I'm a guy."

I continued to stammer. "But…but…"

He continued to smile slightly. "I know, I'm surprised, too."

"Well, what do you want to do?"

He finally looked away. "I don't know…we're still in high school…"

"Do you want to…you know…?" He turned back to me, livid.

"I refuse to kill this baby. My sister was almost aborted, so don't even consider it. Ever." his voice wasn't raised at all, but he could probably scare the yamis and myself into therapy. I tried to say something, but I was cut off. "Consider the idea and your hand will suddenly become your closest friend for a very long time."

"I'm sorry for suggesting it," I tried to apologize. Deep in my mind, though, I was reasoning with my libido that the badass Joey wasn't a turn-on.

Just then, the doctor came back in. "Mr. Kaiba, could I speak with your boyfriend for a moment?" Inside, the phrase your boyfriend made my heart flutter. I nodded and left without a word, my eyes flickering back to Joey's slightly worried face.

I was left to my own thoughts. A little Kaiba wandering around here? I mean, on one hand, it's another person that's put in danger because of me. Joey and I were still in high school, and as he's pointed out these past few days, I'm bound to blow a gasket with all the stress I'm under now.

Sure, it would be rough on the three of us, but Mokuba and Joey adored kids. If they can like them, I can get used to them, too. Besides, I'd see a side of Joey I'd never get to see otherwise. Finances wouldn't be a problem, and it would be kind of fun to have someone else around the house.

A baby…

Joey and the doctor called me back in. Joey was glaring daggers at the man, and he properly looked awkward. Once again, Joey slipped on the mask of deceptive cheery.

"Seto, dear," he chirped. I winced slightly. I may be a bit thickheaded and dense when it comes to emotions, but I learned quickly with Joey.

"The doctor has something he'd like to say." With that, his gaze shifted to the poor man who angered my puppy.

"Yes, well," the man found his voice, finally, "it seems there has been a false impression of what happened. You see, Mr. Kaiba, I gave Joey a pregnancy test not under the notion he himself would have taken it, but given it to his younger sister." I turned the full power of my glare.

"What are you trying to say?"

"Mr. Wheeler is indeed not pregnant. The test was a fluke, I suppose. I'm very sorry for all the grief this may have caused."

My gaze refocused on Joey. He looked deadpan, reminding me of myself before he reanimated me.

"Thank you. You can go." The man cautiously sped out, hoping not to lose his job, I presume.

It was quiet between us at first before he got up and left. I gave him a moment before following him out. I watched as he hiked up the stairs, downtrodden and shattered. After contemplating what to do, I followed him up the stairs. I heard a single sniff and knew exactly where to go.

I found him in my secret room, not even Mokuba knew about it. Only a single maid, Joey and I knew. He sat in the front of the fire, several silver tracks lining his cheeks from his eyes shimmered. The golden glow of the fire reflected beautifully of his face. I was silent as I crept over to him.

Sitting down without a sound, I was at a loss. Torn between giving him his space and comforting him. His head dropped, and I was suddenly unbidden. I cradled him to my chest, burying my face on his smooth neck. Mmm...honey and strawberry.

He leaned his head back against mine. "It's like a small part of me is gone," he murmured.

"I know. I was actually excited about being a dad. I'd get the family I never got to truly experience. Don't get me wrong; I wouldn't trade Mokuba in for anything. Sometimes, though, I wish I could have grown up like a normal kid."

"You and me both," he interjected.

"Maybe some day when we're older...we can revisit the idea, okay?"

He nodded. "I can live with that, I guess. Now that I think about it, I think I was on the brain track that if we had a baby, you'd stay with me over picking one of your fan girls."

I pulled away to look at him. "I would never leave you for one of them. Haven't we talked about how perfect you are for me?"

"Yes," he admitted. "It's just...sometimes I wonder..."

"Think of it like this. I tell you why you are absolutely spectacular, especially in my eyes. I tell you why I love you. Do you really think I would lie to you or anyone else out of pity? I'm really not that nice. Or mean, how ever you'd like to think about it," I said, trying to lighten the mood.

It worked; he stifled a giggle but failed to keep the mirth out of his eyes. "That was almost sweet."

"And not to sound insensitive, but you not getting pregnant is actually a good thing. I get to practice with you," I purred, nipping the pink-gold skin.

He smiled contentedly. "You may be a horny bastard, but you're my horny bastard of a dragon."

I growled, letting my hands wandering as a premonition as to what was coming up. "My puppy. Mine."

"You're mine, too. Don't forget that."

I shrugged, feeling that Joey wouldn't be walking in the morning. "As long as you don't forget you're mine." Appropriately, I yanked him up bridal-style and carried him into my room.


"Honestly," Mokuba said later, "can you two not fuck like bunnies?"

"Mokie! Language!" I yelled, turning red. I wasn't nearly as red as the boy beside me, though. He started to get up before I gently pulled him back down on me. I whispered a single word into his ear, and he grinned at me before I kissed it right off his face.

The word "practice" hung in the air.