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The doors to the Mansion that Soifon felt Naruto's reiatsu spike from, were ruthlessly kicked down by Soifon, as Ryuken followed up behind her, his bow ready, as he looked left and right, while Soifon was in a combat stance, ready to strike.

They expected a great many things when they entered the mansion, a small platoon of soldiers, a Bount or two, the enemy caught unaware even.

They did not expect to be greeted with an empty lobby.

Soifon and Ryuken kept their ready stance, just in case there was a hidden foe they had yet to see.

Ryuken looked through the nearby halls, his bow at the ready to fire. While Soifon looked at the various possible locations she could imagine an enemy hiding in case they were preparing an ambush.


No ambush, no waiting foes.

Ryuken turned to Soifon, and frowned.

Soifon was in a similar situation, as she looked around, none of this made sense. She had sensed Naruto's reiatsu spike, she had sensed him fighting a powerful foe, she knew this was the right place.

So, why was there no sign of the enemy anywhere to be found?


Ryuken and Soifon snapped around, as they heard the door to the mansion shut behind them, the same doors, that moments before she had kicked off of their hinges.

Soifon and Ryuken returned to their combat stances, and stood back to back, as their eyes darted across the room, as they tried to sense for any residual reiatsu.

And did they feel it.

Without a single moment's notice, Ryuken fired an arrow into the ceiling, causing it to fall towards them, along with a shadowed figure.

Soifon and Ryuken rolled out of the way as the ceiling came crashing down, before Ryuken pointed his bow at the figure, who had landed on the debris in a crouched position.

Soifon stared at the figure as the dust began to dissipate, and she narrowed her eyes.

Only for them to widen as she saw the figure's form, which she recognized as, not the form of a Bount.

But as a Shinigami.

Beneath the Mansion

Kariya, Fenrir, Victor, Mizore, Koga, Yoshi, Sawatari, and Mabashi, were dragging the forms of Naruto, and Uryu down a narrow tunnel underneath the mansion.

The aged Bount, Sawatari felt the sudden Reiatsu spike, and grumbled, "They're inside." he frowned, and turned his gaze towards Kariya, "I thought you said-"

Kariya snapped his gaze towards Sawatari, "I said, that any interference caused by the Shinigami, and the Quincy, would not put our plans in jeopardy, I did not however say they would be unable to breach the mansion, you would do well to remember that Sawatari, need I remind you that you are, in fact, expendable."

Sawatari quickly took the hint, and silenced himself, but not before casting a harsh glare towards Kariya.

Kariya either did not notice, or simply did not care, as he continued forward, followed closely by Victor, and Fenrir, with Koga trailing just behind them.

Finally, the group of Bounts reached a door in the catacombs, and Victor walked forward, and gingerly grasped his necklace, and took it off.

For but a moment, he gazed at the necklace, before he tightened his grip on the chain, and looked at the door, "Zeige Dich…Leichnam."

In but a moment, the locket gained a sickly green light extended from the locket, before shooting forwards, slamming into a circular keyhole, as the clicks and whirs of gears within the door began to echo throughout the catacomb.

Suddenly, the door began to open, as the sickly green light shot back into Victor's hands, and once more became a locket, which he swiftly wrapped back around his neck.

As the door opened, the Bount all peered inside, despite knowing the location of where they were going to, Victor had made it abundantly clear, that none of them, not even Kariya himself, was permitted to enter Victor's lab, not until now anyways.

The eyes of the Bount all widened in surprise as they saw what was inside of the laboratory.

Rows of Tesla coils, arcing with lightning, surrounded three metal chairs, which resembled electric chairs, but, the chairs all had needles sticking out of the armrests, along with a series of what appeared to be copper tubes which went back under the ground, but given the holes on the edges of the bowl that was in the ground between the three chairs, they had a feeling where those copper tubes went.

Victor walked inside, and pointed towards the chairs, "Bind them…"

Fenrir and Koga did as commanded and dragged Uryu and Naruto towards the chairs, which, thankfully, were not difficult to figure out. Uryu and Naruto were swiftly bound by leather straps, their legs, arms, wrists, and neck being bound, along with a leather strap across their abdomen.

As Koga and Fenrir were preparing Uryu and Naruto, Kariya walked towards Victor, who was flicking several switches on an older piece of machinery, which, given the wires connecting it, to the Tesla coils, along with every other piece of machinery in the lab, was the control panel, "I must say Victor, I am quite impressed." he turned and looked upon Victor's lab, "I never would have expected such ingenuity, had I not seen it for myself.

Victor did not even give the courtesy of looking at Kariya as he answered, "Yes, it is impressive, given how many knots you used to tie my hands with." he flicked a single switch, causing the Tesla coils to arc even more fiercely than before.

Kariya sneered, and snapped his head at Victor, "We succeeded, what does it matter if-"

Victor pulled a lever, and turned his gaze to Kariya, "We succeeded, after being set back near a decade, all because you placed such a high value on your bed-warmer."

Kariya's eyes narrowed as he grabbed Victor's shoulder, "Refer to my wife as such a thing again and I'll-GAH!" Kariya suddenly cried out in pain as Victor grabbed his wrist, and twisted it, forcing Kariya to turn around, as Victor twisted Victor's arm behind his back.

The sudden action gained the attention of the rest of the Bounts. Mabashi, Yoshi, and Sawatari only looked in shock, while Koga, Fenrir, and Mizore readied to utilize their dolls, only for Kariya to raise a hand to stop them.

This did not stop Kariya from wincing in pain as Victor twisted his arm further, "You'll what, Jin?" He said with a noticeable edge to his voice, "You make a great many threats, but have yet to carry a single one out, because you know that should you so much as cut a single hair on my head, nick a single piece of skin, or so much as look at me in a way I don't like, then your only course of action will be to sacrifice your precious 'bed warmer', and yes, I will continue to call her that, because we all know that is all she has ever been, to you, or anyone else." he suddenly shoved Kariya, making him stumble.

Fenrir quickly ran over to Kariya, and checked him over, "Brother…" he said, before glaring harshly at Victor.

Victor did not pay the Bount's glare any mind, as he turned back towards his control panel.

Fenrir snarled at Victor, and slowly stood up, only for Kariya to grasp his arm, and force him to back off. Fenrir sighed, and slowly helped Kariya up, checking him over.

Kariya frowned at Victor as Fenrir did so, and spoke with a noticeable edge, "Just finish up the device Victor, time is of the essence."

Victor nodded, "I agree, given that your Shinigami pet will not be able to hold off our intruders for very long."

Koga stepped forward at that remark, "Ugaki, Ryo, and the twins will be able to hold off the intruders before they get back here."

Victor only smirked at that response, "Will they now…"

Koga looked at Victor confused, as an air of silence echoed across the laboratory.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Uryu began to stir, and their blurred vision began to take in their surroundings.

Victor noticed this, and smiled, "Good, they are awake." he began to flip several switches, and walked back towards the rest of the Bounts, "Now, all that is needed, is the final piece to this puzzle."

Yoshi's eyes widened, "What, are you telling me that we are down here, in the catacombs, cornered, with no way out, and you are telling us we're still missing something?"

Sawatari spoke up, "There had better be a damned good reason for this Victor."

Victor smirked, and turned to Sawatari, and spoke, "Mabashi…" the orange haired Bount to the side turned towards Victor, while Yoshi and Sawatari looked at Victor, "…would you be so kind, as to tell me how many of my special chairs are sitting around the sepulcher?"

Mabashi looked at the chairs, and then back at the bowl in the center, which he presumed was the sepulcher, "There are three chairs."

Victor smirked, "Correct, now, answer me this Mabashi, why would I have three chairs?"

Mabashi looked at Victor quizzically, "Because…you need three chairs?"

Victor nodded, "Correct Mabashi, now, given that two of those chairs are filled, what could the third chair possibly be for? We have the Quincy, and we have the half breed, but yet, there is a third chair…and there is no way to return to the surface without having to face our intruders."

Mabashi stared, even more confused, before the dots began to connect, "The third chair is for…one of us?"

The whole of the Bount group became silent, as they all turned towards Victor, who had a knowing smile on his face.

That insufferable, yet fear inducing grin, was magnified, as a dark twinkle flickered in his eyes, "Yes…and no."

The whole of the group were immediately confused by this, as Victor looked at them, "You see, this device is quite delicate, if I were to use just any Bount, the device would likely break, the best case scenario is that it didn't work." he sighed and looked around, "With that in mind, and the fact we will likely only get one, maybe two shots at this, and given that the materials to make this device, not only cost a fortune, but likely will take another century to locate, I would prefer not to have to go through another time consuming century of rebuilding this. So, now, the only question is, which of you, will fit the device perfectly."

The rest of the Bounts became wary, as Victor eyed them all like a cat eyeing a mouse.

Victor continued on with his tirade, "You see, this device, utilizes the spiritual energy which naturally is a part of Shinigami, Quincy, and Bount, in order to perform its function, and fulfill its purpose." he pointed to Uryu, "Despite not having any spiritual energy himself, the Quincy's blood, his cells, contain the spiritual essence which the device will need to operate. The same goes for the half breed over there. However, the final piece we will need, is somewhat…different."

Fenrir snarled at Victor, "In what way, doctor?"

Victor smiled, "You see, it is not the energy of the Bount that we need, we need the energy of the soul, human souls to be accurate, pluses. Unfortunately, unless the Shinigami have been providing human souls with a Gigai, then we have to resort to the last measure…" he turned towards one of the Bount, "Using the blood of a Bount, who has consumed a large number of human souls…living human souls."

The gaze of Victor was focused on Sawatari, whose eyes had grown wide as Victor walked towards him.

Sawatari cursed, "Zeige Di-" before he could finish speaking, Victor had shot forward, and stabbed a needle, with a green fluid into Sawatari's neck, and suddenly, Sawatari's body went limp, but his eyes showed that he was still very much alive.

Victor shook his head in disappointment, "Sorry Sawatari, but you will not be calling on your Doll today." he smiled and looked into the old Bount's eyes, "Don't worry, that little cocktail I gave you won't prevent you from being of use, you can die easy, knowing that you will have helped secure the Bount's their victory." he clapped his hands together, before hoisting Sawatari over his shoulders, and carried him over to the final chair, before strapping him in.

As Victor placed Sawatari in, Mizore looked towards Naruto, "Victor, you could not have possibly planned for the use of the half breed…could you?" Mizore turned her attention towards Victor, who had finished strapping in Sawatari.

The aforementioned doctor responded, "You are correct, it was actually quite fortunate that we did not need a great deal of Shinigami blood in order for the device to work, at most, we would have needed an ounce of blood from Kariya's pet."

Mizore tilted her head, "But, the half breed is only half Shinigami, won't we need more blood?"

Victor nodded, "Oh most definitely, in fact, if my calculations are correct, then we will need a great deal more blood from the half breed." he stood up and turned towards her, "All of it, in fact."


Victor's gaze shifted over to Uryu, who was glaring at him with so much hate, that if looks could kill, then Victor would have died a hundred times over.

Victor walked over to Uryu, and kneeled down, "What was that Quincy?"

Uryu grit his teeth, "N-no…d-don't you dare h-hurt him. Do w-what you want to me, b-but don't you dare hurt him!" he said tried to break free of his bindings, to no avail.

Victor snorted, "You are in no position to give me orders Quincy." he stood up, and turned back towards the control panel, "Besides, what does it matter what happens to him, he is half Shinigami after all."

Uryu screamed, "He's a child!"

Victor glanced towards Naruto, and shrugged, "So he is, doesn't change anything Quincy." he flicked several switches, as the needles in the chair suddenly shot upwards, stabbing into the forearms of Uryu, Naruto, and Sawatari.

"Gaaaaah!" Naruto and Uryu cried out in pain, as Victor continued to flip several switches.

Fenrir walked up towards Victor, and frowned, "Will this kill them?" he asked with curiosity.

Victor did not look back at Fenrir, and only continued his work, "Yes…well, it will 'most likely' kill them. I am about, ninety nine percent certain that this will kill them."

Fenrir looked at Naruto and Uryu, who were panting as the needles began to draw blood from them, "And…if it doesn't kill them?"

Victor smirked, and finally looked back at Fenrir, "If the device doesn't kill them, then by all means, feel free to stain your fingers with what is left of their blood."

Fenrir glanced back at the doctor, a slight twinkle in his eye, before walking away again.

Victor smirked, and looked up at a single lever, and whispered, "Let us begin…" before flipping it.

And the room echoed with screaming.

With Soifon and Ryuken, Same Time

Soifon stared at the Shinigami, and she blinked in surprise, of all the things she expected, a Shinigami, here? Why?

She did not have time to respond, as suddenly, the Shinigami withdrew his Zanpaktou, and launched himself at Soifon, attempting to slice off her head.

Soifon barely dodged, though his attack did succeed in cutting off several locks of hair.

Ryuken quickly responded, and launched a volley of arrows at the Shinigami, which were swiftly parried away with ease.

Soifon responded swiftly, and shot towards the Shinigami, who barely succeeded in blocking her own attack, and was pushed against the wall.

Finally, Soifon managed to get in a good look at her opponent, he was most definitely a Shinigami, his hair was short, and was raven in color, a large portion of the hair hanging in the middle of his face, his brown eyes glaring at her, his dilated pupils staring her down as he tried to press back. He wore a sleeveless uniform, which fit his tall and slim figure.

Soifon swung a fist at the Shinigami, who swiftly pushed harder against Soifon's weapon, and managed to avoid having his skull caved in by her punch, before he head-butted her, forcing her to stumble back.

Ryuken responded, and fired several arrows at the Shinigami, who had to dodge, as the resulting head-butt had resulting in a measure of dizziness.

Soifon managed to recover quickly, and shot at him, grabbing the front of his Haori, and then swung him into the wall, where his head swiftly smashed against it, no doubt he had gotten whiplash.

Soifon did not relent there, as she drove her foot into his lower back, hard, enough that she heard his spine crack, before she drove the heel of her foot into his upper back, causing him to smash into the wall, before she delivered a front kick to the middle of his back. The resounding crack of spine, and ribs, was almost deafening.

She suddenly grabbed him by his hair, and threw him to the ground, still clutching his hair, and pressed the edge of her Zanpaktou against his throat, "Where is my son?" she said, gritting her teeth.

The Shinigami spat, as blood began to dribble down his lips, "I don't know what-" Soifon did not let him finish, and swiftly punched him in the nose, the resounding crack of it breaking echoed throughout the room.

Soifon glared into his eyes, and snarled, "Don't you dare play stupid with me, traitor, you are allied with the Bounts, why else would you attack us, while inside their home?" she yanked him up, as she pressed the blade against his throat just enough to slightly cut it, allowing a dribble of blood to trail down his neck, "Where is my son?!" she screamed at him.


Soifon's eyes glanced to the side, and her eyes widened in shock.

She remembered seeing the door fix itself just a few moments ago, but now, the door was lying on the floor again, while Orihime, Ichigo, Chad, Yoshino, and Yoruichi stood in the doorway, staring at her, Ryuken, and the Shinigami who was mere inches from having his throat cut open by her zanpaktou.

The Shinigami used this momentary distraction to his advantage, and moved his hand to point at Soifon's abdomen, "Sho!"

Soifon did not have time to dodge, as she was suddenly pushed back by a sudden generation of kinetic force, and flew across the room, her back smashing into the wall.

The Shinigami swiftly got to his feet, before he turned, and suddenly vanished, the debris around him being pushed aside, signifying he had used Shunpo.

Soifon fell back to the floor, and barely landed back on her own two feet, her eyes briefly widened, before they narrowed as she snarled, 'Oh no you don't.' she got to her feet, and she charged forward, before vanishing just as he had, with a great deal more debris being pushed aside as she did.

Yoruichi saw this all occur, and turned towards the others, "Come on!" she began to run forward, as the others followed.

Further inside the mansion, the Shinigami was heading deeper into the mansion, a clear destination in mind, his practiced footwork clearly showing he knew where he was heading. However, this was not seen by Soifon, who was chasing this Shinigami with murder in her eyes.

All she saw was a traitor, who knew where her son was, and she would find out where he was, no matter how many bones she had to break to get that information.

The Shinigami did not notice as Soifon raised her arm, nor did he hear her as she snarled in disgust as she looked at him, what he did hear, was Soifon's venom filled voice, as she spoke, "Byakurai!"

And he definitely felt the bolt of lightning shoot into him, forcing him to tumble, and smash into a decorative table, causing splinters of wood to stab throughout his left arm.

Soifon capitalized on his tumble, and shot forward, grabbing him by his right arm, and twisting it around his back, pulling on it with enough force that the joint connecting his arm to his shoulder almost came out.

The Shinigami bit down, hard, grinding his teeth together, not wanting to give Soifon the satisfaction of hearing him cry out in pain.

Soifon did not stop with twisting his arm though, she wanted him to feel as much pain as possible as he got the information on where her son was. She grabbed him by his hair, and smashed his face into the wall, as she leaned closer to him, and spoke with a voice that was so cold, that the pits of hell itself would freeze upon hearing it, "You are going to tell me where my son is, or I am going to twist this arm until there aren't enough tendons left to keep it attached." she emphasized this by slowly twisting his arm a bit more.

The Shinigami let out a pained gasp, before he bit back down.

Soifon's gaze hardened, so much so that stone seemed like a fluffy pillow in comparison, as she twisted harder on his arm, and smashed his face against the wall, "Answer me!"

The Shinigami's vision was quite blurry as his already broken nose, was smashed into near permanent disrepair.

Soifon was about to twist the arm further-

"Soifon, stop!"

Only for her to cease, and turn to her side, where Yoruichi, Yoshino and Ichigo were standing, moments later, Chad and Orihime came up behind, clearly more exhausted than the other three.

The Shinigami winced as he used this momentary distraction to his advantage, "Byakura!" and flooded Soifon with a reiatsu charged lightning bolt.

"Gaaaah!" Soifon was sent back, her body smoking and twitching as the electrical surge shot through her body.

The Shinigami took this opportunity, and used Shunpo to get away, while Yoruichi and Ichigo shot towards Soifon to help her.

Soifon's body began to twitch as electricity continued to arc through her system, her body convulsing and shaking as the direct strike of the Shinigami's Byakura Kido hit her nervous system.

Orihime leaned over her, and whispered, "Soten Kisshun." at that moment, her healing technique began to work on Soifon, and slowly, Soifon slowed in her twitching, as the electrical burns began to disappear, and she grunted in pain, as she began to regain control of her body.

Chad watched as this occurred, as Ryuken, who had finally caught up to them, came up behind. Chad saw Ryuken's eyes widen, before he released his spirit bow and yelled, "Get down!"

Chad and the others quickly shot down, but as they did, Chad caught a glimpse of a black, slithering mass, which almost looked like an eye with a mouth in the center, right before Ryuken's arrow tore through it, sending its black body splattering across the walls.

The others seemed to have seen it as well, as they quickly readied their weapons, even Soifon, who miraculously was almost completely healed after Orihime's technique, which spoke volumes of Soifon's endurance, or Orihime's abilities.

They looked down the hall, and saw a cloud of black eyeballs with mouths; much like the one Ryuken had shot down with his arrow.

Soifon's eyes were filled with anger once more, and she moved to attack the mass of foul eyes, until Yoruichi pulled her back, 'SCHINK' before she could snap at Yoruichi, she heard the echoing noise of a blade piercing through wood, and she looked down to where she was standing.

Coming out of the shadows being produced by the eyes, was a long sickle, which had embedded itself directly where she had just been standing. Had Yoruichi not stopped her, there was no doubt that the sickle could have cleaved through her body, and caused even greater damage than what the Kido spell had done to her.

As her eyes returned to looking forward, she saw the eyes producing more shadows, which began to create even more weapons, which if previous observation was correct, were all equally deadly.

This did not deter her though, as she readied her zanpaktou, and swung at an incoming blade, which was aiming towards her throat.

Yoruichi struck at several incoming sharp edged weapons, while Ryuken and Orihime began to destroy the shadow eyes from afar.

Chad and Ichigo got in close, and used their superior strength to block, parry, and destroy the eyes.

Soifon charged forward, hacking, slashing, and crushing every single eye that got in her way, somehow managing to block and parry every weapon that came her way.

All the while, a blazing inferno burned in her eyes, as she slashed through the opposition that dared get between her and her son.

Even as the floorboards began to creak beneath her, as water began to seep through them.

Underground Laboratory

Victor looked callously at the three restrained individuals, who convulsed and twitched and screamed as their bodies were flooded with enough electricity to cause them so much pain, while not being enough to kill them.

His gaze then turned towards the pool of blood sitting between them, which continued to fill, but now, there was an arcing essence pulsing within the pool of blood.

Kariya noticed the arcing essence, and glanced at Victor, "How much longer?"

Victor looked at the pool, "Soon, once the sepulcher has finished filling, we need only funnel a substantial amount of reiatsu into it." his gaze turned to Kariya, "When will your pet arrive Kariya?"

The white haired Bount leaders eyes gained a slight glimmer of indignance as he looked back at Victor, "Patience Victor, I have faith that our ally will accomplish his task."

Victor merely shook his head, "Forgive me, but I do not have 'faith' in a Shinigami who would kill us as readily as he would kill his former allies."

Kariya frowns, "Perhaps, but he needs us, he will not-"

Victor snapped, "He will do what he feels benefits him the most, if that means stabbing us in the back, he will, remember he betrayed his own kind, his allies, and friends, and at best, we are enemies in a ceasefire, he will not hesitate to do to us what he has done to them, because as much as he needs us, we also need him, and he knows this."

Kariya was about to retort, when the entrance to the laboratory was loudly banged on by somebody standing on the outside.

Victor blinked, and reached for his locket before he walked forward, "Zeige Dich…Leichnam."

A green beam of light entered the door, and it began to creak open, and standing on the other side, as their Shinigami ally, looking to be heavily injured.

Kariya stepped forward, and snapped, "Report, Maki, did you accomplish your task?"

The now named Maki lowered his head as he limped forward, "No Lord Kariya, I failed, they have not only entered the mansion, but I was unable to terminate any of the intruders."

Kariya's eyes widened, "What?!" Kariya was about to continue, only to hear a sigh behind him, which caused him to turn around, and look at the source of the sigh.

Victor shook his head as he stepped forward, and looked at Maki, "Maki Ichinose, would you explain to us why you were unable to terminate the intruders as you were ordered to?"

Maki glared at Victor, "I don't answer to-OOF!" Maki leaned over as Victor struck him in the stomach, hard.

Victor sighed as he looked down at him, "Forgive me, allow me to rephrase my statement." he coughed as he withdrew his fist, and grabbed Maki by his hair, and made him look into his eyes, as he used his other hand to draw out a needle, which had a bluish fluid inside of it, and pressed the tip to his neck, "You will tell me why you failed to do your job, or I am going to inject this little cocktail I made directly into your Carotid artery…now, speak." he snapped with a harsh edge.

Fenrir snarled at Victor and moved to grab him, only for Kariya to stop him, and shake his head, causing Fenrir to grudgingly step back.

Maki meanwhile, was noticeably nervous, his eyes briefly glancing towards the three people strapped into the doctors chairs, specifically, Sawatari and Naruto. If Victor was willing to do such harm to his own allies, and children, then he would have no objections to causing him as much pain as possible.

Maki swallowed his pride, and spoke, "There w-were two intruders, I u-used my Zanpaktou to make them believe the door they came into was closed, before I attacked."

Victor narrowed his eyes at him, "That doesn't explain to me why you failed to kill them."

Maki swallowed before he spoke up, "One of t-them was a Quincy, very skilled, the other, was a black haired woman, she is the one who did this to me, she was-"

"A Shinigami."

Maki, Victor, Kariya, and the others turned towards Mizore, who had chosen that moment to speak up.

She did not stop there, "I almost killed her this night, but Yoshino stopped me from finishing her off."

Maki nodded, "Y-yes, she and the Quincy attacked me, got the better of me, I tried to retreat so I could perform my part in the ritual, but-"

Victor interrupted him, "In your condition, you wouldn't be able to light a candle, much less move our plans any further."

Kariya's eyes narrowed into slits, and he glared at Maki.

"Be calm Kariya, all is not lost."

Kariya looked at Victor, and snapped, "How? Maki is injured to the point he cannot perform his role, we are trapped and cornered, and when they get here, the Shinigami bitch will-"

"Provide us with exactly what we need."

Everyone was silent, as they stared at Victor questioningly, as he walked towards the Tesla coils, and began to pull and insert several wires.

All the while, a small grin twisted his features.

With Soifon

Soifon ducked underneath the incoming blades, and was about to slice another eye, when she felt something wet wrap around her leg. Before she could react, whatever it was that had grabbed onto her had pulled with enough force to send her toppling down as a scythe-like blade came down towards her. She used her zanpaktou to parry the scythe, before she spun her zanpaktou in her hand, and sliced at what had been holding her leg.

She saw a tentacle of water be sliced in two, and watched for but a moment in morbid curiosity, as more of these water tendrils began to erupt from the floorboards, and began to strike at Soifon and the others.

This was not good, fighting one enemy en masse was hard enough, two was worse.

Soifon snarled as she slashed her zanpaktou at an incoming water tendril, before she instinctively back flipped over an incoming shadow scimitar, and slashed the eye that created the weapon in two, before she spun around, and yelled, "Walls now!"

The others turned to her, and did as commanded, getting out of the way of the halls, and pressed themselves against the walls, as Soifon pulled her arm back, and yelled once more.

"Shakkaho!" and shot her arm forward as a red wave of fire shot out of her hand, and blasted through the halls, evaporating the water tendrils into steam, and turning many of the floating shadow eyes into ash.

She turned around and reared her arm back, and yelled once more, "Shakkaho!" and once more, her hand ignited a blast of crimson fire, which incinerated the eyes and tendrils in her path.

Soifon panted, having used two Kido spells, very destructive spells, and without more than a second between each use, had drained her reiatsu very quickly, but she powered through the exhaustion, and stood tall, as the others removed themselves from the walls.

Yoruichi stepped behind Soifon, and placed her hand on her shoulder, "Soifon, are you-"

"I'm fine." Soifon stated, her tone making it clear the discussion was over as she began to walk forward.

As the followed after Soifon, Ryuken looked around, sensing something amiss.

They were definitely being watched…by whom, he could not be sure, but they were being observed.

Soifon glanced around, trying to find a trace of where the Shinigami had gone, until finally, she found a residual reiatsu trail…specifically, the reiatsu trail of the Shinigami, "There you are." she muttered to herself, before she began to run after the trail, the others following close behind.

Soifon stopped before a large door, and frowned as she looked at it, the trail of reiatsu lead here, no doubt the Shinigami had run this way, but, why?

Those questions lasted but a second, her concern for her child far exceeding any concern as to why a traitor would go anywhere, so she kicked the door as hard as she could, throwing it off of its hinges.

They all stared in a measure of shock as they saw what was inside, before they got into a combat stance.

Behind the door, was not a room, not in the traditional sense, rather, it was the entrance to what could only be described as a cavern, but that wasn't all that was inside.

Inside, were three figures, a pair of twin boys, who dressed in almost identical clothing and a tall brown haired man, dressed in formal attire, a golden pocket watch in his hand.

The brown haired man chuckled, "Ah, so you have arrived…I was wondering if any of you would have the nerve to show your face." he flicked open the pocket watch, and frowned, "You are very late, very late indeed." he flipped the watch closed and shook his head, "Tsk, tsk, I am disappointed, I thought a mother and father would go beyond all barriers to save their children."

Soifon and Ryuken narrowed their eyes at the man as Soifon gripped her zanpaktou tighter, all the while, Yoruichi, Yoshino, and Ichigo readied themselves, while Chad placed himself in front of Orihime, who readied her long range weapon.

Ryuken spoke first, "Where are our children…Bount."

The two boys were the ones to speak up, "Oh, they are nearby, but you will have to get past us to get to them, Quincy."

Ryuken narrowed his eyes at the red hatted boy who spoke up, "If you insist." he prepared his bow, even as the other twin spoke.

"Oh please, you couldn't even save him from getting taken in the first place, what makes you think you ca-URK!" the Bount was silenced, as a spirit arrow shot out of Ryuken's bow, piercing the white hatted Bount in the chest, his eyes widening, as the Bount with the red hat stared in horror.

"Ban, no-URK!" the red hatted Bount gasped as well, before his body fell over atop his brother.

The brown haired man stared in shock, before he turned his eyes to Ryuken, and he had to take a step back as he saw the man's eyes.

They were cold, like looking into a frozen lake, right before it cracked from a sudden warmth, in this case, the warmth was a burning rage, which lit up the eyes like a blazing inferno.

Ryuken sneered as he looked at the brown haired Bount, "That's why…" he shot a third arrow, which the brown haired Bount barely dodged, as he grabbed his pocket watch and snapped.

"Zeige Dich, Fried!" suddenly, the pocket watch turned into a snake that wrapped around his arm as he swung it, causing it to be used as a whip.

The whip never reached its target, not truly, as Soifon grabbed the whip, and gripped it tightly, before she yanked on it as hard as she could, forcing the brown haired Bount to stumble forward.

The Bount gasped suddenly, as a stabbing pain ripped through his chest, before he looked down, and stared at a massive cleaver, pushed through his chest, no doubt, coming out of his back.

He looked up slowly at the weapons wielder, and looked into the cold and angry eyes of Ichigo Kurosaki, right before the cleaver was ripped from his body, and the blood of the Bount began to spill across the floor, as his eyes went blank, his doll turning into dust.

Chad, Yoruichi and Orihime could only stare in shock, while Yoshino stepped forward, and stared, before she looked forward into the caves, "I have never seen this place before." she looked around in curiosity, this place did not look natural, but she could see it had been here a while, centuries even.

How long had this been here and she had not known?

Soifon did not stay to ponder, instead, she stepped forward to try and get a feel for any residual reiatsu, the Shinigami had come through here…and as she sensed the reiatsu further, she sensed another reiatsu presence.


Her eyes widened, as she realized this is where they had taken her son, and in a second, she began to run further into the caves, even as the others told her to wait up, she did not heed them.

Yoruichi saw her run off, and curse, she too had sensed Naruto's reiatsu presence, no doubt Soifon had sensed it, and run off. They had no idea what was in here, and in Soifon's no doubt emotional state, she wouldn't care, she would run through traps, and who knows what else, "Come on!" she yelled, as the others ran up after her, all the while looking around to make sure they did not accidentally set off any traps.

Underground Laboratory

Kariya looked back towards the door of the laboratory, and he frowned, as he felt what he could only be described as an echo, a release of reiatsu from what he could feel, were Han, Bo, and Ryo.

They were dead.

He was not the only one who felt it, Mizore turned her attention to Victor, and spoke, "The twins and Ryo have perished, only Ugaki remains." she turned her gaze back to the doorway to the laboratory, "They will soon be upon us."

Her words echoed throughout the cavernous laboratory, as the others began to grow nervous. The twins and Ryo may not have been the strongest of their group, but they could hold their own in a fight, that went without question.

But they were defeated, and it was only their death echoes that were felt, not a Shinigami, or Quincy could be felt perishing.

Maki, who was having his battered limbs be splinted by Koga, cursed, "The intruders will be here soon, how do we-"

"Maki, shut up."

Maki turned his attention to Victor, who was still fiddling with his machine, his hands working in ways, that Maki could not even understand.

His gaze then turned angry, as he tried to stand, only for Koga to push him back down, but he could not stop Maki from snapping, "We are cornered, we don't have what we need to finish our plans, and they just killed Ryo, Bo, and Han, no doubt Ugaki will be next, and I saw several others follow in after the Quincy and Shinigami before I managed to escape!"

Kariya snapped his gaze towards Maki as he heard his admission, "Why did you not mention that?!" Kariya was now seething, it was bad enough that a Quincy and Shinigami were here, but others as well?

Maki looked visibly afraid, "Kariya-sama, I meant to b-"


Maki fell off of his chair as Kariya quickly stepped forward, and backhanded Maki, sending him sprawling across the floor.

Koga stood up, and snapped, "Kariya-sama, he is-"

Kariya paid Koga no mind as he stepped towards Maki, and reared his fist back, as Maki struggled, and failed to return to a standing position.

His life was spared by the voice of Victor, "Save your energy Kariya…"

The aforementioned Bount leader stopped, just before his fist could slam into Maki's face, as he turned to see Victor stepping away from his machine, and reach for his necklace, as he looked towards the laboratory door. He gently gripped the necklace in his hand, and spoke, "You will need it…"

His eyes narrowed, and he snapped, "Zeige Dich…Leichnam!"

The same sickly green energy slammed into the doors lock, and the spinning gears echoed inside the laboratory, as the doors began to open.

At that moment, all the caverns occupants were staring at Victor as if he were a madman.

Mabashi found his voice, and echoed the groups concerns, "What are you doing?!" he stared at the seemingly mad scientist, as he ignored him, "That door could have held them off long enough for us to counter them, with it wide open they will have nothing to tear through to get their brats except us!"

The blond haired Bount voiced her concerns, "Mabashi is correct." Mizore glanced at the door, "What reason could you have for opening the door for our enemy?" she said whilst she reached for her Katana.

As the doors finished opening, Victor returned the locket to its place on his neck, and he turned towards Maki, ignoring both Mabashi, and Mizore, "Maki, do make yourself useful, and get to the control panel, and flip the switch."

Maki stared at Victor with confusion, "W-what?"

Victor's face took on a clear frown, as he slowly turned his head, a single eye gazing towards Maki, "I will not repeat myself…do it." his voice seemed to echo a chilling tone, as his visible eye flashed a menacing rage, which promised punishment if he did not obey.

Maki felt himself swallow involuntarily, as he righted himself, and limped towards the control panel.

Kariya's face was twisted into an enraged snarl, "Doctor, what the hell are you planning? Answer me!"

Victor did not dignify Kariya with a response, as he stepped forward, and stood right in the center of the doorway, just off to the side, allowing one particular individual to be visible from the laboratories entrance.

Naruto…and himself.

With Soifon

Soifon ducked underneath a dark blade, which ripped its way from the shadows, as he clutched her arm, which had a clear, but negligible gash in it, which she received from a sickle shaped shadow that she did not see until it had already cut into her flesh.

Were it not for her decades of training for combat and evasion, she would have lost that arm.

She ducked underneath a shadow which took the form of an axe, just in time for Yoruichi and the others to arrive.

They began to cut through the shadows and the eyes which projected them, cutting them down like rows of wheat.

All the while, a single figure stood upon a ledge, and looked down through his spectacles, his arms crossed over his white button up shirt, his red tie being pressed against his chest, as he looked down upon the intruders, more specifically, the Shinigami, who he could see was emotionally unstable.

The perfect target.

He grinned to himself, before he spread his arms, and looked down at the table before him, which was adorned with several Tarot Cards, all evenly spaced apart in a diamond shape, "Gesell, it is time to finish them." he reached for several of the Tarot Cards, and arranged them in a new pattern, as he watched his shadow constructs begin to turn their gaze to a single spot, before Soifon.

The shadows began to bubble, as a massive dark colored hand began to reach out from the shadows, and a great and terrible roar echoed from the bubbling mass.

Soifon turned her gaze to the bubbling shadows, and sneered as she prepared to attack, only to be forced to dodge as a pair of axe-like blades ripped from the shadows, nearly taking her head off.

The bubbling mass of shadows erupted into a massive twitching, swirling mass of black tendrils, as they began to wrap around one another, forming muscle and sinew, the massive arms ripping from the shadows, and joining with the swirling mass, as it began to take shape.

Ugaki smirked as he saw Gesell take its true form, and began to laugh, his laughter echoing inside the cavern.

His laughter was heard by Yoshino, who turned towards the area where the laughter seemed most prevalent, and snarled, "Zeige Dich…Goethe!"

In an instant, a plume of billowing fire erupted from the ground, and her Doll, Goethe, manifested itself, and turned towards the direction, where Yoshino was gazing.

Yoshino looked at Goethe, "Goethe, finish him!"

Goethe nodded, and shot forward, plumes of fire erupting behind him, as his flames set the shadowy eyes ablaze, as he headed towards Ugaki.

Ugaki, so caught up in his laughter, did not see the incoming Doll, until the doll's hand, was wrapped around his throat, burning it so fiercely, that he could not even scream.

Goethe stared down at Ugaki, and did as his mistress commanded, and he began to squeeze the bespectacled Bounts neck.


Until a resounding snap echoed outward, signaling the breaking of Ugaki's neck.

Gesell shrieked in agony as he felt his master die, and he could only watch as his shadow constructs began to dissipate into dust, he raised his arms up to his face, and watched as his fingers began to crumble, until his very vision faded, turning to dust.

Goethe dropped Ugaki's corpse, and turned towards Yoshino, who nodded back to him.

Soifon looked around, and continued to try and feel Naruto's reiatsu.

But when she felt it, she also felt something else…

Pain, indescribable pain.

"No!" she rushed forward, in the direction she could feel the echo of Naruto's reiatsu, where she felt the agonizing pain her baby was no doubt enduring.

The pain she intended to stop, no matter how many Bount she had to cut down to do it.

As the others followed behind, she continued to move forward, faster and faster, leaping over stalagmites, and ducking stalactites, she ran through the caverns, until she saw a light at the end of a tunnel.

And she felt the reiatsu rushing out of their like a tidal wave.

She sped forward, her vision focused on only one thing, she ignored the cries behind her to slow down, she ignored the cries behind her to stop, the whole world around her meant nothing, only her son mattered.

As she drew closer, she began to see shapes take form inside the light, a tall figure, standing in the doorway…a chair, where she saw a figure, a spiky haired figure.

And then she heard his screams.

Suddenly, she came to a halt, as she stared into the entrance, where she saw the man who had kidnapped her child, just standing there, a confident smirk on his face.

But that did not matter, not when she looked to his side, and saw her baby boy, strapped into an archaic and inhumane device, as she saw him twitching and heard him scream, as she saw his body being wracked with electrical shocks.

Her eyes saw red, as she saw the man say something, but she did not hear him, she only saw the man responsible for her child being in this state.

She raised her arm, pointing it at him, he was defenseless, unarmed, he could do nothing in his current state, he would be destroyed with her next strike, then she would cut down everybody else that dared to get in her way as she tried to retrieve her son.

Behind her, she heard vibrations of noise, her comrades yelling, she briefly heard her name, but did not stop, as she pointed at the Bount that had taken her child, and with a yell, echoing with all her rage and hatred, she unleashed her attack, "Shakkaho!" and with a single burst, a flaming pillar erupting from her hand, shooting towards the Bount which had taken Naruto.

As her body began to ache from the amount of reiatsu she put into her attack, her vision began to become clearer, and her eyes finally focused on the Bounts expression.

He was smirking.

Laboratory, Same Time

Victor watched as the Shinigami woman approached the laboratory entrance, her speed indicating that she would be there in a matter of moments. He turned his gaze to Maki, who had finally arrived at the control panel, and spoke, "Maki, flip the first three switches to the left, and turn the eighth nob until it is pointing at the fifty."

Maki looked at the control panel, and after a few seconds, and with some struggle, he flipped the switches, and turned the nob.

The tesla coils surrounding the laboratory began to buzz in a single hum, as they began to vibrate with a constant hum, echoing one another. The arcs of electricity between them in sync as they traveled up the coils, and began to emit their own hum.

The gathered Bount began to look around the coils, as they could feel something in the air, and they all turned to Victor, who continued to portray a string sense of calm, even as they saw the Shinigami woman barreling towards them, and even at this distance, they could feel her rage, her killing intent.

Fenrir snarled at Victor, "Victor, whatever you are planning, do it now."

Victor gave no indication he had heard Fenrir, and simply stared at the incoming Shinigami, before turning his gaze to Maki, "Press the green button on the right panel when she makes her move Maki, you'll know what it is."

Maki looked back at Kariya in confusion, but looked towards the green button on the right panel regardless.

Victor turned his attention back to Soifon, who had skidded to a halt, so close to the entrance, that there was no doubt she could see him clearly.

The other Bounts stood off to the side, all staring at Kariya in confusion, and a bit of apprehension.

Kariya spoke, "Victor, whatever you plan to do, do it now!"

Victor finally acknowledged Kariya's statement, "I already have…" he said with a grin, as he saw the Shinigami prepare a Hado, and he simply smirked.

As she fired the Shakkaho, he felt the pure pressure of her reiatsu, how it struck against his body, crashing against it, like a wave against a mountain as it tried to chip away at its surface.

But that mattered little, as he stared at Soifon, as he heard Maki press the button, as he saw her stare at him, the rage fading from her eyes as she began to think clearly.

As he saw the look of realization on her face, when she realized…

She had fallen right into his trap.

The Shakkaho never reached him, the Tesla coils blared with a deafening hum, as they began to draw in the Shakkaho, or more accurately, its reiatsu, and began to channel it into the sepulcher, which was now filled to the Brim with the blood of her half breed son, the Quincy, and Sawatari.

The blood began to bubble as the reiatsu shot into it, like a bolt of lightning, splitting and boiling it, as the blood began to churn, and glow.

Victor paid it no mind, and watched as the Shinigami, now realizing what she had done, tried to cancel her attack, only to realize that her Reiatsu was being drained by some force she could not see. Her comrades stood behind her, wanting to aid her, but unable to get closer, either fearing that they would make things worse, or by the shock of what they saw begin to appear behind Victor.

The boiling, churning blood, glowing like a fire in the night, began to swirl about, and float above the sepulcher, and began to suck in everything around it.

Victor felt the pressure, and spread his arms, as he looked towards the Shinigami, "Thank you Shinigami, your assistance was most appreciated." he turned around, and began to walk towards the portal.

The Bount, all began to follow after him, but not before casting a glance at the Shinigami and her comrades.

The only one who lingered was Fenrir, who turned his gaze towards Uryu and Naruto, and snarled as he grabbed his cane, and lifted it, and stared at the two helpless youths.

He did not notice the projectile flying towards him until it was too late, even as Kariya yelled, "Fenrir! behind you!"

With Soifon and the Others

Soifon screamed in pain as she felt her reiatsu being ripped from her by some unseen force, the experience feeling like a thousand burning needles being jammed into her every cell, one by one.

Yoruichi was the first to act, even as the others were frozen by a fear of making things worse, or staring at the swirling vortex behind the Bount which had kidnapped Naruto.

Orihime was about to do the same, until she saw one of the Bount who chose to linger, and saw him turn his gaze towards Naruto and Uryu.

She could see his eyes narrow in hatred, saw him grip his cane tightly as he began to raise it, his intent clear.

She responded quickly, and held out both her arms, shouting, "Koten Zanshun!" a shimmering light shot from her hairpins, and fired at the lingering Bount, as he began to swing his cane at Naruto.

She heard one of the other lingering Bounts shout, just in time for the Bount that tried to harm Naruto to jump out of the way of her attack, causing it to miss, and crash into the equipment littering the laboratory.

The resulting collision caused a chain reaction, sending powerful bursts of energy throughout the cavern, and stopped whatever it was that was draining Soifon. She stumbled forward as she was released, and she looked up, and began to run forward.

The two Bount saw her coming, and jumped into the portal, as it began to spin with greater velocity, and begin to suck in everything around it, Tesla coils were ripped from their foundation, and the chairs that were practically next to the portal, began to shake as they were ripped from the ground.

Soifon saw this, and reacted quickly, even as she stumbled from having her Reiatsu drained from her, she ran as fast as she could towards Naruto.

The chairs continued to shake, and the snapping of metal was heard as she drew closer.


Her eyes widened in horror as she saw the chair Naruto was strapped into, begin to float off of the ground, and get dragged towards the portal, "No!" she somehow managed to increase her pace, and leapt towards Naruto as the portal began to drag him in.

The others were trailing close behind, as they felt the suction of the portal begin to drag them in as well. Ryuken shot towards Uryu, and began to try and unbind him, even as the chair was lifted off of the ground as well.

Yoruichi and Yoshino, who was now carrying Orihime, leapt after Soifon as the portal dragged her and Naruto in.

Ichigo, Chad, Ryuken, and Uryu followed soon after as the portal began to close, before it erupted in a burst of reiatsu, decimating the laboratory, and causing the cavern to collapse.

Inside the Portal

Soifon reached for the form of her son, still bound to the chair his kidnapper had placed him in, as the rippling vortex of the portal flung its occupants about, like debris in a hurricane.

She finally managed to grasp a hold of the chair, and reached for her son, just as the vortex began to reopen, no doubt leading them to their destination.

Yoruichi and Yoshino tailed close behind, the latter holding Orihime close to her as they tried to reach Soifon, the vortex hurling them about, until it began to calm as an opening revealed itself to them, and they managed to catch a glimpse of their destination.

Shock was clear on the face of Chad and Ichigo, while Ryuken held Uryu against his body, but his eyes managed a single glance as the vortex showed their destination.

"The Soul Society?" Ichigo asked with confusion, and he looked to Chad, before returning his gaze to the entrance of the vortex.

The Seireitei, and the surrounding districts of Rukongai, were visible at the exit of the vortex which had taken them there.

They could not help but stare in confusion, Chad voicing the concerns most of them had, "Why would the Bount want to go to the Soul Society?"

The question went unanswered, as they began to realize that, given their current elevation, and given the speed they were flying out of the vortex, they would be airborne, and would be falling towards the Rukongai very soon.

Yoruichi grabbed hold on Yoshino and Orihime as they began their descent, while Ichigo tried to grab hold onto Chad, Ryuken, and Uryu, as they began their descent.

Yoruichi looked forward, and to her shock, she saw Soifon still grasping for bindings holding onto Naruto, "Soifon!" she yelled out in desperation.

Soifon gave no motion that she heard Yoruichi, grasping for the straps tying her baby down, trying to break him free, so she could hold him in her arms again, never to let go. Her tunnel vision blinding her, she did not see the dimensional rift that displayed the Soul Society, she did not see the vortex's end, all she saw was her child.

Even as she exited the vortex, and began to fall towards the Rukongai, she did not see anything except her son in chains.

Yoruichi cursed as she tried to move forward faster, in the hopes of catching Soifon and Naruto, but she was too far away, and she was already having trouble with Yoshino and Orihime.

"Let me go…"

Yoruichi's gaze turned to the face of Yoshino, and she stared curiously, only for her eyes to widen.

Yoshino's skin was glowing, as if she was radiating power, so much so that it was radiating off of her.

Yoshino looked at Yoruichi, "Let me go, or they are going to die!" she snapped, her voice leaving no room for argument.

Yoruichi frowned, but nodded her head, and released Yoshino.

She was not prepared for the sudden burst of speed Yoshino unleashed, as she shot towards Soifon and Naruto, causing her to spin out of control for a moment, before turning back towards Soifon and Naruto, as Yoshino sped towards them.

Orihime stared as well, but shook her head off, "We need to go after them."

Yoruichi nodded, "You read my mind." and she adjusted her fall to try and follow the three of them as closely as possible.

Yoshino was still speeding towards Soifon and Naruto, the former still not seeing how quickly they were descending to the hard ground before them.

Yoshino sped forward, she could not explain how, or why, but the moment she entered the Soul Society, she felt her power explode in a way she could not even compare, it was as if every muscle in her body had been enhanced to its maximum degree, as if she had limitless power at her disposal.

She felt unstoppable.

These thoughts were pushed aside as she flew towards the falling mother and son, as she spread her arms, barreling towards them.

Soifon finally began to undo the strap, her weakened body making it difficult to undo his restraints, but the air of Soul Society was slowly rejuvenating her, and she found the strength to break his restraints, only for her to gasp, and feel nausea as she had to remove Naruto's arm from the chair, and she saw a long needle embedded in his wrist.

She looked up at Naruto, and tried to speak, only for her voice to be caught in her throat, as she stared at his pale visage.

Those unblinking eyes.

She felt her heart sink, as she beheld what she could only describe as her sons corpse, "N-no!"

Before she could utter a single word further, Yoshino slammed into her and Naruto, and pulled them in close, as she pushed out as much of her spiritual pressure as she could to try and slow their descent.

She felt her reserves, where moments ago, had felt limitless, be drained almost instantly, as her attempts to slow their descent began to prove more than difficult.

She pulled Soifon and Naruto in closer, as she saw their destination, and she yelled, "Hold on!" just before they crashed through the roof of one of the buildings in Rukongai, and slammed into the earth.

With Yoruichi and Orihime

Yoruichi managed a much gentler landing, only a few buildings away from where Soifon, Yoshino, and Naruto had landed. The moment they touched down, they immediately sped towards where they had crashed, hoping they had survived the landing.

They jumped into the building, Yoruichi setting Orihime down, as they looked towards where the trio had crashed.

Yoshino was leaning on one leg, gritting her teeth in pain as she turned to look at Soifon…clutching Naruto as she sobbed into his chest.

Yoruichi's eyes widened, a gasp coming to her lips as she saw the state of Naruto's body, those glazed eyes, the pale skin.

"N-no!" she heard Soifon scream as she sobbed into her sons chest, her body shaking as she held him close, pleading him to awaken, begging for him to look at her, to call her Kaa-chan.

The silence was her only response.

Her body shook with each cry, as her tears stained her sons body.

Off to the side, Orihime was already climbing into the crater, and reached for Soifon, "Soifon pl-" only for Soifon to lash out.

"NO!" she screamed as she held him closer, his body moving like a ragdoll as she held him tenderly, yet firmly against her body.

Orihime stared in shock, but clenched her fist, "Soifon, please, let me help…" she said softly.

Soifon looked up at her, her eyes going wide as she stared at her, before her gaze returned to Naruto, and with a noticeable shake, she began to release him, and laid him on the floor of the crater.

At that moment, Chad, Ichigo, and Ryuken, who was carrying Uryu, had run into the building, only to be stopped by Yoruichi.

Orihime got on her knees, and held out her hands, and took in a deep breath, "Soten Kisshun."

Two bursts of light shot forth from her hairpins, and formed a barrier around Naruto's body, as she began to push as much spiritual pressure as she could into the technique.

Orihime began to visibly strain, as she tried to heal Naruto, and hoped that her power was enough to restore him to his previous state.

Soifon watched, pleading and begging that her son would be alright, as she watched his wounds slowly begin to close, as she watched his skin slowly begin to regain its color.

Yoruichi and the others stood by, watching, before Yoruichi turned her gaze to Orihime.

Orihime was beginning to sweat, as she pushed more of her reiatsu into the technique, as her bones and flesh began to ache, she felt as if she was pushing her very being into this technique.


The eyes of everyone in that room widened, as Naruto's gasp echoed throughout the room, as his chest began to fall and rise, as he began to take in air into his lungs.

Soifon's eyes were so wide, it seemed as though they would pop out of her skull, before she screamed, "Sochi!" and she almost leapt forward, only for Yoshino to stop her, indicating the shield still healing Naruto.


Soifon gazed at Naruto, as she saw him slowly turn his head towards her, his eyes now shimmering with life.

Soifon could feel a smile tug at her lips, as she began to cry tears of joy, her hand slowly reaching forward.

Naruto slowly began to raise his hand as well, just as Orihime finally could no longer sustain the healing barrier, and she almost fell over. Ichigo had leapt forward, and held onto her closely as she nearly passed out in his arms.

Soifon moved forward, as her hand intertwined with Naruto's, and she began to cry before she leaned forward, and wrapped her free arm around Naruto, and held him against her. She glanced up at Orihime, and nodded, "T-thank you." she said with as much sincerity as she could put into her voice.

Orihime could only smile as she slowly began to fall asleep, "Y-you're…welcome…" she managed to utter, before she passed out in Ichigo's arms.

Yoruichi kneeled next to Ichigo and Orihime, and held her hand against her, and sighed, "She'll be fine, she just needs rest." she couldn't help but laugh softly, before she turned her gaze to Soifon, who was holding onto Naruto as if he would disappear if she let go.

Yoshino smiled at the mother and son, and couldn't help but feel a sense of melancholy, before she looked away, as Soifon began to stand.

Her eyes were filled with an incredible warmth as she began to move from the crater, as Ichigo carried Orihime bridal style, as they began to exit the house.

Soifon looked down at Naruto, who looked at her with the warmth a son would show their mother, and felt him tighten his grip on her.

They were reunited, and nobody would ever separate them again.

And the Bounts would pay for trying.

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Oh, and before everybody starts complaining about Soifon being too emotional and losing control of herself, remember, her son is at risk here, logic and reason tend to go out the window when your kid is in imminent danger.

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The TPP and CISA are being pushed forward, spread the word, and help fight these bills, as the TPP will make all fanfiction and fanwork essentially illegal, and CISA will give corporations the ability to share your private information with the government.

There is a link on my Profile which explains CISA better, and there is also a link which will allow you to contact your senators and/or representatives to request they get CISA removed from the upcoming government funding bill. If you cannot contact them, spread the information around to those who can.

The TPP will make fanwork illegal, and will gut environmental regulations in their entirety.