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A storm was coming up. She knew it before she even looked up-her sensitive nose had picked up the subtle smell of rain in the air and soon, her eyes confirmed the assessment. Heavy clouds were coming up from the East, threatening to collapse any minute over the sleeping town.

Sora scowled as she sped her pace to go ahead of the storm and return home before it hit. It hadn't rained for a few days and she could already tell that it would be very, very bad if she ended up in the middle of the disaster that was to come down on them. Mercifully, the library where she had been doing her research wasn't too far from the house where she was staying. She let out a small prayer and tucked her books under her arm protectively as she all but broke out into a run-she really hated getting wet. Mme Pinot, the head of the dance and choreography department, got very annoyed when her students got sick and missed class, and Sora wasn't proud to say that she wasn't one of her most favorite students.

But then again, who was? The woman even made Anna cry, which meant a lot since she was training to be a comedian. Sora had experienced a great shock upon arriving here from Japan to find that people rarely responded to her smiles and kind attitude and didn't fall in love with her (as a student, mind), but she was resolved to make the most of it and not make them bring her down.

The door closed with a clack behind her and she allowed herself a breath of relief-home dry and with time to spare. "Anyone home?"

"Sora, over here!" Mia called from the living room. With a smile on her face, the petite redhead quickly simmered out of her shoes and coat and made her way through the entrance hall.

Like many times before, Sora thought that she had gotten terribly, terribly lucky. In fact, so much good fortune was bound to pay off in some way. Her karma wouldn't take it. But with the situation being so good, she didn't dwell on the fact for too long. She had managed to get accepted into one of the best dance programs offered in Oxford, Britain, gotten a full scholarship and found great friends on the very first year of her study. Sure, there had been times when she had been compelled to just pack up and leave, but now, as she quickly entered her last year of study, she was glad she hadn't given into the temptation and resolved herself to keep facing the challenges the life gave her.

The spacious living room was well furnished with old cupboards and new sofas, courtesy to their landowner who'd trust her old things with her new tenants. The said cupboards had come in handy to Layla and Mia, as the two did more reading than anyone, and were overflowing with books, magazines, old papers, you name it. Sora even found use for them from time to time, although most of her work was done in the library and the practice room.

Her friends were truly amazing-Anna, the comedian-in-training that she had met during an acting class, never let a glum or bored mood settle in the house. Mia, the English Major who wanted to become a play writer, contaminated them with her energy and optimism. And of course, Layla Hamilton, heiress to the vast Hamilton fortune, who for some reason wanted to major in Philosophy, who always provided some good advice for her friends. Even May, who could be downright obnoxious at times, fell under her charm.

Actually, Layla wasn't much older than any of them, but it was very easy to forget that around her. She was the epitome of a Goddess-classic beauty with blond hair and blue eyes, five feet and something tall, statuesque and perfect in every way, she could do anything in the world for a living AND be successful. She had already finished her education in an accelerated study college and had received the proper training to take over the Hamilton empire, but her father didn't have any occupations for her yet, so she decided to take up some sort of study while she waited. Her emotional maturity and her astronomical experience put her light years ahead of the four other girls she shared a house with.

"How did your research go?" Layla asked when Sora plopped down on the sofa next to her and carefully put down her notes on the table.

"Well." The girl smiled widely, feeling slightly embarrassed as every single time when she spoke to her. It was as if she'd never get used to this "I'm just glad that I made it before it started to rain."

"Mhmm." Anna nodded, looking out "It looks out like it'll be a bad one. Luckily, none of us have lectures."

Sora smiled inwardly, already tasting the wonderful day it would be-whenever they were all in the house, it would be fun. They'd play board games, cook, tidy up, and maybe Mia would read to them her latest project. Not exactly what you'd think women did in their early twenties, but it was fun. Almost…homely. And since they'd more or less come from different ends of the world, homesickness was something that they experienced very regularly.

"Will May be able to make it before the rain hits?" Sora wondered out loud, looking towards the front porch for any signs of the dark-haired beauty.

"She called a while ago-Leon will pick her up from rehearsal and bring her home." Mia paused "She told me a billion times when they would arrive, even double checked that I got the hour right."

"She probably wanted to give you a gentle hint to get everyone out of the house for them." Anna snorted, and Sora immediately felt her cheeks heat.

Out of the five of them, May was the only one with a boyfriend. Layla did have somebody she met with on regular basis, but she'd never brought him home, nor did she go out on what could be described as dates with him. Once, Sora had asked her why didn't they try and have fun the way others did-Layla had simply shrugged and said that what they had wasn't what others had and that they didn't feel any need to advertise it.

Completely opposite to her, May had made it a point that she and Leon were together together and didn't miss a chance to show him off. And as Cupid himself had been on her side, May had managed to nail an absolutely gorgeous man, an arts major from the Ruskin School of Fine Art. Leon Oswald was known not only for his rather cold attitude, but also for making spectacular paintings. At twenty-four, he'd managed to have at least three gallery showings of his own and he received commissions on a daily basis. At least that was what May said, whenever she was with him or alone with her friends. At the memory of her friend's constant bragging, Sora scrunched her face with slight annoyance. Of course, she should be happy for being with a guy who was obviously gorgeous, but did she honestly need to be so…loud about it? Sora had already exceeded her quota of embarrassing moments, having walked in on the two of them more than once in a very uncomfortable position.

Leon himself hadn't left much of an impression on her. Which should've meant that he didn't leave a bad nor a good impression, which made him neutral, but his cold detachment and facades only made him seem worse than he was. Sora couldn't understand how could a man, caught up in the troves of passion with his girlfriend to simply look through the one interrupting without even showing the least bit of embarrassment. Moreover, how could he simply walk out when he was finished, without even bidding goodbye or noticing the rest of the people in the house? For the two months he'd been introduced to them, he'd barely spoken more than five words in total and he'd never acknowledged any of them, should they have met in the supermarket or in the streets.

He was cold, he was arrogant, and he probably didn't know she existed. Hell, he probably didn't care if May existed either, until they started going at it.

Sora slapped herself mentally and rose to her feet to get some tea warming up. This wasn't somewhere she liked to go. Her friend's life was nobody's to judge, and if May was happy with him, then Sora was the last person to question her boyfriend's integrity. Cultural relativism makes the world go around.

Just as the kettle was beginning to boil, the front door opened and two sets of footfalls resonated through the house. The playful chatter from the hallway lulled to a stop and Sora maneuvered out of the kitchen with a tray full of tea to take a look at the couple. May seemed mildly annoyed to find the house full, but given the thunder and lightening that were resonating outside, it was difficult to believe that she could be really angry with them.

Leon looked…indifferent and slightly innerved. Of course. Not that Sora would openly admit to that, but she did like to steal glances at him….she guessed everyone did. He was a sort of a male equivalent of Layla-tall, with broad shoulders and strong arms, sharp features, all crowned with pale violet eyes and a mane of white hair.

Squirming, she set the tray down and asked if they wanted anything.

"No, we don't." May huffed "Leon and I will go up to my room now. Don't interrupt us unless it's very urgent." After that, she all but dragged him up the staircase. Nobody dared move or speak until they heard the door clack loudly.

"One of these days…" Mia huffed, reaching for her cup "I really like May, but if she keeps this up, I'm afraid that one day I'll end up kicking her ass."

"She'll become much chattier when they finish." Anna grinned, causing both Mia and Sora to choke on their drinks. Oh, gods, Sora thought, there we go again, out of the comfort zone. TMI, Anna, TMI!

Unfortunately, Anna chose to ignore her inner pleas and continued: "Say what you want, Mia, but May gets much more cooperative once she and Leon do it. You can't deny it's a great advantage when she's obnoxious half the time."

"He's an asshole." The ginger-haired girl retorted "I don't care what you say, Anna, no mater what he does to improve May's attitude, he's doing more harm than good."

Well, there was that point too…she attempted to busy herself with arranging her notes, but her ears kept following the conversation and her mind kept analyzing it. Dating Leon hadn't exactly done wonders for the character of May Wong, it just made her less gritty at certain periods of time. She blushed. Surely discussing the love life of one of your friends while she was getting down on her boyfriend upstairs wasn't healthy.

"You know, all's well that ends well, but in May's case I have the nagging impression that things will end badly." Mia said "Leon doesn't seem like the kind of guy that would let a woman drag him around by the nose and you know how May tends to get over her head sometimes."

"Are you afraid that she'll want him to commit to her when he doesn't want to?" Sora asked, unable to keep her mouth shut this time "May wouldn't get that presumptuous, Mia."

"That may be true now, but later she might want to get serious." Layla replied as she set Foucault's "The Order of Things" down and looked at her roommates "Women are naturally programmed to want a family and children while they could biologically be able to do so. If Leon doesn't want that, she might end up very, very hurt."

"Yeah." Anna said "Though I wouldn't want Leon to get a family, ever. Just think how those poor children will do with a father like that. And I can say for certain that he'll be absent on all important occasions. Hell, he'll be absent on the non-important ones too."

"Don't you guys think that we should change the subject?" Sora asked, this time out loud "They ARE upstairs, you know."

"Oh, please. They're probably so busy they wouldn't care if a bomb hit the house."

"Still, do you think he'd appreciate it if he found out we'd been imagining their white picket fence and 2.5 children while they're…" She gestured towards the stairs. The girls burst out laughing, and Sora let out a tiny chuckle to go with it, but then something worried her. When their voices settled down and they picked up their cups again, she realized that nothing was coming from the second floor…Well, nothing that would indicate there was…amorous activity going on. Not a big surprise, since May's room was at the end of the hall, far away from the stairs, but it wasn't like they wouldn't know. Could it be that they were just talking?

Well, of course they were. Honestly, the thoughts that went through her head nowadays! Layla would argue that one might be surprised at the assumptions one might have made unconsciously, and that also these assumptions steamed from our most repressed desires.

"YOU WHAT?!" May's suddenly roared and all four women looked towards the end of the stairs. There was some shuffling and a second later a furious May stormed down the stairs, fully clothed and flustered "THAT IS IT, LEON OSWALD! WE'RE THROUGH!" she yelled up the staircase "DON'T YOU EVER SHOW YOUR FACE HERE AGAIN! DON'T CALL ME, DON'T WRITE, OR ELSE I'LL GET A RESTRAINING ORDER AND THEN YOU'LL SEE!"

"May…." Sora began, but the raven-haired woman just stormed out in the kitchen, threw open the back door and took off. The other four women stared at each other, before Layla and Anna went after May lest she did something stupid. The two redheads that were left stared at each other, clearly confused, before they heard much, much softer footsteps from the top of the stairs and turned around to face a rather calm looking Leon.

"She took off…" Mia said, gesturing towards the back door. The silver-haired man stopped in mid pace and eyed the two girls as if it was the first time he'd seen them. Actually, Sora thought, he looked slightly astonished that Mia had spoken…as if she didn't have the right to tell him that his now ex-girlfriend was out in the storm.

"I supposed she would." He replied, nodding his head "Goodbye."

Sora's jaw dropped. Alright, so she hadn't quite expected that he ran outside, gather May in his arms and apologize for whatever he did, but god damn, couldn't he at least show a little emotion?

She could hear Mia gasp at his audacity, but her friend's reaction couldn't rival what happened next. Before either of them knew it, Sora was up on her feet and sprinting out of the door, barely remembering to put on her jacket as she tried to catch up on Leon. The latter was standing my his car, shuffling for his keys while he held his hand above his head in an attempt to stay dry. As if that would work, Sora thought as she came to a screeching halt behind him.

He turned halfway to look down his nose at her, clearly preparing some snide remark for whatever plaint she could've attempted to make. However, she was too far down the road to actually be polite, because before he could open his mouth, her hand had lashed out and slapped him across the face.

The feeling of her palm coming quickly in contact with his cheek was quite strong and nearly sent her falling on the ground. She caught herself before she made a fool out of herself, and, though having snapped out of the bull-sees-red rage, she wasn't quite done with him yet. "You've got some nerve to walk out on this!" Leon was staring at her, eyes wide with surprise and…something more, which she didn't have time to interpret now. Her own voice was low, and a hell of a lot more menacing than it had ever been. "I don't know what you and May were doing, and I sure as ever don't want to know what you told her to make her so angry, but to walk out so calmly, you sure as hell are arrogant!"

"Now wait just a minute…" he began, but she cut him off

"No, you wait just a minute!" cultural relativism be damned "You might have some sort of rule in France to act all high and mighty, but don't you dare treat May as if she's expandable!"

"Unless you haven't noticed yourself, woman, she just broke up with me. She would hardly want to see me." Leon growled, staring at her angrily

"I'm not deaf and I'm not daft! Do you think we haven't seen how you were using her all this time? And you just walk away without so much as a goodbye!" she took a ragged breath to maintain a semblance of composure. "I'm glad that at least it's over before you put her through more pain!"

He laughed coldly at her. "If you really think that, then you truly are stupid."

"Better stupid than humiliated by you." She hissed, before turning away from a very baffled Leon and slamming the door in his face.

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