Dear Awesome Readers,

So, may I just say I am humbled by the amazing amount of support, that some how is still there after two years, you all have shown me. I am touched to say the least. So, the big results. Bam bam bam, in second place was Learning to Live Again and in first place ... is a darn tie between Shadows of Doubt and The Dance. Serriously, it was a dead heat for both stories through the whole week plus I gave y'all. Which means I have to decide. I am torn to be honest, but I looked over the first three chapters of both stories and I think I know what direction one is going more then the other. So It will be The Dance. I am going to start review chapter's and see what I can do this weekend. I will keep all of you updated. It might take some time to get through everything and start the process of the next chapter, but I promise that I am going to be working on it. I will try to keep you all updated at least once a week as to where I am at. I know some people find authors notes annoying, but well, the one thing I have always loved about this site is that I can actually reach out to all of you and have real conversations with you. Let you know where I am and what is going through my head. Even if I ramble a bit. (Blame Red Bull) So, while all of you are wating on tenter hooks for whats gonna happen next, may I humbly suggest a distraction. Go here ericizmine index/the-multi-verse/ Just take out the spaces. This is one of my all time favorite fan fic authors. I am sure some or most of you have heard of EricIz Mine a.k.a. Angela but if you haven't you should check her out. She is amazingly talented, in fact her work is the hole I have hidden in during this last two years. She has an amazing spin on how Eric and Sookie couldv'e shoulv'e wouldv'e. Start with Bored to Death. So that is all for now, my beloved readers. You will be hearing from me again soon.

Much love, as always, from the west coast,