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In the cold darkness of Naruto's mind, the blond child of Soifon sat with his legs held closely against him, a river of tears streaming from each eye as he looked around fearfully…all alone.

He sniffled as he rasped, "K-Kaa-chan…

The darkness around him seemed to echo his cries, mocking him as he sobbed.

Naruto's sobbed as he kept calling out, holding his body tighter against himself as he heard his voice be echoed over and over again.

He bit his lip, his tears dribbling down his cheeks, "K-Kaa-chan…h-help me…"


Naruto's eyes shot open, his head jolting upwards as it snapped around, the speed of it moving so fast his neck cracked from the sudden and fast movement.

Behind him, stood none other than the pale skinned yellow eyed version of himself…his inner hollow.


Naruto stammered as he looked at Oturan, "W-what?"

Oturan sneered, "I said pathetic! You are so weak you can't even protect yourself from being taken. Do you want to be separated from Kaa-chan already?"

Naruto's eyes widened as he stood up, "N-no! N-Never!"

"Then prove it!" Oturan snapped harshly, his golden eyes glowing intensely, "Prove that you have the will to fight, prove that you are willing to do whatever you can to be with Kaa-chan, forever!"

Naruto sniffled as he looked at Oturan, "H-how?"

Oturan frowned, and with a simple motion, put out his arm, "Take my hand…brother."

Naruto stared at Oturan, his hand shaking ever so slightly as he reached out, and took Oturan's hand.

In an instant, the world around them began to scatter and shift, as if a massive sheet was being unraveled from around them…and they found themselves in front of a massive cave, the entrance flanked by two enormous dragon statues.

With Uryu

Uryu bit his lip as he tugged at his bindings. The Bount had not been lying, these bonds had been done quite well. He doubted anybody, even trained soldiers, could break out of these bonds.

Uryu looked up, and glanced at the Bount who continued to guard him, before turning his gaze to Naruto, who was still laying upon the floor of his cell, unconscious.

Whatever it was the Bount's were planning, he doubted that Naruto or himself would survive the aftermath.

With that in mind, Uryu tried to tug at his bonds, hoping beyond hope he could loosen them.

As he moved his wrists, felt the bonds continue to tighten.

But as he did, his eyes widened as he felt the bonds themselves…he recognized that texture.

He had to resist the urge to smirk, as he took in a deep breath, closing his eyes.

He may have found a way out of this predicament…

With Soifon

Yoruichi had Chad on her back, while Ichigo took up the rear, while Soifon leapt over the buildings, Orihime fastened to her back as she shot after Yoshino. Her eyes steeled as she leapt over chimney's and rooftops to keep up with her.

However, Yoshino was slower than her, and Yoshino was the only one who knew where her baby had been taken too. This was causing Soifon to slowly but surely lose what little was left of her patience.

Soifon snapped her gaze towards Yoshino, "Could you move faster damn it?!" she said with a vicious snarl.

Yoshino glanced back at her, "I am not a Shinigami, I may be stronger than the average human, but I am still hum-"

"Look out!"

Yoshino's eyes widened as she snapped her head around, and she dodged to the right to avoid a chimney. She acted too slowly, and ended up clipping her shoulder, sending her skidding across the rooftop below, until she smashed into a second chimney nearby.

Soifon shot to the rooftop, and let Orihime off her back, who then proceeded to run to Yoshino and kneel next to her, "Are you alright?"

Yoshino groaned in pain as she clutched her shoulder, "I-I think so…" she hissed as she tried to move her arm.

Orihime frowned and gingerly grasped Yoshino's arm, and winced as she felt an obvious break in her arm, "You broke your arm when you fell." Orihime stood up, "I'll fix it, just sit still for the moment."

Soifon meanwhile was gritting her teeth as she paced back and forth, before she snapped her gaze towards Yoshino, "Tell me where we are heading, I will go there myself if I have to!"

Yoruichi landed on the roof and let Chad down, and Ichigo landed right after her.

Yoshino hissed and looked at Soifon, "If that was possible I would tell you, but-"

"Could you stop moving for a second so I can heal your arm?" Orihime said with a stern tone, and she held her hands out, "Soten Kisshun: I reject." a field of energy surrounded Yoshino.

Soifon grit her teeth, and waited as Orihime healed Yoshino. She turned her gaze towards the direction they were heading, and clenched her fists tightly.

If what Yoshino said was true, then this…Kariya…was situated at one of his many estates. They were currently headed to the largest, and most complex of his estates, the one where almost all of his operations took place.

Most of them.

Which meant the possibility of Naruto not being there was high enough that this could all have been a waste of time.

She prayed it wasn't.

Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto and Oturan both stared up at the cave entrance, their hands still clasped together.

Oturan smiled, and looked at Naruto, nodding.

Naruto looked back at him, and slowly nodded back.

Oturan grinned in response, and practically dragged Naruto inside the cave…

As the two entered, the statues eyes glowed, and a shimmering haze passed over the cave as the vines grew over it.

Oturan and Naruto staggered in, for what felt like hours, their grasp never leaving each others, until finally, they reached the innermost sanctum, where the two dragons resided.

This time however, they were waiting for them, both of them perched on the edge, overlooking the cavernous deep below.

The black dragon, its scales darker than night, spoke first, "Well, I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to come…" the dragon slowly looked down towards them, snarling softly, baring his teeth.

The white dragon, its scales purer than light, bit at the black dragon, causing it to hiss at them, "Hush, they are here, and that is all that matters!" the dragon snorted, before slowly craning its head towards Naruto and Oturan, its eyes shimmering with what appeared to be softness, "So, what brings you back Naruto…Oturan?" the dragon glanced at Oturan curiously.

The black dragon huffed and adjusted its lounging state, "Have you finally come to command us, whelps?"

Oturan looked at the dragons, "Yes! Our mother is in danger while we lay unconscious, we cannot be a burden to her anymore, so we need our power!"

The white dragon seemed taken aback, while the black dragon seemed to grin, "Good." it turned its gaze to the white dragon, and snarled softly.

The white dragon simply snorted, before nodding back, as the two looked at Naruto and Oturan, "Before you may wield us, you must know us…"

Naruto stared, enamored, listening closely.

The white dragon spoke, "My name is…"

Naruto froze for a moment, 'W-what?'

The Black dragon spoke, "And my name is…"

Naruto stared at them both, his eyes filled with despair, "I-I didn't…w-why couldn't I hear you?"

"I heard him."

Naruto's eyes widened as he snapped his head towards Oturan, who pointed at the black dragon, "W-what?"

Oturan responded, "I didn't hear him." he said briefly pointing to the white dragon, "But I did hear him." he said pointing to the black dragon.

Naruto looked at the black dragon, who seemed to be looking at Oturan with a curious expression. Naruto then turned towards Oturan, "What is his-"

Out of nowhere, the black dragons claws smashed into the ground before Naruto, and he snarled, "If you could not hear my name yourself, then you are not worthy to hear it!" the dragon huffed, before turning his gaze back to Naruto, "However…he is worthy…" the dragon snorted, and reached towards Oturan with its claws.

The white dragon suddenly shot its claws out, grasping the black dragons, "What are you doing?!"

The black dragon snarled and hissed in the white dragons face, "I am bestowing his rightful power…"

The white dragon snorted back, "Naruto does not yet know our names, he is not-"

"But Oturan does, at least my name, and he is ready…and besides, if we are to wait for Naruto to be ready, it may be years, that is assuming they survive past tonight, or have you forgotten the situation they are in?" he snorted back at the white dragon

The white dragon hissed, "Our power works in tandem for a reason, if he loses control…" the white dragon left the statement hanging.

The black dragon snapped in response, "I am aware of the risk of my own power, the greater risk is to do nothing, and they both die, or worse, descend into Oblivion!"

The white dragon flinched back, and after several moments, it slowly backed off, and snarled, looking down.

The black dragon huffed, and looked back to Oturan, and reached for him, a single black orb of light extending from his claws…and slamming into Oturan's hands.

With Uryu

Uryu struggled at his bonds, glancing towards the Bounts watching over him and Naruto as he slowly worked at the threads of the rope binding him. He had to constantly mover between tugging at the ropes, and looking at the Bounts, as they constantly looked back towards him, trying to make sure he didn't escape.

The Bount, Fenrir, snapped his gaze towards him in an erratic manner, so Uryu had to keep aware of when he was looking at him, and when he wasn't.

Uryu cursed inwardly again as Fenrir looked at him, causing him to have to stop his struggling, lest Fenrir figure out what he was doing.

Fenrir narrowed his eyes every time he looked at Uryu, and snorted, before looking away towards Naruto, and frowned, standing up as he walked towards the blonde's cell. He looked down at the blond with pure spite, "What is so damn special about you, filth?"

Naruto obviously could not respond…

Fenrir snorted and opened up the blonde's cell, and snarled down at him.

Uryu saw this, and stopped struggling, and shouted, "Leave him alone!"

Fenrir snapped his gaze towards Uryu, and sneered…before a dark glint entered his eyes as he looked down at Naruto, before a savage and cruel smirk crossed his features, "Oh…you care about this…thing, do you?" he said as he gingerly gestured towards Naruto's unconscious form.

Uryu glared hatefully at Fenrir, "He is not a thing you fucking monster!"

Fenrir bristled at the comment as he snapped, with a guttural snarl, "You have a lot of nerve calling me a monster, Quincy scum!" he stepped forward, and grabbed his cane, before swinging it at Uryu, smashing into the bound Quincy, and snapping the bone in his bicep.

Uryu cringed and cried out, "GAAAH!"

Fenrir snarled as he snapped, "I may not be allowed to kill you, but that doesn't mean I can't damage your worthless hide you mongrel!" Fenrir then lifted his cane again struck against Uryu harder, shattering his collar bone, making the Quincy cry out even more, before Fenrir grabbed Uryu by the front of his face and shoved him backwards, causing the chair to bounce, and he smashed his foot upon Uryu's chest, causing a resounding crack to echo throughout the cell.

As Fenrir was beating Uryu, neither noticed Naruto's unconscious form twitching, as a dark energy started to ooze out of his body.

Fenrir was still savagely beating Uryu, his senses blinded by his pure hatred for the Quincy, so much so, that he didn't notice the energy pouring off of Naruto, even as its raw power began to crash against him.

Uryu however felt it, and even as he was being savagely beaten by the Bount, he saw, out of the corner of his swollen eye, he saw Naruto's form slowly begin to move, as the dark energy radiated off of him.

Fenrir, still filled with blind rage, raised up his arm, and readied himself to swing it down.

Only to be pushed off of Uryu and sent flying into the wall by a blast of dark energy.

Uryu coughed painfully, as he slowly turned his gaze towards Naruto, and his eyes widened considerably.

Naruto stood up, and a distinctly hollow shell began to cover his form, as his eye turned a golden yellow color. But, that was not what caused Uryu's eyes to widen.

It was the Tanto, glistening with dark essence, held in Naruto's right hand.

Uryu coughed painfully, "N-Naruto…?"

'Naruto' slowly turned his head to Uryu, and a dark grin found itself marring the boy's features.


As this was going on, Fenrir had pushed himself up, and was snarling at Naruto. The Bount stood up, and grasped his cane tightly, "Zeige Dich…Hund!"

In an instant, the Bount's cane glowed brightly, and it shattered into black smoke, which stormed forward, and condensed into an entirely different form, and revealed the doll of Fenrir.

Standing before Fenrir, was a great black wolf, it's fur absorbing all light, swallowing it up like a void, while its eyes blazed brightly, a fierce power being held back by the beasts eyes. It snarled as it readied itself into a pouncing stance, its eyes boring into the child who had harmed its master.

Oturan smirked and began to cackle, "Come on doggy!" and in a motion too fast for Uryu to see, he lunged at Fenrir and his Doll, who responded in turn.

With Soifon

Soifon was pacing back and forth as they healed Yoshino, and it was becoming clear that Soifon would not be able to keep waiting for much longer.

She kept glancing over at Orihime as she healed Yoshino, "How much longer?"

Orihime was starting to become annoyed, she could understand Soifon's distress, but it was taking longer to heal Yoshino because she kept asking every thirty seconds how much longer it would take to heal Yoshino. She looked at Soifon, and in an uncharacteristic manner snapped, "I would be done by now if you would stop asking me!"

Soifon backed up, being genuinely surprised by Orihime's outburst, before she returned to skulking back and forth.

Suddenly, she felt it…a burst of energy, the same energy she felt the first time Naruto…no…Oturan, came out.

Soifon snapped her attention in the direction she felt it, which was in a different direction than they were going, "Sochi."

Before anybody could have ever moved, Soifon shot in the direct she felt the power burst.

She tore across the roof's and leapt towards the destination of her child, as she felt the power spike randomly, and she could tell that her child was in battle.

Soifon pushed herself as hard as she could, sprinting faster than the eye could see, intent on getting her child back…

And killing anyone who got in her way.

With Naruto

Oturan had struck against Fenrir and his doll, managing to push them back due to his unpredictability, but it didn't take long for Fenrir to regain the upper hand. Fenrir had struck back against Oturan, and was viciously trying to quell him.

However, the hollowfied aspect of Naruto's mind was not willing to give up, and had resorted to risky maneuvers to try and fight back against Fenrir. Luckily, the other Bounts had felt the reiatsu spike, and had managed to pin down Oturan, and knock him out.

Fenrir called back his doll, and wiped his bloody lip, and bowed his head, "Forgive me Kariya, I did not expect the creature to be so willful."

Kariya glanced back at Fenrir, and nodded, "You have my forgiveness…" he looked to the nearby wall, and smirked, "It seems our guests are soon to arrive." Kariya walked over to the downed Uryu, and lifted him up, smirking, before tossing him to Mizore, "Mizore, Fenrir, take the two of them to the room, the Senkaimon will soon be opened." he then turned towards the others, "Ugaki, Ryo, Ho, and Ban, keep our guests busy while we make the final preparations." he turned out the door, and was followed by the remaining Bounts.

The four aforementioned Bounts did as commanded, and headed to the direction they felt the incoming Shinigami.

With Soifon

Soifon skidded to a halt in front of the gates in front of the mansion, where she felt the reiatsu spike. She cursed as she felt a barrier surrounding the location, she pulled out her Zanpaktou, and began to smash it against the gates, hoping to break the barrier.


Soifon stopped, and she slowly turned her head, and her eyes widened as she saw who was behind her.

Uryu's father…Ryuken Ishida…and he had a Quincy bow pointed right at her.

She instantly moved out of the way as Ryuken's arrow flew, and smashed into the gates, disrupting the barrier, and cracking the gates open.

Soifon stared at Ryuken as he looked at her.

As the two looked at each other, waiting for the other to respond, Ryuken finally spoke, "Let's go get our sons."

Soifon seemed taken aback for but a moment…before she hardened herself and nodded, before turning towards the mansion, and she and Ryuken headed inside.

All the while, a pair of eyes watched them from atop the mansion…and the eyes did not belong to a Bount.

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